Deshaun Watson working out in Austin with other quarterbacks


Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson continues to await word on whether he will be eligible to play all, some, most or none of the 2022 season. Judge Sue L. Robinson will issue a decision at some point, this month before training camp begins presumably.

Watson continues to work out in hopes that he will get to make his debut with the Browns this year.

Bryan Burney posted a photo to social media showing Watson working with three other quarterbacks in Austin. Bears quarterback Justin Fields, Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud and Titans rookie Malik Willis also are in the photo.

Watson, 26, has not played since the 2020 season. He was on the Texans’ roster last season but inactive for all 17 games.

The Texans traded him to the Browns in a blockbuster deal this offseason.

15 responses to “Deshaun Watson working out in Austin with other quarterbacks

  1. Is Progessive insurance going to move him in to his house now that Baker is gone?

  2. Watson is a top 3 QB in the league. I would only rank Brady and Burrow ahead of him.

  3. Did he bring along a few of his favorite massage therapists just in case?

  4. it amazes me the kind and quality of delay you can buy these days. Snyder, this guy, trump…

  5. Note how Fields is there. The lack of judgement is beyond concerning if you’re a Bears fan.

  6. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    July 8, 2022 at 6:38 pm
    Watson is a top 3 QB in the league. I would only rank Brady and Burrow ahead of him.


    Lol 4-12 his last season as a starter…

  7. Baker Mayfield is from Austin. Is Mayfield there too? Is Watson just trolling him?

  8. With Watson pulling the trigger, the Texans were 23-14 before O Brien got rid of about 10 players. Should have been 25-12,2 games come to mind his rookie season,New England,and Seattle.Go look at the boxscore and see how the Texans lost. It wasn’t Watsons fault.

  9. If women fans are not shaking their heads something is really wrong. Watson continues to get all this press time when in reality he should have been suspended long ago.

  10. He’s going to skate. He doesn’t seemed worried in the slightest, true sociopathic behavior. The NFL is going to back down like they always do with that swiss cheese Commissioner. 50 million dollars a year to cower in the corner. Man, where can I get that job?

  11. How could anyone with any sense of morals be seen in public with Watson? That alone speaks volumes about the guys who were seen on the field with him. unreal

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