Roger Goodell: Sunday Ticket is heading for a streaming service, with decision coming later this year

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The Commissioner has confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in the NFL.

Appearing on CNBC, Roger Goodell said that Sunday Ticket will exit DirecTV after the 2022 season.

Via Daniel Kaplan of, Goodell said that Sunday Ticket will end up with a streaming service, and that a decision will be made this fall.

CNBC recently reported that Apple, Disney, and Amazon have made bids for the out-of-market viewing package, with the three corporate behemoths waiting for the NFL’s next move.

As also reported by CNBC, the contracts between the NFL and CBS/Fox prevent the DirecTV successor from significantly slashing the $300 per year price for the package. This protects the companies that have paid big money for the ability to put games on the local affiliates available in a given area.

It also does no favors for fans/consumers who want to watch the games they choose to watch. At this point, however, most fans/consumers would gladly pay the price to get an effective and reliable Internet-based option for watching the games that aren’t being televised in the areas where they live.

For all the advances the league has made in recent years, Sunday Ticket continues to lag. As of next year, that apparently will end.

As long as you have effective and reliable high-speed Internet service. If you don’t, I’m sorry but I’m afraid you can’t come along for the ride.

73 responses to “Roger Goodell: Sunday Ticket is heading for a streaming service, with decision coming later this year

  1. Has the NFL ever done any favors for fans/consumers? This is one of the greediest corporations on the planet….why wouldn’t they make us buy 12 football games a week just to watch the one we want?

  2. I had Sunday Ticket for years. I cut the cord as their prices kept going up and up.

  3. Been with Sunday Ticket since ’98. Can’t wait to unload Directv!! 300 channels, 20 of which I actually use.

  4. Even though Sunday Ticket leaving Direct TV is good news, I really wish it would go to an a la carte format. Being able to get just the games of a favorite team, or just certain games in general seems like it would sell more than being forced to pay $300 for every game. Unless you own a bar with multiple TVs how many people are able to watch every game every week? Guess I’ll be sticking to NFL Redzone unless they find a way to make Sunday Ticket more user friendly.

  5. Good. Anything’s better than crappy dinosaur DirecTV. Put it this way, if it’s on Prime they’ll have millions more buyers than they ever did with DirecTV.

  6. That explanation makes no sense.
    The local games are blacked out on Sunday ticket anyway so that protects the local markets.
    This isn’t about protecting the local markets its about protecting the nfl and its right to gouge the consumer.
    The nfl knows that fans are conditioned to pay 300 bucks for a product that is already broadcast to all the local markets for free and they don’t want fans getting used to paying less for anything, it’s just greed plain and simple.

  7. I will then exit Direct TV. But let’s remember how streaming services will effect many including me. As stated you need a reliable internet provider which I don’t have. We routinely loose streaming services now.

  8. This means that every sports bar in America will dump DirecTV, and install whichever streaming service gets the contract.

  9. Years ago when I was a Direct TV subscriber in No. Virginia I can remember Sunday Ticket “sometimes” allowing you to purchase a single game! I bought Raven’s away games (I had season tickets at the time) that weren’t shown because I was in the Redskins! (or whatever they’re called now) market. Wasn’t allowed during a Skin’s home game, but otherwise they did it. Wasn’t cheap, but wasn’t total nuts either. My guess is the NFL won’t be as generous though!

  10. I paid for Sunday Ticket for years, but cutting DirecTV forced me to cut Sunday Ticket with it. Guess what, NFL? I don’t miss access to your diminishing product. I’ve cut out Sunday Ticket and reduced my fantasy leagues from three to just one. As I get older (wiser?) I find that I deeply dislike the league, the owners, and many of its entitled players. I know, I know…I’m still “supporting” the league, but I’m spending far less money and time consuming the NFL product than I was just 3 years ago.

  11. As long as fans willingly pay the exorbitent prices to keep millionaires (players) and billionaires (owners) pockets overflowing with their hard earned $$$$, don’t expect them to care about the fans.

  12. I just want Packer games.

    Offer me that and you can have my money again.

  13. When we got rid of DirecTV a couple of years ago, I switched to using NFL Game Pass to watch out-of-market games. The plus was it was “only” $100. The minus was that you couldn’t watch an out-of-market game until just after it ended.

