Report: Heinz Field will have a new name

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Steelers moved in 2001 from Three Rivers Stadium to Heinz Field, a structure built next to the venue shared by the Steelers and the Pirates for three decades. While the Steelers will still be playing in the same building, the building reportedly will soon have a new name.

Andrew Fillipponi of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh reports that Heinz will end its 21-year arrangement to put it name on the place where the Steelers play.

But don’t expect the name to revert to Three Rivers Stadium; per Fillipponi, a new naming-rights sponsor could be announced as soon as this week.

The possibility of a new name for Heinz Field has been percolating for a while. The original deal expired after the 2020 season; the two sides agreed to a one-year extension. In February, Steelers owner Art Rooney II said he was “optimistic” that Heinz would renew the arrangement.

Heinz paid $57 million under the 20-year agreement, an annual average of $2.85 million. The Steelers surely can do a lot better than that now — clearly, a lot better than Kraft Heinz was willing to pay.

SoFi, for example, is paying $20 million per year under a 20-year deal to put its name on the stadium where the Rams and Chargers play in L.A.

It will take some getting used to a new name for the Steelers’ stadium. Heinz is synonymous with Pittsburgh, and it was one of the few stadiums that carried a corporate name without the name being infected by a corporate feel. It just felt right, organic. It will be difficult it not impossible for the new name to carry that same vibe.

47 responses to “Report: Heinz Field will have a new name

  1. Hunt’s ketchup is every bit as good as Heinz. No one would know the difference

  2. They want to name it something more befitting of a home for the Steelers.
    Welcome to “Blustering, Ineffectual Tough Guy Field”!

  3. They should name it the wellness field, because now teams will come to play there to get well when they are on a losing streak.

  4. It’s not so bad, for instance I love watching my Chiefs play a home game at GEHA Field at Arrowhead. The corporate vibe really goes away once all the fans get the memo Cc’d to them and we begin to synergize. You guys in Pittsburg just need a team building exercise to get things rolling. You’ll be fine. Has anyone seen my stapler?

  5. Yay. Another venue nwmed after a financial services firm.

    Hell, PNC already does the Pirates might as well do the Steelers also.

  6. Heinz is synonymous with Pittsburgh, and it was one of the few stadiums that carried a corporate name without the name being infected by a corporate feel. It just felt right, organic.
    No it didn’t. It was crap like all the others.

  7. Dicks Sporting Goods is based in Pittsburgh. Call the place Dicks Stadium. Couldn’t possibly backfire as a name.

  8. Dang. All these years of watching Steelers’ games and hearing the field called out, thinking of the pickle jar in my fridge…over. The NFL just became a little less fun.

  9. They don’t need the money. Just one more tradition-oriented franchise crumbling into the flood of avarice sweeping through pro sports.

  10. They should call it “What have you done lately field?”. Steelers are irrelevant.

  11. Needs to be the Opera House with the constant stream of diva recievers that get their start there.

  12. It really helped that HINES ward was in his prime when that stadium got its name

  13. Why don’t they name it something like art Rooney stadium and forget about 20 million a year that’s peanuts to NFL teams. I would think my team had a little more honor than that. So raise the price of beer $0.10 and you’ll have the extra 20 million that you would have got from Heinz. We’re all brainwashed from money

  14. I have never understood what benefit corporations get by having their name on a stadium.

  15. The name of the stadium has no impact, none, of the fun of attending a game.

  16. “So glad Lambeau field doesn’t suffer from this. Hope it never does”


    While “Lambeau Field” is the name of the stadium, the Packers sell the naming rights to each entrance.

  17. The worst name is CITI Field ..especially when they got a bailout from he government and we the taxpayers were literally paying for the name

  18. id call it “6 ring stadium”…
    and hope for a new name in the near future

  19. They should name it “Three Playoff Wins in 12 Years Stadium” a.k.a. “Tomlin Stadium.”

  20. Elon Musk Field…now that he’s not buying Twitter, he’s got some extra spending money and an ego to boot.

  21. Some local favorites might be: Primanti Bros Stadium, Mad Mex Field, Kenny World Stadium, Giant Eagle something.

  22. So the new sponsor is Acrisure Insurance. Hopefully they use a different name because that one doesn’t role off the tongue.

  23. How about Raven Field? There’s a great scanner company that would love the publicity!

  24. When you go to you are greeted with a splash page that is right out of 1988, which coincidentally is the last time Steelers beat the Patriots in the playoffs, or thereabouts

  25. Oh my goodness it is. It’s going to be Acrisure. What a terrible name – oh well.

  26. They should call it Tebow field because the Steelers haven’t won a postseason game since Tebow dispatched them

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