Pro Football Hall of Fame announces semifinalists for coach, contributor, seniors

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the semifinalist list for the seniors and coaches/contributors’ categories for the Class of 2023.

There are 25 senior candidates and 29 coaches/contributors.

The Hall’s 12-person seniors committee trimmed a list of eligible nominees to 25 semifinalists. The remaining candidates are: Ken Anderson, Maxie Baughan, Mark Clayton, Roger Craig, LaVern Dilweg, Randy Gradishar, Lester Hayes, Chris Hinton, Chuck Howley, Cecil Isbell, Joe Jacoby, Billie “White Shoes” Johnson, Mike Kenn, Joe Klecko, Bob Kuechenberg, George Kunz, Jim Marshall, Clay Matthews Jr., Eddie Meador, Stanley Morgan, Tommy Nobis, Ken Riley, Sterling Sharpe, Otis Taylor and Everson Walls.

To be eligible for election as a senior candidate, the player must have played his final game in professional football no later than the 1996 season.

The Hall’s 12-person coach/contributor committee reduced the list of nominated candidates to 29 semifinalists. The remaining candidates are: K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr., Roone Arledge, C.O. Brocato, Don Coryell, Otho Davis, Ralph Hay, Mike Holmgren, Frank “Bucko” Kilroy, Eddie Kotal, Robert Kraft, Rich McKay, John McVay, Art Modell, Clint Murchison Jr., Buddy Parker, Carl Peterson, Dan Reeves, Lee Remmel, Art Rooney Jr., Marty Schottenheimer, Jerry Seeman, Mike Shanahan, Clark Shaughnessy, Seymour Siwoff, Amy Trask, Jim Tunney, Jack Vainisi, Lloyd Wells and John Wooten.

The respective selection committees now will narrow the lists to 12 seniors and 12 coach/contributors, who advance to the final stage of nomination. The Hall will announce the results of those reduction votes July 27.

The seniors committee will meet virtually Aug. 16 to select up to three seniors for final consideration as members of the Class of 2023. Expansion of the seniors pool for election to the Hall was approved earlier this year for the Classes of 2023, 2024 and 2025.

Members of the coach/contributor committee will meet virtually Aug. 23 to select one coach or contributor for final consideration for the Class of 2023.

65 responses to “Pro Football Hall of Fame announces semifinalists for coach, contributor, seniors

  1. If the contributor who gets in isn’t named either Coryell or Arledge, something’s wrong.

  2. I hope the committee finally fixes the long-standing travesty of not having Jim Marshall in the Hall. Carl Eller and Alan Page from the Purple People Eaters are already in. Marshall had 130.5 career sacks, 282 games, 277 starts, Most consecutive seasons by a defensive player and at DE to boot (20!). Most consecutive games at 270 (that record will likely never be broken). Most fumbles recovered at 30. Played in four (losing) Super Bowls. No one deserves the honor more.

  3. I’m getting old if I’m starting to see Seniors on the list who I remember seeing play in their last season.

  4. Holmgren should be in.

    He should have gone in ahead of Cowher and Dungy.

  5. Ken Riley, please. Same number of INTs as Charles Woodson…in 47 fewer games played.

  6. Im going with Gradishar and Jim Marshall,

    and for the other category Reeves and Holmgren.

  7. Ken Riley was the original “business decision” maker back in the day. INT’s I’ll grant you but man he made Deion look like Ronnie Lott.

  8. If Jim Marshall is honored, he’ll leave the podium and then go through the wrong door.

    Ken Anderson, who ironically got a Super Bowl ring as a QB coach of the Steelers, should get in as player just for surviving all those games against Pittsburgh.

  9. Marshall, all day! The only player on the list whose parachute didn’t open on a saturday and played the next day.

  10. Sterling Sharpe. If Calvin Johnson and Gale Sayers are in, Sharpe should be there as well.

  11. Seeing who’s gotten in recently and seeing the name of players who’ve been excluded in the past is quite striking. Different voters have different selections, but some of these omissions are laughably bad when contrasted with the much less deserving recent inductees.
    And I never want to see owners get in before coaches. That someone like Don Coryell isn’t in but someone whose greatest contribution to the game is having enough money to own a team is disgusting.

