Daniel Snyder offers to testify to House Committee via video this month

House Hearing Examines NFL's Handling Of Washington Commanders' Workplace Misconduct
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Commanders owner Dan Snyder realizes he can float, but he cannot hide.

With the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform trying to subpoena Snyder to testify at a deposition and with Snyder claiming he’s not refusing to testify while also refusing to accept the subpoena (and possibly being unservable if he’s on his superyacht in international waters), Snyder’s lawyer has submitted a letter to the Committee offering to make him available for video testimony this month.

Via John Keim and Tisha Thompson of ESPN.com, attorney Karen Patton Seymour has sent a letter to the Committee listing possible dates. She has not yet received a response.

Seymour said that Snyder will be in Israel for “much of July” and “into August,” in observance of the one-year anniversary of his mother’s passing. Per the report, Seymour would travel to Israel to accompany Snyder during the deposition.

The House is in session through the end of the month, and then it’s off in August. If the Republicans re-take the House in November, all efforts to investigate the team and Snyder will end by January 2023.

16 responses to “Daniel Snyder offers to testify to House Committee via video this month

  1. Just wait until down the road when Synder claims none of his testimony can be used against him nor the NFL because he was in international waters when he testified.

  2. So, the committee will probably get him in a Zoom video conference, where he can’t figure out how to turn on his microphone or camera.

  3. I wonder how many times his internet connection will freeze up or cut out.

  4. He’ll have a multil-million dollar team of lawyers and PR experts either in his earpiece or standing there with cue cards/teleprompter behind the camera.

  5. He will plead the fifth every question. Pull the anti-trust cushion the NFL has been granted opening the door for the NFLPA to file suit until Danny Boy answers every single question properly and without legal direction. The minute the anti-trust protection is pulled because of Snyder the other owners will punt him to the curb.

  6. Although Snyder is a bad owner….He will not be so easy to get rid of! and you can bank on that!!!

  7. He does not want to testify in person because he is afraid somebody might pour milk in his chair

  8. Someone should ask Roger Goodell whether willfully avoiding a subpoena from Congress is something he considers conduct detrimental to the league. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Why no comment from the league?

  9. Why is Congress involved in this? Don’t they have more important things to be concerned with?

  10. He has been saying he would testify over video and they kept saying no trying to act like they had some sort of power that they do not. Now they are trying to save face and not look weak by letting him do what he said all along. Congress has better things to do that waste time on this and they know it. They are simply political pandering fools.

  11. I hope the first question asked is “why did you pick such a stupid name for the team”?

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