Negotiations continue regarding Dan Snyder’s potential testimony to Congress

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing On Washington Commanders Football Team
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Congress and Commanders owner Dan Snyder continue to discuss the terms, conditions, and date of his eventual testimony.

Unless, of course, Snyder is simply hoping to run out the clock on the current Congressional term and, in turn, the investigation (if the Republicans retake the House).

“We remain committed to securing Mr. Snyder’s testimony on the toxic work environment at the Washington Commanders following his failure to appear voluntarily at the Committee’s hearing and his continued refusal to allow his attorney to accept service of a subpoena,” a spokesperson for the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform said Thursday, in response to the letter from Snyder’s letter identifying possible dates for testimony in July. “We are continuing to negotiate with his counsel to ensure the Committee can obtain the full and complete testimony we need, and we are reviewing her latest correspondence.”

Snyder, through attorney Karen Patton Seymour, has offered to make Snyder available by video on July 28 or 29. Her letter also mentions “due process” concerns.

What due process concerns? Does he want to know all the questions in advance? Does he want to have all the questions pre-printed? Congress has the right to seek his testimony, and he has no right to try to engineer the process to his benefit.

It’s a simple process. Show up, take the oath to tell the truth, and then answer the questions truthfully — or face the consequences.

Through it all, the NFL seems to have no problem with Snyder’s foot dragging. Because (in my opinion) the league is afraid of him. More specifically, they’re afraid to fight him. Because (in my opinion) they fear he’d fight dirty.

17 responses to “Negotiations continue regarding Dan Snyder’s potential testimony to Congress

  1. If he had nothing to hide he’d be up there telling his side the fact that hes not shows you how guilty he really is. It’s time for the NFL to step in and force him to sell

  2. This is not a waste of tax dollars. Only when the rich and mighty are held accountable, other rich and mighty people will pay heed

  3. If you or I were called to testify, we wouldn’t get the option to negotiate how and when we show up. If they subpoenaed us, and we weren’t there, they’d send the cops to kick our butts and throw us in the paddy wagon. Why is Snyder any different? Heck, if he’s still in France, charge him with a bunch of stuff and maybe he never comes back like Polanski.

  4. Right now Dan Snyder can name his price to many people in the NFL. From the laughing stock to now the the person people are more afraid of than Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s funny how powerful people can get real nervous when someone who knows where everything is buried gets ready to talk.

  5. Snyder doesn’t need to bend the knee to the committee. His business isn’t really in their jurisdiction anyway. The committee holding hearings is the Government Reform and Overight committee which is supposed to oversee government agencies. Private businesses are overseen by the House Commerce and Energy committee.

    If they can’t serve him a subpoena, he can blow them off or offer to answer interrogatories, questions in writing. No need for live testimony.

  6. I keep saying this but it’s true… What’s he supposed to do feed into what they want and get it move trouble??? This is what rich people do, they maneuver with great attornies behind them.

  7. He is just so busy changing the culture at the Commanders that he doesn’t have time to talk to congress. What focus!!

  8. This is a pefect example of what is wrong with our country, no accountability. The lack of accountability has leaked into every aspect of our nation. This is very disheartening. You are raised to do the right thing, make the sacrifices, become the best version of yourself, help others, give back, be a decent person, then examples like this. Complete dirtbags doing the opposite of how we were raised. And the interesting thing is they don’t seem to care, they don’t seem to care what their legacy with be. What about all of the people that have been negatively affected by Synder’s actions ? I am sure some peoples attitudes would be different if they were impacted or had someone close to them impacted in a negative way. I feel bad for Synder’s children.

  9. He might be making a mistake thinking the matter will get dropped if the Republicans take the house. He might find that the things hes guilty of offend folks on both sides of the aisle, and also that either side can use it to appeal to voters. When going after you is a way to gain percentage points your friendships in Washington can get a bit strained.

  10. These people are not investigating a crime and getting ready to charge anyone with anything, as they do not have the authority to do so. All they are trying to do is make themselves look good to gain support for their re-elections, fundraising etc. Dan Snyder has nothing to gain by testifying, and potentially it can harm him greatly. I am not a fan of Dan Snyder and wish he’d sell the team and go away, but I agree with him here, I would avoid testifying, there’s no benefit to him whatsoever. And it’s not, as some say, that “The rich are never held accountable”, the fact is that the rich can afford very expensive lawyers to handle this stuff for them, while regular folks cannot. You’d do the same, so would I.

  11. I would rather hear a legal explanation of why Congress has been unable to force Snyder to testify than hear weekly pontifications about what about how Snyder SHOULD be testifying.

  12. Still don’t understand why Congress is involved. When you go to the website of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform, there is nothing about investigating private companies. I don’t recall them getting involved when NBC had Matt Lauer problems and network cover up. Why is that ?

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