Lamar Jackson says he’s gained muscle this offseason, and posts the proof

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson wasn’t kidding when he said he added muscle this offseason.

During the Ravens’ mandatory minicamp, Jackson said that he’s typically been around 205 to 208 pounds during his NFL career, but he’s been hitting the weights this offseason and is now at 220 pounds.

“I just wanted to do it. See how I look, see how I feel, and I feel good,” Jackson said.

This week Jackson posted the proof on social media, with a picture of himself in a sleeveless shirt that has gone viral for its evidence that Jackson is hitting the weights hard. Even DK Metcalf asked Jackson if he could borrow a bicep.

Ravens quarterbacks coach James Urban likes what he sees.

Physically, he looks imposing,” Urban said. “This is a game built for big, strong, fast men. I think he’s checking three of those boxes right now.”

24 responses to “Lamar Jackson says he’s gained muscle this offseason, and posts the proof

  1. Mobile quarterbacks add value by scrambling not by taking hits.

    Taking hits shortens a quarterback’s career and causes them to miss many games in a season.
    Ask Cam Newton and Sam darnold.

    A smart mobile quarterback slides or runs out of bounds rather than taking hits.
    Thus the extra muscle mass is not important

  2. Smart move.

    If the running back thing doesn’t work out he can slide over to Safety.

  3. Good lighting. Also, for those speculating on the how, obviously any short term weight gain (even with the aid of “chicken, broccoli, rice”) is a combination of fat, muscle, water, glycogen. very little pure muscle. Take some time off, get deconditioned and deflated. Then start training and eat, add some creatine and you could gain 10lbs easily.

  4. More muscle mass = more stress on soft tissue if frame isn’t mean to hold it. Is his meant it hold it? Idk. Either way, he is ripped.

  5. That much muscle will only hinder his throwing motion. Then again, he still can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat

  6. I’m not impressed or unimpressed.

    If he felt like adding some padding to his body was needed then good for him. It doesn’t make him wrong or anyone else right. If he’s still playing in December and January then it was worth it.

  7. Okay: Big, Strong, Fast, Men. Which three of the four boxes is he checking, coach?

  8. Lol, so many bitter arm chairs out there. I know Lizzo and other obese people would disagree but your physique speaks to your worth ethic and discipline. Im sure Lamar did more than just workout this offseason.

  9. Wow!!!

    The hate that this QB gets on this site is amazing.

    Just remember, Jackson has more NFL MVP awards than all of the negative posters combined.

  10. And gaining weight is going to help him learn how to pass outside the hashmarks?

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