Randy Moss stays with ESPN, but he’ll work only on Sundays

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Sometimes, less is Moss.

Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss will be continuing his broadcasting career at ESPN. However, you won’t see him on the screen as often.

Via Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Moss will still appear on Sunday NFL Countdown. However, he will no longer contribute to the Monday night pregame broadcast. Moss, per the report, made the decision to curtail his contributions during the negotiations that culminated in his new contract.

The Sunday/Monday thing complicates the weekly travel itinerary. Fly to Bristol, fly (in most weeks) to wherever the Monday night game will be played, fly home. Lather, rinse, repeat. To do the job right, it’s also important to remain plugged in to everything happening in the NFL, and to have real opinions ready to go. All the time.

Marchand adds that Amazon showed interest in hiring Moss for its Thursday night broadcast. Ultimately, Moss decided to stay put.

14 responses to “Randy Moss stays with ESPN, but he’ll work only on Sundays

  1. Fun to see guys like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and even Ice T become corporate spokesmen and Moss and Abib Talib get TV deals. Who are today’s bad boys that will become the next face of a corporation?

  2. Getting paid big bucks to be a media guy. I remember when he wouldn’t even talk to the local media when he was player in Minnesota.

  3. It offends me that ESPN or any media outlet would hire him in this role when he was nothing short of vile, anti-social and hostile with the media when he played! What they’re not getting is when he or any player does that, it’s directed straight at the fans! The entire operation is so that we watch! They seem to foget that when they put these players on who’ve been so offensive to them/us! I change the channel every time I see him on it! So, I’m glad I’ll have to do less turning now that the’s only on 1 day during the season!

  4. Ha! Thank God we’ll no longer have to listen to Randy on Monday nights. Sounds to me like Randy “Got Mossed!”

  5. Moss should have been in the broadcast booth for all these years instead of the parade of bozos that ESPN selected. They have an articulate, entertaining, HOF receiver and bury him in favor of the likes of Booger and Riddick. smh

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