  12. I was shocked when I read a month or so ago that Jim Marshall wasn’t in the hall. Are you kidding me?? Anyone who saw him play knows he should have been in a long time ago. Unfortunately, many fans of today who hear his name (especially the Youtubers) think of the infamous wrong-way run.

  13. Before his knees went to bone on bone Joe Klecko used to steamroll opposing linemen on a weekly basis. He also did this while playing at DE, DT or NT, it literally didn’t matter! Joe was also a big reason why Gastineau got lots of his sacks too. Put him in the HOF already!

  14. Riley should be in 5th all time in interceptions. The guys in front are in and the 7 guys behind him are in. Played less games then Woodson. Kenny Anderson should be in as well. MVP and when he retired he was top 10 in many pass categories including yardage and completion percentage and QBR.

  15. No super-seniors like Lewellen, Emerson, Wistert, Benton or Brito.
    Del Shofner had more All-Pro selections than Clayton and Morgan combined …

  16. I’m surprised Art Modell isn’t in. Maybe not popular because of what happened but you can’t tell the story of the NFL (and two major franchises) without him.

  17. Baffling how none of these guys got in on the regular docket. Take Calvin Johnson. He does hold or shares a few NFL records, yet is only 32nd in career yards and 24th in TDs, yet guys who weren’t as flashy and with better numbers, are not in. The guys on this list put in work for a decade plus, with numbers AND wins, but got passed over. Don Coryell not being in already? Nonsense. Canton needs to fix this.

  18. Chuck Howley, Five first team all pros. one second team all pro. Super Bowl V MVP. Dominated Super Bowl VI. Ran down HOF half back Leroy Kelly from behind in 1967 playoffs.Has more career fumble recoveries and interceptions than any other linebacker in NFL history other than Jack Ham. Dominating player in the famous Dallas Cowboy Doomsday defense of 1960’s and early 1970’s. Made sports Illustrated 1960’s all decade team. Almost ALL five time first team All Pros in NFL history, who are eligible, have earned a gold jacket. Do the right thing! Give Chuck Howley a bust in Canton!

  19. Ken Anderson and Jim Marshall have been the two most glaring omissions from the Hall for decades.

  20. Klecko has been endorsed by HOF OLineman who played against him. He stuffed the run, got to the QB as a DT, DE, & NT. It has become a popularity contest and the Media has turned it into a “does he have a Super Bowl ring” which is a joke. Howie Long mentioned Klecko in his HOF induction speech – that tells you something.
    Stanley Morgan on the list – nice to see. If he is there, where is Wesley Walker? Both are probably not HOF guys….but look at their #s vs. Lynn Swann

  21. Roger Craig is #1 on my list, he was the first player to have 1,000 yards rushing & 1,000 yards receiving in the same season. The 49ers dynasty of the 1980’s would not have been the same without him. Jim Marshall played 19 years at defensive end, it’s hard to even last 15 these days. Ken Riley would be my third, with 65 career interceptions, he was ranked 4th in NFL history when he retired, and only Rod Woodson has passed him.

  22. Seniors:

    Ken Anderson, Randy Gradishar, Lester Hayes, and Billie “White Shoes” Johnson should make it.


    Don Coryell, Mike Holmgren, John McVay, and Dan Reeves would get my vote. Especially Don “Air” Coryell. In many ways he is the Grand Father of today’s pass-happy game.

    I also hope the committee looks at the coaches for their entire body of coaching. Guys like Holmgrem and Dan Reeves had tremendous careers before becoming head coaches. They learned from some of the great and then created their own “Coaches Trees” and that should all be part of the decision process.

  23. OTIS TAYLOR: Otis would have rocked it in any era.
    Big,tall,fast and CLUTCH
    He should have been in years ago!

  24. Joe Jacoby should have been inducted a long, long time ago. He was one of the top offensive linemen in the NFL in the 80s and early 90s. He played in 4 Super Bowls with his team winning 3 of them.

  25. Jack Tatum needs to get in. He invented how to play the position. He was Mott’s role model

  26. Don Coryell changed the game to what it has become….Air Coryell started it all…should have been in years ago

  27. Ken Riley most deserving of players on this list. Interesting fact. Chuck Howley is the only player from the losing team to win super bowl MVP. Not a reason to put him in the HOF but interesting none the less.

