Bears’ David Moore arrested on drug and weapon charges

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For the third time in less than three months, a recent addition to the Bears’ roster has been arrested.

This time it’s wide receiver David Moore, who was arrested in his hometown of Gainesville, Texas, on drug and weapon charges on Monday, according to KXII.

Moore was released from jail on a $5,000 bond.

A 2017 seventh-round pick of the Seahawks, Moore spent four seasons in Seattle before hitting free agency in 2021 and spending brief times with the Panthers, Raiders, Broncos and Packers last year. He signed with the Bears in April.

Bears wide receiver Byron Pringle was arrested for reckless driving on a suspended license on April 24, and Bears linebacker Matt Adams was arrested on a misdemeanor gun charge on June 23. Pringle, Adams and Moore are both new additions from new Bears G.M. Ryan Poles.

18 responses to “Bears’ David Moore arrested on drug and weapon charges

  1. Sounds like the Bears organization is run as well as the incompetent politicians run the city of Chicago.

  2. I’m not sold on much of anything the NFL does, including its random drug testing. Ravens LB Jaylon Ferguson recently died at 26 reportedly with cocaine and fentanyl in his system. David Moore was arrested on drug charges, though we don’t know which drug(s) he possessed or what was in his system. It kind of makes you wonder if a drug problem exists in the NFL.

  3. Ryan Poles,… my doctor told me EXCEDRINE is best for relieving those tough stress headaches.

  4. It’s not that hard to get a handgun permit. Then again, this is a guy that had drugs and a gun in his car at the same time, so its not like he’s a Rhodes Scholar or anything.

  5. Even if he has a cocealed carry license and there were no issues with the ownership or anything else regarding the gun, it is a crime to be in possession of a gun when drugs are also present.

  6. These guys aren’t starters. The Bears had a roster full of holes and they were filled with whatever Ryan Polles could find on the streets. These guys reflect that. I’m not judging until we start the 2023 league year.

  7. Tony Awesome says:
    July 7, 2022 at 11:30 am

    Ryan Poles,… my doctor told me EXCEDRINE is best for relieving those tough stress headaches.


    Really? My doctor said MYLANTA.

  8. It’s hard to condemn the guy without knowing more about what kind of drugs and what kind of weapon we are talking. But the question still remains…What in the world were you thinking young man???

  9. The loss is another blot on the reputation of the Bears, Moore and the NFL itself

  10. I wonder how much of this goes on for every team every day but they don’t get stopped so no one knows? I never know if this is a problem with certain players, certain teams, or the NFL.

  11. Pace? Poles?

    What’s the difference? Let’s hire anofher unqualified GM.

  12. Three handguns actually. He should have been able to afford Filibertos.

  13. Bears should’ve sent a message with the first incident. Second & third?

    It’s funny, we hear how the league is a once in a lifetime opportunity and yet so many players just throw it away.

    And yet coaches sent a “message” to Johnson for missing some voluntary camp time.

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