    Apparently there are changes coming to Game Pass, such as the ability to pay per month–though of course whether that’s a plus will depend on what they charge. I assume they will still require you to wait until the game is over to watch. It’s worth noting that if you’re not a US resident, Game Pass allows you to watch any game you want, live. They got more sophisticated with their coding, because a simple VPN switch to another country didn’t allow me to watch games live.

  14. I have never had sunday ticket. I just go to the local BW3 and watch all the games I want while not having to cook. Also, you meet some really good people with knowledge of the game and interesting backgrounds.

  15. The NFL motto: “You can lead a horse to water, and you CAN MAKE him drink!”

  16. Direct TV, dropped me, after a wind storm blew my dish sideways…best thing that ever happened. Now, I watch my game for free on the national feed, or go to B dubs.

  17. Been waiting for years for someone other than DirecTv to get the package. Now the only option is streaming? Not sure this is an upgrade. I have one internet option in my area, and it isnt great.

  18. I had ST for many years too, and hated the cost and the “free for new DT customers” thing. I would call each year and threaten to leave DT if they didn’t comp me. (Usually worked)

    But I just don’t get people NOT understanding WHY the NFL does NOT allow you to just by “A-la-carte” (and trust me, I would want it too)

    It’s a business folks. And if it were a-la-carte then 99.99999% of consumers would purchase:
    Dallas Only
    New England Only
    Green Bay Only.

    And in recent years, maybe Chiefs, now Bills.

    There would be almost NOT market for any other team comparatively. And they would have to reasonably make the price about 1/32nd of the full Sunday Ticket to make sense, right? Won’t happen.

    Use your head. You blame the NFL for being “greedy” but they are the monster in sports because they KNOW how to market and make money.

  19. I have high speed internet but streaming has been less reliable than cable or DirecTV in my experience. It would allow me to get rid of the rest of my cable which I would probably do but I don’t think streaming in general is a better way to get the games onto my screen.

  20. DirecTV will finally die, it has been on life support for years. The only thing holding it together was Sunday Ticket.

    As someone pointed out above.. local games blacked out, so not like the $ is protecting anyone or anything..

  21. As a 15-year Sunday Ticket subscriber, I am disappointed to hear this. I figured that ST would eventually be offered via streaming, but I thought DirecTV would still have a version. As of now, I don’t think I will renew when it goes to streaming. I think it’s fine to watch one-off games like Thursday Night Football on a streaming service, but I think people (and by people, I mean me!) will find it difficult to constantly switch back and forth between television and streaming on a Sunday afternoon.

  22. Why don’t they develop their own app like MLB does. You can pay X amount of dollars for all out-of-market games or Y amount of dollars for just your teams games. I watch White Sox games after their over so I can fast forward through all the stuff I don’t want to see.

  23. Downvote me all you want. And keep posting “give me PPV for my own team” ALL YOU WANT.

    IS never going to happen.

    Keep spitting into the wind dudes.

  24. I don’t understand the local affiliates issue as it relates to lowering the price. I live in DC and watch Eagles games with DirecTV. The commercials I get are not the same as they get when watching games in Philly. So why can’t they make it that all watched/streamed games in DC get all the same commercials as the Commanders game shown that day in DC? This would include local businesses and the local fox news plugs. This would lead to the affiliates getting more ad revenue than without this streaming method. It can’t be that hard to make this happen. It somewhat happens now on the ticket. Then $300 price can be reduced and PPV games can be decent price.

  25. slaytainc75 says:
    July 8, 2022 at 11:22 am
    Red Zone is all I want. Commercials are insufferable


    Absolutely, 100%. I turn it on and leave it on all day, and I never have to suffer through endless commercial breaks.

  26. We will find out when Prime airs TNF this upcoming season, if you are able to start games late without seeing the score and or pause during the action. Time shifting the start of the games is one of the only reasons to have DirectTv. Hopefully he NFL doesn’t F this up

  27. Going away from Satellite is going to hurt subscribers in rural regions who have less access to high-speed internet than suburban and urban areas. I hope that satellite remains an option for those who really need it.

  28. The funny thing is there is no such thing as a reliable
    internet provider. I know because I work for one of the
    boys. This should be very interesting.

  29. DirecTV. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. I honestly didn’t realize they were still in business. Sounds like they won’t be for long.

  30. I use game pass now. Does not kill me to wait until the game is over. Until they allow a menu of purchases instead of all or nothing I will stay with game pass. Besides Sunday ticket currently does not allow recording or re watching the games. You can’t pause, rewind or do anything but watch (at least on streaming, It can be streamed without having DTV if you live somewhere that does not allow dishes). The service sucks for he amount of money.

