Browns reportedly viewed Baker Mayfield as “childish and immature”

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The bridge between the Browns and Baker Mayfield became hopelessly obliterated when someone from the team told Chris Mortensen of ESPN that the team wanted an adult in the room at the position. It’s no surprise then that, with Mayfield now the Panthers’ problem, some more leaks are coming from Cleveland.

Jason Lloyd of recently wrote that the Browns “widely viewed [Mayfield] as childish and immature.”

Added Lloyd of Mayfield: “His behavior annoyed teammates and divided the locker room. He was often difficult to coach.”

None of it is surprising, based on the things that played out in the public eye. Mayfield at times became surly during press conferences. After a 2021 win over the Lions, he refused to talk to reporters.

He had an apparent a beef with Odell Beckham Jr., one that resulted in most aligning behind OBJ. And Mayfield reportedly was miffed about a variety of things that happened last year, including the fact that the in-house radio show dared to criticize him.

That said, it feels at times as if the Browns didn’t properly respect Mayfield, especially since he did all he could to play last year after injuring his shoulder in Week Two. Then, after the season, the Browns made it known that Mayfield would still be the quarterback in 2022 — until they decided that they’d keep him only if they couldn’t find someone better.

It’s unclear who deserves the blame. Probably both sides. With the G.M. who drafted him and his original head coach long gone, it just got to the point where things didn’t work. It was time for everyone to move on.

Both sides can leak their versions of the events to reporters, and both sides likely will. The best news is that we’ll get to see Mayfield make his debut with the Panthers in Week One against the Browns, if he wins the starting job over Sam Darnold.

If Mayfield doesn’t, the Browns will have their vindication even if they lose the game.

90 responses to “Browns reportedly viewed Baker Mayfield as “childish and immature”

  1. “We are beyond proud to finally have a real adult at the position. A real man who sought out inexperienced therapists to help milk his eel!”

  2. Mayfield probably is, his first thing to do in the NFL was to start making commercials. But the browns messed up by leaking insults in the first place, and then leaked nothing after that since they knew it would hurt trade value, now as soon as he’s traded they send out anonymous leaks to trash him. Maybe Mayfield is immature, but the real children here seem to be the browns (even ignoring the fact that their version of an adult is someone who abuses women)

  3. Good thing the Browns got rid of him I’m sure the next guy up will be far more mature…

  4. So the Browns have an “adult” QB now? What a bunch of crap coming out of Cleveland, why does anyone even support this team?

  5. And I thought fantasizing about sex with your massage therapist was childish.

  6. They get their vindication if he is not starting? More like they get a worse draft pick. This is nonsense lets play ball.

  7. Probably should have figured that out when he scouted him. I don’t remember his college career being especially mature either.

  8. What are the Browns trying to achieve by leaking this stuff? They look classless and petty.

  9. Classic Browns. Just wait until they see Mayfield flourish being away from that toxicity and realize that Watson is nothing more than a garbage time stat stuffing likely serial rapist who went 4-12 the last season he played.

  10. How was this not diagnosed when they drafted him? Why do I know this, but the Browns didn’t?

    He’s a less offensive Manziel.

    Face it, some franchises are just poorly run.

  11. While your calling Baker that be honest and add Fox’ Collin Cowherd who is also both immature and childish every day for a few years he takes pot shots at Mayfield it’s pathetic .

  12. Has anyone from the Browns organization heard Deshaun answer questions about his situation? He sounds almost Presidential…. although maybe that term doesn’t mean what it used to.

  13. The clowns running that organization have no grounds whatsoever to criticize anyone else’s psychological makeup after desperately throwing a quarter-billion dollars at a serial sex offender who hasn’t been any further into the playoffs than the guy they just let go.

    And the rest of the team doesn’t seem all that bright, either.

  14. How sickening of the Browns to release something like this. Have some class, be professionals. I have no respect for billion dollar organizations using the rumor mill to trash a former employee – especially when their own actions are the height of hypocrisy.

  15. After seemingly getting the Browns franchise on the right track, Berry and Stefanski have taken the operation completely off the rails again.

  16. Rooting for Baker to smoke the Browns week one, while Deshaun is sitting at home suspended.

  17. The Browns have zero credibility. They wouldn’t recognize an adult if it but then on the ass.

  18. Baker Manziel is childish and immature so they traded that for a $237M predator… Cleveland will always Cleveland

  19. Please hes the same guy they drafted and they just figured out his ways?

  20. No worries they fixed the problem. Got rid of the immature baby …replaced with him with a serial pervert.

  21. The Browns could show some class and not continue to trash him after they kicked him out. The Browns are like a jilted ex.

    They cheated on him, they broke up with him, and they still complain about him.

