Reports: Panthers do not intend to trade Sam Darnold

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The Panthers brought in the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft on Wednesday, acquiring quarterback Baker Mayfield from the Browns.

They already had the No. 3 overall pick from the same draft in Sam Darnold. It doesn’t look like they’re going to give him up anytime soon.

According to multiple reporters on the Panthers beat, Carolina has no intention of trading Darnold after adding Mayfield.

That sets up a potential competition between Mayfield and Darnold to be the Panthers’ QB1 to open the season. But with Mayfield coming in on July 6, Darnold clearly isn’t seen as a long-term solution.

Darnold got off to a hot start with the Panthers in 2021 but cooled off quickly before missing time due to injury. He ended the season 4-7 as a starter, having completed 59.9 percent of his passes for 2,527 yards with nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Darnold also rushed for 222 yards and five touchdowns but had nine fumbles.

With the word getting put out by the Panthers that they have “no intention” to trade Darnold, a team could potentially swoop in and present an offer Carolina can’t refuse. But there hasn’t been any chatter about a team being interested in Darnold to this point. Given his performance over his first four seasons, it’s understandable that he would not have much of a market.

Darnold is slated to make $18.86 million in 2022 — the same as Mayfield before the Panthers’ newest QB agreed to a pay cut to facilitate the trade.

50 responses to “Reports: Panthers do not intend to trade Sam Darnold

  1. Darnold will probably be cut.

    Let him tell you how great he is though.

  2. Going to go out on a limb and say all of them will play, even Corral.

  3. So far that 2018 draft has a 60% bust rate for QB’s drafted in the first round and so far only one has gotten a very good second contract and looks like a long-term franchise QB.

  4. none of the other 31 teams are interested in trading for Darnold either so that works out perfectly I guess?

  5. Doing their best Pete Carroll impression. Darnold won’t be a Panther in 2022. Mark it down in pen. Take it to the bank.

  6. Darnold wasn’t/isn’t available. Why would any team try to acquire him? Today’s news could change everything. Darnold could still become a great NFL QB.

  7. Teams and their intentions are pure comedy this time of year. Then again, what else do we have?

  8. Kid had stunk up the joint for two teams in 5 years. Nice guy, nice attitude, but those phones aren’t ringing.

  9. The Cleveland Browns have Traded for Sam Darnold the head lines will read sometime in the next week or so…

  10. So what happens to Baker’s home field stadium in Cleveland? Protect this house or whatever… miss his monthly book club.

  11. If Darnold is worse than Mayfield and the best you can get for Mayfield is a fifth-round pick and you pay 2/3 of his salary, what point is there to trading Darnold?

  12. People in this site bashing Darnold wish they earned his income since he entered the league

  13. Sam is getting bashed, but so do all players connected to the Jets…

  14. Mayfield…Darnold…who cares. Neither is a legit franchise guy..
    It’s Josh Allens world, and the panthers are just picking up the crumbs.

  15. No one should feel sorry for Sam Darnold he has earned in excess $30M based on mediocrity and he may go on the Chase Daniels lane of 5-7 years of backup deals closing his net earnings to $50M! If mediocrity gets you that we should all strive to be Sam Darnold. He protects his brain, comes in for garbage play time and holds a clipboard. Sign me up!

  16. Mayfield vs Mariotta twice this year in a new epic rivalry. Who needs Cam Newton and Mattie Ice?

  17. So Darnold’s drop in production after the Panthers started 3-0 had nothing to do with the loss of the great Christian McCaffrey, an in over his head offensive coordinator who was fired during the season, a poor offensive line, and receivers who often couldn’t catch a cold? Carolina’s franchise QB is on the roster, and it’s Sam Darnold.

  18. An $18+ million per season understudy to Baker Mayfield?

  19. I have never been a Baker Mayfield fan, but to suggest Sam Darnold is better than Mayfield is nuts. Mayfield over his 4 years has a career won loss record of 29-30 with 92 TDs and 56 int. Over the same 4 years Darnold is 17-32 with 54 TDs and 52 int. Mayfield also has a playoff win. Mayfield like him or not is tough and will compete, Darnold is not.

  20. ok
    on the spot thunbs up/down poll

    The Panthers are in a better QB situation right now than the Browns

  21. “Do not intend to trade” means they are open for offers…
    A lame attempt to make Sam more of an asset that other teams should covet…

  22. At $18+ million there is no market for Sam Darnold. You’d have to eat almost all of that to trade him, so there’s no point. Might as well keep him as a backup.

  23. People tend to forget Sam Darnold‘s age. He is roughly one year older than Kenny Pickett, who was drafted in the first round by the Steelers this year. Darnold has four years of experience and despite not being excellent during those for seasons, he showed enough promise that a team that is less dysfunctional than the Jets or Panthers and is willing to put him in good surroundings with an O-line that actually protects him and playmakers that aren‘t hurt all the time might get a serviceable QB.

  24. Probably a cue for Darnold to go back to grad school,now. Preferably to become a financial advisor, so he can manage the $50mill he has earned so far. Biggest bust since Dolly Parton.

  25. Panthers will cut Darnold, trade market is not there for him. If Baker stays healthy and CMAC is healthy they will compete, but they will have a hard road. This will be a make it or brake it year for Panthers HC.

  26. dolphins2cool says:
    July 6, 2022 at 8:58 pm
    Sam Darnold > Baker Mayfield > Tua

    Fixed it for you

  27. Panthers doing their best Howie Roseman impersonation. If you have 3 QBS you really don’t have any.

  28. In other words, we are going to keep a QB on the roster that we don’t intend to use in case someone needs one later in the year and we can get them to overpay.

  29. Nobody want Sam so of course they are not trading him. I will bet Baker wins more games the next two years than Watson.

  30. baker is statistically and emotionally a better qb/leader then darnold, look at the stats. why would a team like the panthers want the distraction of a qb battle? but i guess that’s why they are such a hot mess of a franchise right now. now they are going to have 2 distracted qb’s instead of 1 focused qb. i know competition is supposed to bring out the best, but in the nfl not always the way it works. you already have a oc who basically slammed baker before the draft and didnt like him so i guess he is going to have to put on a happy face and lie and try to talk around his comments from 2018(so now a distracted oc, who may hate the qb the team pickedup) add to that a loud mouth mediocre wr who shot his mouth off and is now backtracking it and you have the makings of a perfect storm for any qb. unreal

  31. therealraider says:
    July 6, 2022 at 5:43 pm
    Darnold will probably be cut.

    Let him tell you how great he is though.


    Yeah because Baker is so much better. Had a top 5 o-line, tons of weapons and top roster overall with the Browns and you think he’ll be great with the Panthers roster? Good luck.

  32. Since the Brown are bearing most of Mayfield’s salary, the Panthers could turn use the savings to turn it around and offer a trade for which they pay a hefty portion of Darnold’s salary, leaving them with a slightly better QB at approximately the same cost. Sort of like buying a group of used items on eBay when you only want one, then selling the others you don’t want to pay for the one you do.

    As I think about it, this might be an actual eBay transaction.

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