A.J. Brown: Bad practice reports about Jalen Hurts are fake

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Jalen Hurts‘ ability to take a step forward as a quarterback this year is one of the biggest storylines for the Eagles as they head toward training camp and a report indicating he’s on the wrong track caught the notice of wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Brown went on Twitter with an apparent response to a report from longtime Eagles reporter Derrick Gunn on the Sports Take podcast indicating the Eagles  are “not very comfortable” with Hurts after his efforts in their offseason program. As part of the report, Gunn referenced a 10-play sequence from late May that saw Hurts throw three interceptions and four incompletions while being sacked three times.

Brown took issue with that contention on Monday.

“That practice stuff about Jalen is fake,” Brown wrote. “Y’all tweet and believe anything. Like how can he get sacked on 7on7 and there aren’t any rushers. I believe water is above us. Believe that too and make a article about that too. This app is crazy”

Brown followed that tweet with another that provided an example of another false 10-play series, including references to former Eagles Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, and Vince Papale.

There were other practices open to the media during Eagles OTAs and none led to widespread reports that he was struggling in that kind of manner. Training camp will be the next chance to check in on his progress and every Hurts throw is sure to be the subject of great scrutiny.

10 responses to “A.J. Brown: Bad practice reports about Jalen Hurts are fake

  1. Wide Receiver defends QB.

    Eagles beat writers have incentive to pump up the team. For them to report otherwise is telling.

  2. Ummm. I am more inclined to believe an independent source than a teammate. I take anything coming from an organization or a player with a grain of salt, even with my team, until I see it with my own eyes.

  3. I’m assuming that with 7v7 they don’t let the play go one forever. Maybe the sacks were because he didn’t throw the ball within a certain time period. That isn’t really hard to believe.

  4. Reading this article I instantly had question marks forming above my head the moment Gunn’s quote on sacks came up, cause as AJ Brown also stated teams aren’t doing any type of 11 on 11 drills at this point. So his getting sacked would be by two hand touch, or the lineman beating his guy in 1v1 drills with the QB there..and even though it’s a phantom sack. They don’t touch the QB and that wouldn’t be Jalen Hurts fault.

  5. AJ Brown is gonna find out REAL quick that Philly ain’t Nashville. Real quick.

  6. Wow, someone from the media provided a false report? What a surprise.

  7. Even Brady struggled in training camp at times because he was going against tough Patriots defenses. It happens.

  8. Dude lost his job to Tua at Alabama, the fact he’s done as well as he has in the pros is pretty impressive. He is a solid contributor but I’m not sure he is a long term answer as a starter.

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