Baker Mayfield passes physical, becomes a Panther

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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The first pick in the 2018 draft is officially a member of the Carolina Panthers.

Joe Person of reports that quarterback Baker Mayfield has passed his entry physical. That makes the trade from the Browns official.

Mayfield had surgery in January to repair an injury to his non-throwing shoulder. The injury happened in Week Two. Passing the physical suggests that he’ll be good to go from the outset of training camp.

Person adds that Mayfield’s revised contract should be finalized next week. The Browns reportedly will pay $10.5 million of his $18.8 million salary for 2022. The Panthers will pay roughly $5 million. Mayfield will eat the rest, with the ability to earn it back via incentives.

Mayfield reportedly will compete with Sam Darnold, given that the Panthers reportedly have no intention to trade Darnold. Of course, we’ve learned over the years what “no intention” often can mean.

22 responses to “Baker Mayfield passes physical, becomes a Panther

  1. Very Strong possibility he makes the Panthers the 2nd best NFCS team behind the Bucs!

  2. tip of the hat to Browns FO ..everyone said just cut Baker and pay the freight .. GO BROWNS..

  3. I’m really torn by this, I want the Browns to be a contender again, but I also want the whole Mayfield/Watson thing to blow up in their face.

  4. If their defense takes another step and if McCaffery stays healthy then he might have something to work with.

  5. So the question now becomes, how high is that 1st round pick Cleveland will ship to Houston next year? Would it not be awesome if the Texans end up with the 1st and 2nd overall picks in the 2023 draft? Neither team is going to be good this year, that much we know. Back to back picks to start the draft…has that ever happened? We could be a witness to new history!

  6. I hope Baker excels and makes the Browns look more foolish than they already do.

  7. I’ve never been a Panthers fan until now. I’d love to see Baker light up the Browns in week one

  8. Woulda been cooler if he physically transformed into an actual panther.

  9. I may even watch the browns vs Panthers. Hopefully, the browns are paying 3 qb’s in that game and lose.

  10. The NFC south is so hard to really get a read on. The Panthers chances aren’t as bad most people may think. All the turnover in NO the last two years, Matt Ryan out of Atlanta, and without Gronk who knows how human Brady will look this year. All Baker needs to do is stay out his own way for a year see what coaching changes come in Carolina next year or get a new contract after this year.

  11. With the roster improvements Rhule might actually have to started taking the blame for his 12 loses. (He can have the credit for the 5 wins vs sub .500 teams)

  12. Too small. Too unathletic. Too inconsistent. Too immature. Can throw a nice DOWNFIELD ball. Cannot execute a short passing game ( minimizing McCaffreys skill set). He will give some good moments. He will give you some bad moments. Joe average. Just an honest take from a 1st hand observer.

  13. What’s the over/under for whether or not Baker still throws more passes to Browns players in Week 1? I’m sure the Browns defensive line is licking their chops. Clowney = 6′ 5″, Garrett = 6′ 4″, Winfrey = 6′ 4″. Baker Mayfield = 6′. It’s going to be like taking candy footballs from a baby.

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