Panthers join 1980 Raiders as teams with two QBs drafted in top three of the same draft

Los Angeles Raiders v Cleveland Browns
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Baker Mayfield passed his physical with the Panthers on Thursday and that means he is now officially a member of the NFC South team.

It also means that he’s officially a teammate of Sam Darnold, who was selected by the Jets with the third overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft. Mayfield went first overall to the Browns that year and it’s rare that the same team has employed two quarterbacks drafted that high in the same year.

Per Elias Sports, the only other team to employ two quarterbacks picked in the top three of the same draft was the 1980 Raiders. Dan Pastorini was the third pick of the 1971 draft by the Oilers and opened the season as the Raiders starter. A broken leg knocked him out for the year and Jim Plunkett, who the Patriots picked first overall in 1971, took over the job.

Plunkett guided the Raiders to a Super Bowl win that year. Not many people are predicting the same result for the Panthers, but they’re hopeful that Mayfield’s arrival can generate better results than they’ve had in the last few years.

8 responses to “Panthers join 1980 Raiders as teams with two QBs drafted in top three of the same draft

  1. Very faint memories of this one, but if I remember that old and ragtag Raiders team was a wild card as well. They played a weak Eagles team in the SB when the NFC was transitioning away from the Rams/Cowboys of the world, and Plunkett found his career again.

    Kenny King!

    Pastorini lost the job to the other aging QB in Plunkett and the rest is history.

    I don’t see any magic like that here from lowly Carolina. They’re rebuilding and lack talent everywhere.

  2. In some multiverse, the Panthers win the SB and all the other teams try to emulate it the following season.

  3. If the Pats hadn’t dumped Jimmy P, they could have started their dynasty decades ago. And if they hadn’t dumped Jimmy G, their dynasty would have continued after Tommy left town. Sad.

  4. That Eagles team that Plunkett beat wasn’t an all-time great team, but it wasn’t “very weak” either. They had beaten the Raiders earlier that year and were 12-4. They whipped Landry’s Cowboys in the nfccg and could’ve beaten the Raiders again, but Vermeil had them tight as a drum, under curfew, and nervous as hell.

    The Raiders were having fun in NOLA, loose as gooses that night, ready to ball out.

    Did Pastorini get a ring? I always wondered.

    Seems doubtful that the Panthers will repeat the Raiders’ feat.

  5. Jim Plunkett, that’s a blast from the past. He’s the only two time SB winning QB not in the HOF. The Raider teams he won with were loaded and Plunkette’s numbered were not very impressive. But if there was a HOF for sheer guts and determination, he would be first ballot. Drafted by a terrible Pats team, he got the crap beat out of him. Coming out of Stanford with a Heisman, he was a mobile QB with a canon of an arm. By the time he got to the Raiders, he had to wear braces on both knees and could barely walk. His once powerful arm had only a 3/4 throwing motion. Plunkett reinvented himself as a pure pocket passer and the best touch passer in the NFL. He could throw fade passes, dropping the ball over the receivers’s shoulder right into his arms at a full gallop. Plunkett may not have put up HOF numbers but they would not have won with a lesser QB.

  6. Plunkett should be in the hall!
    Why not? He sure did more with less than aikman!

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