  22. Where was all the Baker love when there was no Browns drama? When he was leading the browns to 6 and 7 win seasons?

  23. The adult thing for the browns to do being aware of these faults was to manage them to not let them become an issue instead of turning it into even more childish blame game. Despite his idiosyncrasies Baker is not that bad of a qb.

  24. Two worst franchises – Browns and Lions. Literally for as long as I can remember and I’m almost 50. I wasn’t a fan of Mayfield at any point, but this organization is just doing him dirty. You don’t think other players notice that around the league? If fans can see it, you can bet other players see it too.

  25. Browns concerned with Mayfield’s maturity, so they decide to trade for and 100.00% guarantee DeShaun Watson at ~$50M/yr. And no one really seems to give a darn. The apocalypse isn’t on its way, it’s here.

  26. True or not Baker is lucky to get out of that dumpster fire.
    Regardless of any suspension, Watsons punishment will be playing for Cleveland for the rest of his career

  27. I have to say…there’s a few teams that make the NFL off-season exciting. The browns are one of those teams.

  28. Coming from a franchise owned by a crook who ripped off his customers. An owner who drafted two fine examples of maturity known as Johnny Manziel Justin Gilbert in the same 1st round. Is anyone in that organization qualified to identify and “adult”?

  29. the browns – they should be an NBA club somewhere and give a real city a team.

  30. So of course Jason Lloyd is an adult by repeating anonymous gossip just when Baker is finally celebrating as he leaves Th Mistake behind.

  31. Could have saved them some time if they’d bothered to watch him when he was at OU… and I’m not talking about his on field play. Do teams not consider a players actions, their level of respect for the opponent… coaches. He failed in those aspects. And he most likely will continue with those until he gets it. Could take awhile for some people. It did for me.

  32. Give him a job at your bakery after Carolina cuts him. PFT Live isn’t a good job for him.

  33. Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield….. maybe it’s not always the players fault? Maybe?

  34. Yet the Browns went to the bottom of the barrel to get their next QB!
    Guess the real character in question is whoever thought DW was worth bringing to Cleveland.

  35. Then why are the Browns themselves the ones coming out of all of this looking “childish and immature”?

  36. This is the most unlikeable, unwatchable, most embarrassing, most laughable franchise in all of professional sports! I hope they lose every game!

  37. Mayfield may be immature but if ones ideas of mature is Watson then watch out.

    I’d love to see Mayfield get his act together in Caroline (or someplace else) and become an at least average QB.
    Then the Browns can look back on unloading an average QB for a 4th

  38. Have to give it to the browns their caddy actions and moronic management of their qb situation somehow has gotten me to actually root for Baker Mayfield.

  39. Hope the Browns remember to change the alarm code on Baker’s place after he left.

  40. The Browns use to be a great organization back in the 80’s. Not any more, they are really screwed up now.

  41. I don’t know anything about Mayfield being “childish” and “immature” but I do know the Browns, with Mayfield at Quarterback, made the playoffs in 2020. That was their first playoff appearance since 1994.

  42. Go BAKER Go ! getting out of this (Cleveland) dumpster fire is great for you. Just you see. Haslam is a born loser but has huge money from his family.

  43. That’s funny because that’s exactly what Browns fans think of the organization as a whole.

  44. the cleveland browns, where the owners do the draft, the coaching staff shield them from the press and the players take the blame;

  45. The browns really are doing everything they possibly can to destroy their reputation. They could win the superbowl the mext 10 years strait and it wouldny bring back the fans they have lost over this. When all involved in this trash are gone i might root for the team again. Till then its college football for me.

  46. All you need to know about Mayfield and his immaturity was being drunk, then getting tackled into a wall by the Fayetteville Police, then crying about it. The mistake the Browns made was drafting this 5th round talent at 1 overall. No mature person regardless of age does this.

    Just wait til he leads the Panthers to 3-14. His career as an NFL will be over.

  47. This is your brain on Cleveland. Totally clueless. Not defending Mayfield here, but he is what he’s always been. Typical of the Browns not to understand that.

  48. This was already spelled out for everyone months ago when Browns said they needed an adult at qb.
    So they have now destroyed the relship w the qb that is one severely injured shldr season removed fr a 10 win season in which he took Browns to 2nd rnd and went toe to toe with one of the highest pwrd offenses in the NFL and if it were not for the wrong call on a touchback and an extremely porous Browns D, Cleveland woulda won.
    They then trade a massive pkg to pay a guy upwards of 200 million that will prob miss most of first season from a suspension, stemming from very questionable off field antics that could change him forever, as he had looked like a disaster thus far.
    Sounds brilliant to me, it is the Browns being the Browns.

