Browns take a mild hit to their odds to win AFC title, Super Bowl

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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With quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s status still unresolved, most sportsbooks still won’t take bets on whether the Browns will win the AFC North. However, wagers can be placed on whether the Browns will make it to the Super Bowl and whether the Browns will win it.

The trade of quarterback Baker Mayfield actually hurt Cleveland’s odds, in both categories.

Via PointsBet, the shipping of Mayfield to the Panthers has caused the Browns to fall from +1200 to +1400 to make it to the Super Bowl. The Browns also have slipped from +2500 to +2800 to win the Super Bowl.

It’s odd that the Mayfield trade made a difference, given that he wasn’t going to play for the Browns this year. But there’s a practical impact in having it become official, and it’s had a practical impact on Cleveland’s odds to get to Super Bowl LVII and win it.

27 responses to “Browns take a mild hit to their odds to win AFC title, Super Bowl

  1. Even if they play Watson because he is NOT that good…
    Cleveland WILL be disappointed!

  2. Browns have been the safest bet in sports for 70 years. Guaranteed they won’t win a dam thing. Bet accordingly.

  3. The Browns weren’t winning the Super Bowl with Mayfield at QB this year. I guess Vegas is going to miss out on a few suckers that would have placed that bet, but will it be offset by the suckers that will chase the bigger potential payout though? Anyone willing to make that bet either way may as well just set their money on fire, at least that would be more entertaining to watch.

  4. Any team that plays against the Browns is my favorite team. My personal hope is the Browns lose every game of the season.

  5. Deshaun Watson – before he sat out a year – started every game for a 4 – 12 team. Why Cleveland would have any Super Bowl odds with, or without him, is beyond me. He’s Carson Wentz – but with a quarter billion more dollars.

  6. Perhaps the bookies anticipated the two resolving their differences as a sliver of making the most of a bad a situation that would have benefited both parties in the end,

  7. Baker being traded should actually increase the Browns odds of making the SB!

  8. Mild hit? Who is the #2 QB after Watson? That is, if Watson plays at all.

  9. They’ll take an even better hit when Watson’s suspension is laid out and their starting QB is Tim Couch or Brady Quinn, or someone.

  10. Because we were totally going to bet the browns to SB before this disaster of a trade…. Stay classy cleveland.

  11. There is no chance the Browns win even the AFC North this year. All this drama involving dumping the face of the franchise in favor of a face with much worse character has to take a toll on the rest of the players. They certainly know they are all disposable now and better watch their backs.

  12. I have a better shot at my state lottery than the Browns have at winning a Super Bowl.

  13. Mild hit? Who do they have at QB. That roster would keep me up at night if I were a defensive coordinator for an opposing team – so many blitzes to run and not enough game time to fit them all in.

  14. Biggest winner of the Mayfield trade? Might just be the Houston Texans. They own the Browns first round pick next year (pending the length of any Watson suspension) and I have my doubts how well Brissett will do in Stefanski’s complex offense. The 2023 draft is going to a huge QB draft, will be better than the 2021 draft and might rival the 1983 draft. High picks in round 1 will be worth “gold” in trade value and the Texans could have two of them – theirs and the Browns – and pending how well Davis Mills does this season, who did amazingly well as a rookie on a mess of a team on every level, who only had (due to circumstances such as the Covid pandemic) 11 starts at Stanford; he has a ton of upside. A few ifs here, but all reasonable; if Mills proves himself, if Watson is suspended for any length, if the Browns struggle, the Texans might find themselves with 2023 draft capital to possibly trade for years of future high picks, for a team that already has a ton of draft capital.

  15. 28 QB’s and counting sounds like the name of a reality show. Browns are about to add 3 to that total over the course of this season.

    They are not sniffing the playoffs, let alone the SB.

  16. Browns will never go to a SB with Watson at QB. Should have kept Baker.

  17. There is no team that is a more consistent dumpster fire in all of pro sports. What the oddsmakers should really be looking at is who will be the next marquee player to demand a trade away from the now even more embarrassing Factory of Sadness. Myles Garrett perhaps?

  18. the browns can win a superbowl? i thought there were rules in place against that

  19. What’s really amazing is the fact the Browns fans blame Mayfield of all people –

  20. The only way Cleveland gets close to the Super Bowl is if they build a new domed stadium and host it.

  21. I think the drop in the Browns odds is easily explainable. Odds makers probably saw the Browns winning week 1 in Carolina with Sam Darnold under center. Now change it to Mayfield, who may not be great, but he is very good (and far better than Jacoby Brissett) when he’s slighted and has the running game going. CMC won’t be hurt yet and Baker in a revenge scenario against Cleveland?

    The odds didn’t drop because Mayfield left Cleveland, per say. They dropped because he can beat them week 1. imo.

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