  31. It’s a business folks. And if it were a-la-carte then 99.99999% of consumers would purchase:
    Dallas Only
    New England Only
    Green Bay Only.

    And in recent years, maybe Chiefs, now Bills.

    There would be almost NOT market for any other team comparatively.

    There are only 5 passionate fan bases in the NFL?

    12 million people in Chicago, how many of them would purchase? Los Angeles is the 2nd largest market in the country. How many of them would purchase? How many people in the Bay Area want to watch Raiders games? How many retirees in Arizona and Florida?

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

    And frankly, they can market ala carte AND whatever Sunday Ticket is.

    How many bars across the country purchase Sunday Ticket? HALF? 2/3? They’re fools if they don’t.

  32. I had Sunday ticket for over 20 years. Finally cut the cord this year. Cant justify the crazy cost of the ticket and direct tv to watch one game a week. Stop screwing the consumer and give us the option to watch the games we want for a flat fee pay per view.

  33. Simple, pay 2/3 price for your one team, full price for all games. No one is gonna offer you one team at 1/32nd price of the service.

  34. I’m a Bostonian who was stationed In Hawaii from 2006-2014. In order to watch my patriots, I’d have to hope they were nationally televised, or go to a bar at 0600, for 0700 kickoffs, as most places in Hawaii didn’t allow satellite dishes to be installed.

    Since I got out in 2014 and live in Chicago where my wife is from, I got DirecTV, just so I could watch my patriots, obviously my wife’s bears are always televised.

    I just never understood the stupidity of not allowing people to pay a fee for THEIR TEAM! I had no interest in the jets or jaguars for example. Hell, I’d I could’ve had NESN for my Red Sox and bruins only, I would’ve been happy.


  35. Bah! Kids these days will never know the horror of having to wait for a quarter to end just to catch a glimpse of the score for five seconds! We considered it lucky if the play by play gave announced the score at some point. And waiting to see other scores of games already played the next day in the news folio. And some days, the kid who brought you the news would forget. Then you were really out of luck! And you had to INHERIT your playboys from your older brother when he moved out.

  36. Of the responses I may be in the minority but Directv is a godsend compared to streaming. Never have an issue, great picture, and best of all no lag time. It’s instant switch from one channel to another. With 3 other people streaming their own content , the weak signal in some areas, and the much slower download speeds, streaming is just a crappy alternative. I tried for 2 weeks back in October 2020, that cured me of ever wanting that again.

  37. And that is why I go to a sports bar to watch football. You get all the games and your wings, nachos, etc, beer which is what you would be doing at the house without the clean up and a waitress to come around. Plus, no bill for watching all the games…

  38. I just tried my mea culpa with DTV hoping they would bite and give me ST or at least reduce the price. No such luck. One thing not mentioned on this board, ATT owns DTV and had it up for sale a couple of times but never got the kind of money it was hoping for. ATT understands the ST is a monster draw for dtv and now that they are losing ST you can bet they are already shopping around.
    I put in the eero system from Amazon last week and ran a test and I have the speed to play two 4k movies at the same time so I’m ready to stream and have the speed. Good buy DTV, good to know ya.

  39. People are mixing up talking about a number of different issues.

    A lot of people who have Satelite do so because there ISN’T reliable cable / internet in their area. Thats how its always been. IIRC, some of the new contracts provisions will make it so the ticket is still available by Satelite for some cases, the same way previously you could get Ticket streaming (I did) given certain exceptions.

    Then you have the issue of do they want to split up games into ala carte. The answer is NO, and for good reason, financially.

    Finally, you have the issue of local broadcasts being hurt, which DOES matter because they are only broadcasting the local game 1 time – the other games they broadcast are all non-local across the networks. WITHOUT the package, you just watch whatever games are on.

    WITH the package, I will only watch the prime matchups that I select outside of my personal team.

    So yes, lowering the price to less than 300 will hurt ALL local broadcast games EXCEPT the broadcast of the home team, which gets blacked out on Sunday Ticket. But the other game will get FAR less ratings if people use ticket to watch other games instead.