  28. Clay Matthews Jr. Yes for what he did for the Browns.

    art modell NO for what he did TO the Browns!

  29. Otis Taylor for sure. One big reason Jim Marshall should get in is because of an intangible. He was a leader. In 1967 he signed onto Bud Grant’s ideas (discipline, playing intelligently, having something left in the tank in the 4th quarter, etc.) and got everybody else on the team to sign on.

  30. Otis Taylor should have been in years ago. Unfortunately, he’s not doing well health wise.

  31. Players:

    Nobis (great LB on awful expansion team)


    Buddy Parker – look him up – only coach to defeat Paul Brown twice in NFL Championship games, AND had the only winning record coaching the Steelers until some guy named Noll came along
    Arledge – creator and visionary behind Monday Night Football, which changed the sport

  32. Sterling Sharpe. If Calvin Johnson and Gale Sayers are in, Sharpe should be there as well.

    Led the League in receptions 3x and receiving tds twice
    1 of only 7 WRs to win the WR Triple Crown
    Broke the NFL reception record in back-to-back seasons

    As dominant as any WR before the neck injury.

    .. all this with Jerry Rice still playing in his absolute prime.

  33. Why Ken Anderson isn’t in is a downright sin.
    Sterling Sharpe would’ve been a top WR of all time if not for injury.
    Rodger Craig should be in as well.
    But, if I had to choose only one. It’s Ken Anderson.

  34. If you have a vote for the HOF and you don’t vote for Joe Jacoby you should lose that right to vote for you clear lack of knowledge regarding the O Line and the history of the NFL.

  35. amurdora says:
    July 7, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    I’m getting old if I’m starting to see Seniors on the list who I remember seeing play in their last season.

    Dude, I was watching them in their rookie seasons.

  36. Joe Klecko was as dominant as anyone for a stretch.,Kutchenhberg was part of an offensive line that was the greatest of all time and in my opinion was as dominant as the steel curtain and fearsome foursome were on defense..and Otis Taylor changed the way people looked at cornerbacks the way he dominated super bowl 4

  37. Stanley Douglas Morgan (born February 17, 1955) is an American former football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.[1] A “deep threat” receiver, he holds the NFL record (among receivers with at least 500 catches) with 19.2 yards per catch, and also holds the Patriots team record for total receiving yards in a career.

    Stanley Steamer averaged well over 20 yards a reception during his first 6 years in the league with Steve Grogan throwing him the ball. After 83 he caught balls mostly from Tony Eason and finished averaging 19.2 yds/reception. Remember that this was an era where defensive backs routinely mugged and held receivers. Not bad for a guy that was 5’11” and 180 pounds running a 4.53 out of a running college program (Nebraska). His 3 cone was 6.78, which gave him his ability to get open.

  38. Ken Anderson cannot go in if Jim Plunkett isn’t in. 2 Super Bowl wins and still not in is a travesty

    14 yrs, 557 rec, 10716 yards, 72 TDs, 19.2 yds/rec, 4 Pro Bowls

    For comparison, here’s what his HOF contemporaries did:
    Stallworth: 14 yrs, 537, 8723, 63, 16.2, 3 PBs
    Warfield: 13 yrs, 427, 8565, 85, 20.1, 8 PBs
    Biletnikoff: 14 yrs, 589, 8974, 76, 15.2, 6 PBs
    Swann (eye roll): 9 yrs, 336, 5462, 51, 16.3, 3 PBs
    Swann’s 14 yr proj might look like 525 rec, 8600 yds, 75 TDs, and maybe 2 more PBs

    Morgan is right there and should be in. When he retired, he ranked 10th in career receptions, 4th in Rec yards, 13th in TDs. He also ranked 12th in yards from scrimmage, which included RBs. His 19.2 yds/rec still ranks 1st among WRs in the top 50 in Rec Yards (Warfield is outside the top 50). He belongs.

  40. Ken Rielley is 3rd in NFL HISTORY in INT’s… from a time when recovers could pull, push , shove.. he is hands down one of the best CB of all time

  41. Great list, perhapsa bit too long.
    My top 3.
    Roone Arledge – ABC Monday Night Football.
    Don Coryell -Modrn NFL Passing Game.
    Otho Davis – Modern NFL Trainer procedures.

    Stop there.

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