Report: Seahawks have never had strong interest in Baker Mayfield

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Quarterback Baker Mayfield remains a member of the Browns with training camp less than a month away and it doesn’t sound like one team that’s frequently linked to Mayfield will be swooping in to trade for him.

The Seahawks have been reported to have varying levels of interest in a trade for Mayfield since the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson in March with some reports indicating that there’s strong interest in a deal for Mayfield. The Seahawks have remained publicly committed to a Geno SmithDrew Lock competition for the starting job, however, and their private conversation appears to be the same.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that the Seahawks have never been that interested in Mayfield.

The Panthers are the other team mentioned most often as a trade destination for Mayfield, but earlier talks stalled because of how much of Mayfield’s salary the Browns would eat to facilitate a move. Mayfield was unenthusiastic last week when asked about the prospect of reconciling with the Browns in the event of a Watson suspension, although that might still wind up being the clearest path to a starting job in 2022.

32 responses to “Report: Seahawks have never had strong interest in Baker Mayfield

  1. Bakey once toasted that Steelers team. Now, no one wants him because he’a delusional and spent too much time doing commercials.

  2. They’ve got two studs in Geno Smith and Drew Lock. Why would they want Baker Mayfield?

  3. More accurately…the Seahawks aren’t interested in Baker at $18 million for the year

  4. Mayfield could make the team just good enough to miss out on drafting a starter.

  5. Listening to Pete try and sell Drew Lock and Geno Smith as viable options at QB may have Seahawk fans finally overcoming their collective myopia regarding the nonsense factory that is Pete Carrol. Seattle looks like a 3-4 win team, Baker might get them to 6 or 7 with some steady play.

  6. They will give Lock a chance to show that he can be their long term answer at QB. If he fails to do this, then with next years’ draft deep with QB’s, they are well positioned with Two 1st Round & two 2nd round draft picks to draft whichever QB best fits their offense.

  7. The Seahawks are working to acquire a quarterback with a high 2023 draft pick.

  8. As a man who loves to see drama and comedy in the NFL, I hope he goes to the Texans and outplays Watson

  9. Baker is marginally better than the Seahawks quarterbacks. He was on a stacked team in Cleveland and couldn’t deliver. How do you think he will be on a team with average talent. So tired of people thinking that Bake is great. He is average.

  10. coltzfan166 says:

    July 5, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    More accurately…the Seahawks aren’t interested in Baker at $18 million for the year
    Although I agree with your sentiment I wonder if there is any price they would be interested. Yes hes an upgrade from what they have but it’s a double edged sword, hes better than what they have and could play well enough to earn a 2nd contract with them BUT their not contenders this yr (with or without Baker) so not only would their draft position be worse they end up in an unenviable situation of either paying Baker like a franchise qb or using extra picks to move up those spots that they dropped because of wins. Barring an injury somewhere I’d say its Carolina or bust right now for baker

  11. Nobody wants Baker at that salary. He’s in backup territory right now. That salary isn’t helping him with getting a new team.

  12. There’s the media for you. Reporting things that are not the truth. Now making a story of their bad reporting.

  13. I’ve been saying no team owner is looking to do the Browns any favors since the fully guaranteed Watson deal.

  14. So why have you been telling us for months that the Seahawks are the #1 team that wants Baker?? Sounds like terrible reporting by you.

  15. Finally caught on to what the rest of us already knew… better late than never I suppose

  16. Get money for nothin’ and go fishin’ Baker! My God man.

  17. Why would the Seahawks want to trade for a third QB? Mayfield is higher profile and might be better but Drew Lock is also a former high draft pick. The Seahawks are rolling the dice with him, while also having a dependable Geno Smith, and then they’ll draft a QB in 2023 unless Lock pulls a Tannehill. Theoretically Smith and Lock wouldn’t create a lot of dead cap if either one were cut, but why would they trade away assets while they’re rebuilding and tanking the year for another QB? That’s a Rams type move when you’re already a contender. Not a “let’s see if Mayfield could get us 7 wins instead of 5.”

  18. They should. Their two QB’s are absolute garbage. At least Baker has shown glimpses.

  19. icantstandwhitecastleanymore says:
    July 5, 2022 at 6:36 pm
    Get money for nothin’ and go fishin’ Baker! My God man.
    If he goes fishing then how do you think he’s going to get that game check? He won’t be getting $18.8 million to fish, unless the Browns tell him to do so. If he stays out fishing too long into the season, then he won’t get credit for an earned year toward free agency. That means if he willfully does not show up for this season, the Browns would still own his rights next season as well. Yeah, listen to this person.

  20. Baker is slightly average. Browns had a SB roster and he was slightly above average. All his bros will be drying and gnashing teeth when he is below 500 on the Seahawks or panthers.

  21. Seattles lack of interest probably is because Baker was unable to get the ball consistently to his receivers and TE’s while playing behind a better O-line and RB’s then Seattle’s. That creates reasonable doubt Baker would be as effective in Seattle. Especially after seeing how well OBJ played in LA. Stafford is a better QB then Baker but the difference in OBJ shouldn’t have been that much. Seattles paying Geno $3. 5 million and Drew $1.45 million. With all this in mind, I don’t think Seattle sees Baker as worth more then Geno.

  22. Idk why this is an issue. Cleveland obviously likes to pay their qbs to not play. Watson’s making 45 million not to play this year and baker is making 19. Those guys in Cleveland are generous.

  23. If I’m Mayfield I solder on, do my job, show up for camp and get my 18.8 million. The future will take care of itself.

  24. rockczar says:
    The Seahawks are tanking. They’re starting Drew Lock for cripes sake.

    The season is still a couple months away. The Seahawks aren’t starting Drew Lock because they aren’t starting ANYBODY. We’ll see in a couple months who they actually do start, but it could as easily be Geno. It all depends on who has the better camp, and the better grasp on the offense.

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