  40. I’d consider something up to $99/mo to see one teams games. Outside of that, it’s too expensive for the number of games I would need it for. I think a lot more people would do this as well, but the bean counters would have to calculate how many people would pay $99, and would that eat into bar business, where they pay thousands of dollars for DirecTV Sunday Ticket. A local bar/restaurant I was frequenting cancelled it during Covid and I learned they were paying $8000/yr according to the bar tender. Opening up individual team season tickets for Sunday Ticket could cannibalize bar sales if people stayed home. So there would have to be good money in changing the model. No corporation is going to change the model to benefit consumers if it hurts their bottom line, unless they are absolutely forced to do so by market forces. Perhaps if every home user cancelled Sunday Ticket in a mass organized protest, they would move to customize packages for individual users. Until they do that, I’m not a client. I was one of the first clients in 1994. I bought a new house in 2003 and when I moved I left it to the wife to transfer the satellite service. Instead of “transferring” she “cancelled” and restarted service. A technicality, but it cost me my early bird/repeat customer discount and they wanted to force me to pay the new full fare. I said “no thanks,” and have not subscribed for almost 20 years now. I would estimate that decision saved me almost $25,000 (average $200/yr for Sunday Ticket for 20 years, and $80/mo for the TV subscription I had for another 20 years). I made multiple calls and spoke to Supervisors etc. They would not budge because my wife used the wrong language to move the service. It seemed like a simple thing to address for a long time original customer, but no, they could not make any exceptions. My guess is they ensnared countless people like this and made a bundle of extra money profiting off this slight of hand, counting on people’s desire to watch the games to overcome their shock over being gouged. There is no love lost between DirecTV and I. The company could implode and I wouldn’t think twice about it. It’s been a take it to the grave grudge match.

    I also got a divorce.

  41. One game Thursday..Four games on Sunday..One on Monday..That’s at least Five “free” games. ( I know..need cable)..That really is enough for most of us.Not really understanding why no” a-la-cart” games come with the Sunday Ticket.Plenty of die hard,local fans just want to be able to watch their team..not other games…

  42. Did you catch the part about how the new streaming partner(s) – whoever it ends up being – will be contractually prohibited from cutting subscription prices?

    Oh Roger. That’s so you.

  43. For those that don’t have a traditional internet provider option, look into one of the two biggest cell providers. They both provide unlimited data home internet plans that are reasonable. I use one in rural North Dakota, works great

  44. I’m confused by these comments. DirectTv has been streaming Sunday Ticket for years. Got rid of my clunky satellite dish years ago and have been streaming on the App. Like many, I make that crappy call every August threatening to leave and they usually slash a hundo or so off the yearly subscription. So what’s really changing besides the App I use???

  45. Just wondering now that DIRECTV has streaming as well as satellite if they’ll get involved with bidding for Sunday Ticket. Also some of us have data caps so we’ll have to be careful with streaming as it’ll eat up a lot of bandwidth.

  46. Also…It’s not hard to watch all the games for FREE with a little persistence. Download any free local TV streaming app and tune into any of the local market no matter what market you’re in. Not illegal at all. Those stations are provided over the free airwaves. There’s apps now that just centralize those stations in one spot.

  47. I’m confused by these comments. DirectTv has been streaming Sunday Ticket for years. Got rid of my clunky satellite dish years ago and have been streaming on the App. Like many, I make that crappy call every August threatening to leave and they usually slash a hundo or so off the yearly subscription. So what’s really changing besides the App I use???


    Depending on where you live, dictates if you’re “eligible” for DirecTV’s streaming, or require a dish. I tried using my friends log in since he lives in a streaming area, and it would not work since I lived in a satellite dish eligible/required area.

  48. Red Zone is the only thing worth watching NFL games. Cant stand the increasing commercial breaks. Almost as bad as being at the game.

  49. Streaming sucks for sports. I have the fastest fiber AT&T offers and it still glitches. I guess I will be watching less football.

  50. I have never had Sunday Ticket because I didn’t want to put up with Direct TV. I will purchase a game here or there if that’s an option.

  51. People still have direct TV? Yes 15 million households. For many it is a better option than crappy cable which may not even be available to them.

  52. I got rid of the Sunday Ticket back when the league went to a 3rd Thanksgiving game, yet they increased the cost for less product.

    I saw then that service was a sham and continues to be.

    Now the league will find a way to rob fans of their hard earned dollars to subscribe to a streaming service to watch a watered down product.

  53. I’ve had a streaming version of Sunday Ticket for several years because I live in an apartment and can’t get a dish to point south. The streaming service worked fine but couldn’t access it except from my home network. Grrr. I’m considering hooking up a web camera to a point at a tv in the PGH market cuz the price is just outrageous. $300 for about 10 games? $30 to watch a game that’s free elsewhere!

