Browns agree to trade Baker Mayfield to Panthers

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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Baker Mayfield has been linked to the Panthers ever since the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson and a deal sending the quarterback to Carolina is finally in place.

NFL Media reports that the Panthers will send a conditional 2024 fifth-round pick to Cleveland in exchange for Mayfield. The pick can convert to a fourth-rounder based on playing time and the trade won’t become official until Mayfield takes a physical in Carolina.

There was also some contractual wrangling involved in getting the deal done. Mayfield was set to make $18.8 million this season and questions about how much the Browns would pay had been an obstacle to earlier discussions. Cleveland will pay $10.5 million of Mayfield’s salary and the Panthers will pay him about $5 million with Mayfield agreeing to a pay cut to help facilitate the deal

Mayfield will become the likely starter in Carolina and that means he’ll be in line to face the Browns in Week 1. It remains to be seen if Watson will be available for that game and we know Mayfield won’t be an option to take his place.

80 responses to “Browns agree to trade Baker Mayfield to Panthers

  1. How long before Pete Carroll acquired former USC QB Sam Darnold?!?!??

    If baker fetched a 5th in 2024, darnold will get a 6th

  2. who would have EVER thought we would be circling Browns Panthers on their calendar as the must watch week 1 game?! lol

  3. I like this deal for Carolina.

    Now hoping that Watson gets suspended for the season leaving Cleveland out in the cold, lol.

  4. Say what you will about Baker Mayfield, but he’s significantly better than Sam Darnold. Baker can actually win games and throw more TDs than INTs in a season.

  5. So the Browns are paying $56M for quarterbacks right now ($46 for DW + $10 for Baker)… and still need a quarterback to start the season.

  6. Me thinks Cleveland will live to regret this decision; with nobody behind Watson.

  7. He’s free at least from that dysfunctional Cleveland Browns organization. Now let’s hope that the judge gives Watson an indefinite suspension

  8. Dear Brownies,

    Thanks for not thinking Josh Allen was not good enough.

    Bills Mafia

  9. jackhoffman says:
    July 6, 2022 at 1:48 pm
    What an awful deal for Carolina. Baker ain’t it.

    Baker >>>>>> Darnold

  10. Aside from the three Browns fans that like to come here and trash Baker, this is a rare good move by Carolina. Baker has done what Darnold hasn’t and been to the playoffs. He can play. Look forward to see how this works out.

  11. The Cleveland Clowns may never win another game, but at least they’re entertaining.

  12. The Browns must have knowledge that Watson will not be suspended to make such a move, or maybe they’re just the Browns….

  13. A cheap upgrade for Carolina. Baker just needs to learn how to not alienate his teammates in the locker room. My question is does this signal the Brown’s or Watson think the punishment coming is less than a full season an they can weather 8 games.

  14. Pretty low risk move for Carolina. Pretty low reward move for the Browns.

  15. So the panthers traded a 5th rounder for a starting qb, who they will only pay $5 million to? Does he also get to move into Bank of America Stadium, or does he have to find his own place to live?

    In either case – great trade for Carolina.

  16. The Browns are the Browns and now the Panthers have to step up to measure up and Darnold is still a first round bust.

  17. Darnold will end up backing Stafford in L.A. $3 mill a year not a bad gig.

  18. Carolina gets a starting caliber QB for no more than a 4th rounder AND Cleveland covers $10m? I know Baker isn’t Rodgers or Mahomes, but he’s good enough to lead them on a deep playoff run.

  19. First decent move Tepper has made since buying the Panthers. Maybe Darnold could learn a thing or two finally sitting on the bench for a year also.

    Browns will live to regret giving up Mayfield for nothing after Watson busts for them.

  20. Dear Baker – PLEASE don’t make any more stupid Progressive commercials! Act like a NFL QB!

  21. Carolina definitely got the better of this deal. A $5M starting QB for a 4th or 5th round choice. Browns really made a mess of this whole thing.

  22. I guess Colin Cowherd was right all along when he said before Baker got drafted that he wasn’t everything people made him out to be and that Baker would fail. Got to give him props on that one.

  23. With McCaffrey on the decline, Carolina’s ground game is nowhere near what Mayfield had in Cleveland. This is why I’m not even sure Mayfield can beat Darnold in a QB competition.

  24. An upgrade for Carolina but not sure if Baker is that much better than Darnold to move the needle. The Panthers will be sitting a poor qb for a guy who has been inconsistent, at best. I’m rooting for Baker. I hope he balls out in Carolina. This is a low risk move for Carolina and a chance for Mayfield to turn his career around.

  25. navyvandal says:
    July 6, 2022 at 1:46 pm
    How long before Pete Carroll acquired former USC QB Sam Darnold?!?!??

    What would be the point of that? There is enough tap on him to know he’s nothing but a poor backup at best. Drew Lock appears to have a “chance” of an upside. Seattle is blowing off next season it appears anyways. Bird in the hand…

  26. ROFL! Both organizations are trying to compete with Washington as Dysfunction Central.

  27. Do the Browns have intel that Watson either won’t be suspended or will have a very brief one?

  28. navyvandal says:
    July 6, 2022 at 1:46 pm
    How long before Pete Carroll acquired former USC QB Sam Darnold?!?!??

