Hawaii will be saying goodbye to Aloha Stadium

NFL: JAN 31 Pro Bowl - NFC v AFC
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Aloha Stadium, the site of 35 NFL Pro Bowls, will soon be saying goodbye.

Via KHON, Hawaii governor David Ige committed $400 million to the development of a new stadium to replace Aloha Stadium.

The current stadium is expected to be demolished in late 2023 or early 2024, with the new venue in place by the end of 2025.

The new stadium is expected to have seating in the range of 30,000 to 35,000.

The NFL last played the Pro Bowl in Hawaii in January 2016. There’s currently no talk of the Pro Bowl returning to Hawaii.

Sixteen different stadiums have hosted the game. The L.A. Coliseum has served as the site of the contest 22 times. Other than Camping World Stadium in Orlando (four) and Gilmore Stadium in L.A. (two), no other location has hosted the game more than once.

14 responses to “Hawaii will be saying goodbye to Aloha Stadium

  1. Pro Bowl game is a total waste of time, does not really do anything to hold the interest of the football fan. Time for it to go.

  2. NFL never should have stopped having the pro bowl in Hawaii. At least that made it where the stars would go and participate.

  3. With no team, why pay the money to build a stadium that will be little used by high revenue events?

    Whats wrong with the old stadium that it needs to be torn down?

  4. The stadium was built out of iron in the 70’s. Yes iron, even though it is literally across the street from the ocean. Supposedly, it was somehow not going to rust. It’s various sections were movable so the shape of the stadium could change based on the type of event (ie football, baseball, concerts)

    None of that works any more, and the facility is now structurally unsafe.

    Back in the day, the UH Rainbows would draw upwards of 40,000. Big games (BYU annually, power opponents in the last home game every year) would sell out. If you were in high school, or just liked high school football, Aloha Stadium was the place to be on Friday nights (and Saturdays when the ‘Bows were on the mainland).

    4th of July fireworks shows at the AAA Hawaii Islanders games were really good. And I saw Pele play soccer there.

    Back when it was hard to get in a bowl game (yes Kids, really), we rushed the field when we won the WAC in ’92) and made the Holiday Bowl. The cops attacked us with fists and clubs, and the local media quashed the story. I doubt I ever ran faster than that evening’s sprint from the end zone up the sideline to midfield to the stairs up and out.

    I love the place. Always will.

  5. I am sure the players preferred a week in Hawaii vs. LA or FL. Just guessing.

    Hopefully the Rainbows get a nice stadium.

  6. They should have the pro bowl players play a game of hockey – that would be fun to watch

  7. Good. It’s a dump. Been there for swap meets and yes a pro bowl. It’s old, rusted, and never has a crowd.

  8. Too bad. At one point, it had its place and the Pro Bowl used to mean something. It hasn’t in decaded.

    Jamal Adams and other idiots who use social media to promote themselves via the media, ruined it.

  9. I was stationed at Pearl from 2006-2014. I saw the 08 (heartbreak for my patriots) pro bowl, 2011,2012,2013,2014.

    I had Hawaii season tickets from 07-2013. It was a terrible stadium, but what a blast and Great memories!

    Tailgates started at noon for 530PM Hawaii games. Saw my fighting Irish in the 2008 Hawaii bowl.

    Great times memories! I look forward to the new aloha stadium.hopefully the Halawa/Aiea area’s benefit from this too!

  10. Just build a nice little stadium seating 40,000 for U of Hawaii games and high school games. Don’t spend a lot of taxpayer money on the new stadium. Just a functional, comfortable facility that can also be used for soccer too as well as non-sports events. No need for luxury this or that. Forget about the NFL ever returning there for anything. The Pro Bowl is a bust of an event that needs to be done away with permanently.

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