  54. allinforallen says:
    July 8, 2022 at 11:36 am

    The NFL motto: “You can lead a horse to water, and you CAN MAKE him drink!”

    Ironically, the NFL knows the solution to that old trope: rub salt on the horse’s tongue!

  55. I got my Sunday Ticket and DirecTV in 96 as a present to myself for my current job. Back when you had to get an antenna to get local channels. Steve Sabol was the host back then and I could throw some great Sunday party’s with 3 to 4 TVs showing different games, good times! It is old technology that you really had to have patience for. I like the other guy here who watched 20 something out of all the channels picked for me. I cut the satellite cord earlier this year when Roethlesberger retired. I hope Apple or Amazon has a better option. I did thoroughly enjoy having it especially when it went to HD in about 2006.

  56. It sucks loving NFL football. I’m trying to be strong. Trying not to spend the money. But, but….the pull. It’s too strong. I need! I need!

  57. The NFL continues to prove that their fans are the biggest suckers of all time. With Sunday Ticket a fan can only watch 2 games live every Sunday. That’s 36 games per season or $8.33 per game. I had Direct TV for 8 years and most of the time NFL Sunday Ticket was offered to me for free. I doubt if whichever streaming service gets the package will allow non-subscribers to purchase Sunday Ticket without a subscription to their package.

  58. Fine. I guess I’m in the minority. Sunday Ticket is the greatest product ever invented.
    Period. It’s great for gamblers, non-gamblers, fantasy players, and fans who would otherwise be stuck having to watch the crappy Jets and Giants every week. Worth every penny.Oh, and DirecTv is superior to any cable company I’ve ever dealt with. Granted, thunderstorms are an issue, but still better than Cablevision any day of the week and 10 times better on Sunday. You all are a bunch of whiny children.

  59. I do not understand why local markets can’t be included in the package. It would be very easy to show local viewers the local broadcast just based on their billing zip code. The local broadcast would be streamed just to the local viewers. In fact, they would have the advantage of knowing exactly how many local viewers there were rather than just using Neilsin estimates. They are so worried about losing money they are “cutting off their nose to spite their face” as the saying goes. They could be making more money if they did it right.

  60. rickykiss says:
    July 8, 2022 at 11:54 am
    As a 15-year Sunday Ticket subscriber, I am disappointed to hear this. I figured that ST would eventually be offered via streaming, but I thought DirecTV would still have a version. As of now, I don’t think I will renew when it goes to streaming. I think it’s fine to watch one-off games like Thursday Night Football on a streaming service, but I think people (and by people, I mean me!) will find it difficult to constantly switch back and forth between television and streaming on a Sunday afternoon.


    Ditch cable/satellite and go to streaming, easy solution. Any TV in the last 5-8 years is a smart tv and can download streaming apps. If older, then get a firestick. I welcome this change, as I left DTV about 5 years ago as the price was extremely high for the few channels I watched, even though I gave up my ST. I cant wait to have the option to get it back with a much more reasonable package for normal TV!

  61. Putting aside prime time games, Sunday Ticket costs about $17 per game…plus you get end zone and red zone. Ala Carte would likely have been $10-15 anyway so no real savings. I understand casual fans who might occasionally buy a game but for displaced fans (Philly fan in Florida) I paid $1,200 for a single dish/box in 1994 just to watch my Eagles play. Been with DTV ever since.

  62. If we can’t stream only the games we want for a lower price then what’s the point of taking it away from Direct TV? Doesn’t matter to me who’s screwing us. We’re getting screwed one way or the other.

  63. MLB is going to great lengths to hurry baseball up. Pitch clocks. Limited mound visits. Making extra innings ridiculous with little league ghost runners. And why? Because the 22 year old who doesn’t like baseball anyway thinks it’s too long, and their iPhone battery doesn’t make it through a 3 hour ballgame. Ok Manfred, that’s probably the solution. Now Rog is doing everything possible to cater to that same 22 year old who thinks football is barbaric and of course racist and oppressive. But Rog gotta cater to him because the NFL marketing department did endless surveys, by 22 year olds. The NBA already committed suicide years ago and the ratings prove it. But the false positive it gets, from Tweetie, makes it think it’s still important. (It’s not) Ratings prove it. Pro sports is dictated by Tweetie algorithms. Tweetie will be the death of sports, and society.

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