Matthew Stafford: What I knew about this offense last year was so small compared to now

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp
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Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford didn’t do any throwing during this year’s offseason program in order to rest his right elbow and that allowed him more time to focus on other things.

Stafford said it’s “less fun” for him to go through practices without throwing the ball, but learned that there’s “plenty to be gained” despite the limitations he dealt with on the physical side. Stafford said he realized those gains in his overall knowledge of the offense.

“At this point in the year last season, I think to myself what I knew about this team and this offense, and it’s just so small in comparison to what I know and understand now,” Stafford said, via the team’s website. “So that gives me great comfort in the fact that we can go above and beyond what we did last year.”

The Rams don’t have all of their offensive pieces back from last season, but most key parts are back and the new faces don’t do anything to lower the chances of hitting the right notes as long as Stafford’s elbow doesn’t present any problems in the fall.

4 responses to “Matthew Stafford: What I knew about this offense last year was so small compared to now

  1. The Rams are the odd on favorites to win the Superbowl this season. I’m amazed at how they can afford to pay so many superstars.

  2. Rams made it to the SB with Jared Goff and won it with Matthew Stafford. That’s proof you don’t need an elite QB to win it all.

  3. The Rams need to win home field advantage and avoid a playoff game in the frozen tundra. I like our team this year and I’m upbeat about our chances, but everyone’s team is the next SB winner in July – except for maybe Houston fans and Cleveland fans.

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