Terry McLaurin: Carson Wentz doesn’t get enough credit for his toughness in the pocket

Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
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Commanders receiver Terry McLaurin has played with several different quarterbacks since entering the league in 2019.

But now Washington has Carson Wentz. And though the signal-caller’s last two seasons have ended poorly with the Eagles and Colts, the Commanders have been optimistic about Wentz being back in the NFC East.

McLaurin said at the start of his Wednesday press conference that he was about to catch a flight to go throw with Wentz. The pair didn’t really get practice time together during the offseason program, as McLaurin stayed away from the team facility after the draft while contract talks were ongoing. But Wentz continued to check in on McLaurin, and the two have forged a bond off the field.

“One thing I think that’s stuck out about Carson, is just, he’s a very personable guy,” McLaurin said. “He’s somebody that, we’ve connected on a very personal level since he’s gotten here. And even throughout the process, he was reaching out to me, checking in on me. I was asking how practice was going and things like that. And that’s why I can’t wait to get out there and start throwing with him, because now we get to put the football together and we get to start to form that connection on the field. But personally, I’m really excited to see what he does.”

McLaurin added that he remembered playing the Eagles during his rookie year and being enamored by Wentz’s ability to throw the deep ball.

“And his toughness in the pocket, I don’t think a lot of people give him enough credit — he stands back there until the last moment, which really helps receivers get that extra separation or that time to finish their routes off,” McLaurin said. “A guy who’s back there and confident, as a receiver, and as a receiver group, I think we’re going to try to have a collective group by committee and help him out to be the best that he can.”

McLaurin noted that he’s been able to learn things from all the quarterbacks he’s played with. But he’s looking forward to making Wentz look as good as possible.

Through three seasons, McLaurin has 222 receptions for 3,090 yards with 16 touchdowns. in 2022, he caught 77 passes for 1,053 yards with five TDs in 17 games.

20 responses to “Terry McLaurin: Carson Wentz doesn’t get enough credit for his toughness in the pocket

  1. Wentz had 27td/7int last year, career low fumbles and turned Pittman into a 1000 yard WR. As a Eagles fan I will always like the guy but wish him the same type of career McNabb had in Washington. Wentz’s issues have always been holding the ball too long and he still makes some confusing decisions when he throws the ball. He takes too many hits and sacks.

  2. Carson Wentz’s problem is not his talent or toughness. It is his lack of leadership skills.

  3. Its too bad, some really great receivers never get to play with a QB in their own league for their entire career. Hopefully, for TM, that is not the case. The Brinks truck they just backed into his driveway makes it all a little better, Im sure..

  4. If coach Ron Rivera can get Wentz to even approach his potential, he deserves Coach of the Year concideration.

  5. “… he stands back there until the last moment”

    Yeah, Terry, that’s part of the problem.

  6. Wentz problem isn’t that he isn’t tough enough in the pocket. His problem is that he isn’t smart enough in the pocket.

  7. Should be interesting. Washington has quietly built a nice supporting cast on offense, and its defense has potential to be top-5. This is probably Wentz’s last chance to figure it out before entering the backup phase of his career.

    I don’t know if they’ll try to hide him with the running game and play action like Reich did last year, or if they’ll try to take advantage of everything they have invested in the WR corps and air it out. My guess is Riverboat Ron tries to stay aggressive and rolls with the highs and lows he’ll get.

  8. Washington went 3-13 that season and their defense ended up ranked 27th. Everyone was throwing deep on them.

  9. He’s better than he’s given credit for, especially given the lack of talent at WR he’s played with in his career.

    All these QB’s getting big time weapons, he’d NEVER had that. Granted he had a great OL in Philly. Alshon Jeffrey had a career year playing with CW.

    Terry McLaurin should have a really good year as well.

    What was he supposed to do with Indy? Win playoff games? They have a HOF guard and a really good RB and LB. Thats it.

  10. He’s plenty tough, but not plenty smart. If taking unnecessary sacks, consistently refusing to take easy completions while hoping for home run plays, and getting himself injured in the process is tough, then he is plenty tough. Also, identical flowery things about his leadership and personality were written upon his arrivals in Philly and Indy. Not so much upon his departure. Just think how much the Colts must have hated him to pull the plug on their signature acquisition after only one year.

  11. Yo Terry, you’ll see what the deal is with Wentz after about 4 games.
    Spoiler Alert: It ain’t great.

  12. He had a pretty good season last year except for a couple of very poor interceptions at the worst time. I hope he can have a great year with his new team!

  13. If only Wentz didn’t hold the ball too long,and if he made better decisions…the potential is there. We saw it during his rookie year. He needs to stop trying to be the hero and take what the defense gives him. Then,he might get some credit.

  14. Toughness in the pocket is all that Wentz has ever really done right. The idea that he doesn’t get credit for it is crazy.

    The problem with it is that it leads to his hero ball tendencies, which in turn, lead to him giving up the ball in some ridiculous fashion.

    It’s not wise to encourage him in this.

  15. It’s going to be awfully funny when Wentz beats up on all of the haters favorite teams!

  16. It’s all that money in his pocket that he was overpaid that’s weighing him down

  17. I don’t think people question Wentz’ toughness. His problem is from being maybe a little too confident in himself and holding onto the ball too long. He hasn’t learned that sometimes a play won’t work and the defense wins the play every now and then.

  18. Wentz has had more than his share of bonehead moments. But he’s had some highlight reel moments too, and he’s no dummy. Washington might surprise some people this year.

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