  49. Cleveland is the place where young QBs go to have their careers destroyed and ruined. How many in a row has there been now, twenty? When was the last time Cleveland had a QB you could call a real franchise QB? The Browns is the Browns, just like the Lions is the Lions and the Jets is the Jets.

  50. I’ve never liked Baker, but the way the Browns have handled this makes me root for him to make them pay for how pathetic they’ve treated him especially after he played hurt all last season. SMH

  51. What does this tell you about Baker that Browns would rather go with Watson instead of Baker? He was a cancer

  52. Yet they commit $230 million guaranteed and 6 draft picks to add someone they see is the pillar of maturity???

  53. Sooooo……the team that drafted Manziel, and then Mayfield who has been replaced by Watson, has a problem with “childish immature?…..

  54. I remember when it was time for the draft and all the pundits said the Browns would be foolish to pass on Mayfield, that he was a slam dunk.

    But the kid was obviously a knucklehead.

    The truth eventually comes home to roost.

  55. If sources inside the Browns are quoted saying things that everybody already knows and has known for some time, things that Mayfield has publicly demonstrated, is it really a “leak”?

  56. mshs91tygers says:
    July 9, 2022 at 9:22 pm
    Where was all the Baker love when there was no Browns drama? When he was leading the browns to 6 and 7 win seasons?


    Consider that those first two years were with historically bad coaching regimes. His first season, he gave the team their first road win in 3 years, and their best season record in 11 years, and broke the NFL record for TDs thrown by a rookie. In his 2nd season, he was the first QB to start all 16 games for the team in 18 years.

    That’s a pretty remarkable hole to dig out of. Then in year three, he goes to the divisional round of the playoffs. First playoff win for the team in 30 years, first road playoff win in 50 years.

    Imperfect, of course. But that’s a lot of historical accomplishments won for his team in three seasons.

  57. Was never a Baker fan. That being said he played with a bad shoulder just about the entire 2021 season. He didn’t play as well as he did in 2020. The Browns should’ve sat him down and insisted he get surgery to be ready to roll this season. They could’ve traded him in a position of strength instead of for a 5th round pick. The team leaks information and makes Baker look terrible and then is shocked they can’t deal him at market rate.

    Then they sign a pariah who will be an embarrassment until the cases are settled. Sign him to an unprecedented deal and give away top draft picks for years. Unbelievable.

  58. Kudos to Baker for putting the Graveyard of Quarterbacks in his rearview mirror. PS: Alice Cooper can borrow tools from someone else.

  59. Chris S says:
    July 9, 2022 at 8:45 pm
    We all viewed him the same way.
    So how do you all “view” your New Starting QB, Watson?……..

  60. vikingsvoice says:
    July 9, 2022 at 8:41 pm
    After seemingly getting the Browns franchise on the right track, Berry and Stefanski have taken the operation completely off the rails again.
    You SKOL Bandits would take Stefanski back in a heartbeat if you had the chance.

  61. For those of you making the comparison between Mayfield and Watson, yeah…Watson’s a “next level” knucklehead.

    But that doesn’t make this assessment of Mayfield any less accurate.

  62. “Mikehunt69 says:
    July 9, 2022 at 8:15 pm
    So Deshaun Watson is their idea of a mature adult?”.

    ^^THIS^^, all day long and every day.

  63. To the new Baker fans he will have his big games and win a few games but he hasn’t been clutch when given the ball with the game on the line. 2-9 record

    Vs Baltimore in 2018 loss 26-24 (int)
    Vs LA Rams in 2019 loss 20-13 (int)
    Vs Denver in 2019 loss 24-19 (downs)
    Vs Buffalo in 2019 won 19-16 (td to Higgins)
    Vs Pittsburgh in 2019 loss 20-13 (int)
    Vs Cincinnati in 2020 won 37-34 (td to DPJ)
    Vs KC in 2021 loss 33-29 (int)
    Vs LAC in 2021 loss (downs)
    Vs Pittsburgh in 2021 loss (int)
    Vs Baltimore in 2021 loss (downs)
    Vs Green Bay in 2021 loss (int)

    Even when a TD was needed in the Rose Bowl vs Georgia to win and go to the national championship game he couldn’t carry his team.

  64. Any house other than the “Factory of Sadness” can be considered an upgrade…

  65. I was beyond shocked when The Browns drafted him first in the draft, years ago. I never thought he was all that good. Adequate, but not that great. In hindsight, we see they could have had Josh Allen. Oh well, that’s why the Browns will always be The Browns/ Factory of Sadness, with the dullest uniforms in football and no logos on the helmet.

  66. But that Deshaun Watson guy sure has impeccable character. Am I right, Brownies?

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