    Carroll had zero connection to USC when Darnold was there.

  29. Who else in here is hoping for a killer Baker Mayfield campaign where he makes the Browns look like utter fools?

  30. Browns finished 8-9 last season while the Panthers were 5-12. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d bet on the Panthers improving and the Browns dropping into the NFL basement.

  31. What is Sam Darnold thinking? He’s probably thinking how lucky he is that someone is going to be paying him $18.8 million this year.

  32. The Panthers roster is not that good so I’m not sure how much of an upgrade Baker will be over Darnold. Baker will take a beating in that division with the Saints and the Bucs.

  33. Baker is a good QB. Period. Last year he should not have played with a serious injury. Hope he learned from that. And you know he has learned a Hugh lesson with how his off season went. Talk about a wakeup call. I wish him success.

  34. A 1-2 punch of highly overdrafted quarterbacks are now on the same team. Honestly, I could do a much better job than at least a third of GMs.

  35. The Browns are quite possible the smartest team in the league. This elaborate scheme has functioned perfectly, just as they planned. No one remembers Johnny Manziel except for Tim Couch. Brilliant plan by the Browns

  36. Good luck Baker. We LOVED you here in Cleveland and I wish you only the best. I hope you drag the Browns around by the hair in the season opener this year. Jimmy Haslam would deserve it… after all… he ran you off.

  37. In fairness to Darnold, he was out there catching respiratory illnesses before it was cool.

  38. All the smoke that Seattle was hot after him was just that, smoke.

  39. On the other side. The Browns are a stacked team this year. I look for them to win many games. Even if they have no QB! Any QB out there will want that job!

  40. Baker Mayfield to the Panthers? Sam Darnold must be seeing ghosts right now.

  41. Took a pay cut to go to Carolina?? No, took a pay cut to get out of Cleveland

  42. Great deal for Carolina. Low risk, high reward. The Browns are probably the worst run team in the league

  43. Looking forward to the first UHaul commercial moving out of FirstEnergy Stadium to Bank of America Stadium.

  44. Might as well of resigned Bridgewater. Oh well still better than Darnold that guy’s terrible.

  45. The Panthers were the obvious top choice. A coach on the hot seat probably grabbed a few more wins. And the Browns came to the realization they had to move on. There was no kings ransom to be had, just time to turn the page. They already had their new “adult” QB and there was no benefit to holding onto Mayfield whom they claimed they wanted to be done with and the feeling was mutual.

  46. I’m not a believer that Darnold is a great prospect, but I AM a believer that Darnold has been trapped in garbage offensive teams/systems. So I am very interested to monitor the Panthers for proof of this. Everybody thinks that Mayfield is far superior to Darnold, but what happens to that faith if Mayfield bombs in that Panther mess just as bad as Darnold? Or, worse, gets benched for Darnold if it becomes apparent that whatever success Mayfield has was due more to Cleveland’s offense around him?

  47. Well, the Panthers have a better chance of finishing second in the division now….

  48. stack44 says:
    July 6, 2022 at 1:51 pm
    Will Sam Darnold now be traded????
    As a backup elsewhere?

    Maybe a shot in Seattle? It would be a hoot if the Panthers could get more for Darnold than they paid for Mayfield. Its within reach.
    Jimmy Garrapolo is a competing option for that slot though.

  49. josh plum says:
    July 6, 2022 at 3:36 pm
    Who else in here is hoping for a killer Baker Mayfield campaign where he makes the Browns look like utter fools?


    No care either way how they do. I’ll just root for my own team and expend my ill wishing on just their direct opponents.

  50. Great deal for the Panthers. Very low risk for a QB who is at least good (when healthy). Mayfield has shown he good he can be very good and has had flashes of excellence. Unfortunately, he can also be very inconsistent, even when healthy.
    I would not put too much stock in 2021 results. Mayfield was very seriously physically compromised.

  51. vottorific says:
    July 6, 2022 at 4:35 pm

    Baker is a good QB. Period. Last year he should not have played with a serious injury. Hope he learned from that. And you know he has learned a Hugh lesson with how his off season went. Talk about a wakeup call. I wish him success.


    Really? Go look at the tape of The Flag Bearer in his only playoff win and the type of execution of the offense his OWN COACH allowed him to do. It was CLEAR they only wanted him to target anything outside of the hash marks UNDER 5 yds and between them UNDER 10 yds. It was embarrassing. First pick of the draft and you think he’s no better than Jalen Hurts in his first playoff game? Hilarious. Injured or not, he was flawed from the start but the Browns were so desperate they needed to take a chance when they drafted him.

    Saying he is a “good” quarterback is a reach AT BEST.

  52. Brownies vs Panthers …. MUST SEE TV, who’da thunk it!!! lol

    I predict a massive blowout win….

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