Terry McLaurin officially signs new deal with Commanders

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What was reported last week has now become official.

Receiver Terry McLaurin has signed his three-year contract extension with the Commanders, the team announced on Tuesday.

The deal will reportedly pay McLaurin a maximum value of $70-$71 million. NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported McLaurin received a $28 million signing bonus and $34.6 million fully guaranteed at signing.

The Commanders sent out a video on social media along with the announcement, in which McLaurin thanked team owners Dan and Tanya Snyder for “this amazing opportunity for me and my family to come back and continue to try to lead this team to our goals this year.”

McLaurin has recorded 222 catches for 3,090 yards with 16 touchdowns since Washington took him in the third round of the 2019 draft. Last year, McLaurin caught 77 passes for 1,053 yards with five TDs.

9 responses to “Terry McLaurin officially signs new deal with Commanders

  1. And the cheerleaders have already started. Problem is the QB play will not improve. We’ve seen YUTZ with two teams. Three times will not be a charm. He will be injured. And 2022 will look like 2021.

  2. Great player. And I love the teams fans.

    But this is a bad franchise, no qb and not much hope for at least 3-4 years. Foolish player signing here vs wanting to win a SB.

    Makes no sense.

  3. Yes, I’m fan and yes I’m beyond pumped that Terry is staying in the building.

    To everyone saying “no qb, trash franchise etc” it’s too easy to go surface level and say that stuff. When the QB market was drying up (and considering the lack of talent in the draft) they went out and upgraded at QB. Say whatever you want, Carson Wentz is a significant upgrade to Heinicke – aside from his obvious flaws. Curtis Samuel is healthy and Jahan Dotson looks to be a serious weapon. The only person who can hold this offense back is Scott Turner

    Everyone forgets that Washington played TB pretty darn well in the playoffs with Heinicke when TB went on to win the SB. The team is more talented than they were then.

    Dan Snyder is scum I think everyone agrees there, but talent will not be the reason Washington fails if they do underperform this coming year.

  4. They broke the mold when this kid was born. Those outside of D.C. probably haven’t heard him speak. He talks like a CEO who’s run a corporation for 20 years! Highly intelligent, knows what to say when, politically astute and just as good an athlete. This is my team and I love having him, but with our horrible owner and fickle fanbase, he deserves better!

  5. Wentz doesn’t have to have an Aaron Rodgers year, he just has to do slightly better than he did last year. If he can avoid a game like he had against Jaguars, he can be a top 12 QB. But actions are the proof, let’s see what you can muster, Wentz!

  6. sbc2556 says:
    July 5, 2022 at 4:07 pm
    “… fickle fanbase …”


    I agree about Terry. Probably the brightest star in DC football since Ken Harvey. But after 20+ years of being a bad joke I don’t think you can reasonably use the word fickle.

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