Get ready, Steelers fans, for Acrisure Stadium

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When word broke on Monday night that Heinz Field would acquire a new name, the smart money would have been on a local concern like UPMC snagging the rights. But the Steelers apparently weren’t in the mood for another hometown discount.

Get ready for Acrisure Stadium to debut on the shores of the Mon, Ohio, and Allegheny. Don’t say, “Sure, Jan.” Acrisure, according to Andrew Fillipponi if 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, will be the new name of the venue. The official announcement is coming as soon as Tuesday.

Acrisure is a Michigan-based insurance brokerage firm. Never heard of it? Think it sounds more made up than Vandelay Industries? Join the club. And that’s why they’ll be paying whatever they’ll be paying to slap their name onto the place where one of the highest-profile teams in football plays.

58 responses to “Get ready, Steelers fans, for Acrisure Stadium

  1. I miss the non corporate field names. It really added to the nostalgia of the game. I used to be able to name every single field. Not anymore. Even worse is when teams make tax payers pay for the field and then they sell the name and the team keeps the money.

  2. Getting bent out of shape about a stadium name is one of the dumbest things that people do. Heinz, Acrisure, Hunts, Hellmann’s, Geico, who cares?

  3. This is terrible news actually. Everybody loves Heintz field but again this is just the name. No Big Ben they are gonna be losing for the next 20 years or so. Bengals are winning the Division as long as Burrow is there.

  4. First they have the terrible towel, and now they have the terrible name. I’d be disgusted if I were a Steelers’ fan.

  5. I bet half of the former football players (not named Romo) won’t even be able to say it as they cover the games.

  6. From one of the better (although still corporate) named stadiums to one of the worst.

  7. Well, at least they have all those yellow towels for when they cry, sure. Lol.

  8. Aww….people must not have much going on if they’re this triggered over the name of a stadium.

  9. I remember when the Dolphins first sold the naming rights to Joe Robbie Stadium back in 96. We refused to call it Pro Player Park, and instead just called it JRS, or “The Joe.” After a number of name changes, the stadium was actually called Land Shark Stadium for year. Imagine having your team’s own stadium being named after its biggest predator! It’s Hard Rock now, but we all still just call it “The Joe.”

  10. Corporate sponsor names are lame. Baltimore’s old Memorial Stadium was a commemoration of the sacrifices of WWII and it stood for something. The final words on the front facade: “Time will not dim the glory of their deeds”

  11. I have a feeling that “Heinz” will remain in popular usage, just like “Comiskey Park” and “Sears Tower”.

  12. Yet another reason Cincinnati> Pittsburgh.
    PAUL BROWN STADIUM,. Tell me again how greedy Mike Brown is.

  13. 3rivers stadium,Washington Redskins, Joe Robbie stadium, The big Sambrero, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Colts…….I miss the goodOle days ….but gotta go with flow.

  14. So far that’s a better name than Arena. Still waiting for something worse than that.

  15. Not liking this. No ring to it. worse then heinz field but adding championships makes it would make it sound a whole lot better.

  16. Shoulda been “Primanti Park” They could sell sandwiches at the Park. The little old lady behind the counter could do the coin flip (if she’s still around).

  17. “Kenny Pickett throws another pick and the crowd at Acrisure stadium sure is not happy with that decision”

    The new normal

  18. I don’t get naming stadiums in general. I’ve never purchased a product or given two thoughts to doing so just because it’s name is on a stadium.

    Also…we still call our stadium Giants’ Stadium some 15 odd years later.

  19. Still not as bad as Lincoln Financial Field. Who paid for naming rights for the stadium in Green Bay? They tried to sell naming rights, but companies were afraid the name change would upset fans and back fire on them.

  20. Mark Cuban is from Pittsburgh, Mt Lebanon, and may not be willing to save the Pirates but could at least have saved Steeler fans from that name.

  21. Same thing happened to the Brewers when they renamed Miller Park to American Family Field. A company and industry synonymous with the team and city replaced with a less than favorable insurance or financial company. It ain’t right!

    They’ll always be Miller Park and Heinz Field to me!

  22. Gross what a terrible stadium name. At least M&T Bank stadium has somewhat of a catchy phrase when watching games at The Bank

  23. Honest question: Do you think field naming rights are lucrative for the naming party? Put another way, do you think Heinz made at least $57 million in additional profit over the years? I know from an accounting standpoint it all “makes sense”, but would really love to know how many people bought Heinz because they saw the name on a football stadium.

  24. I thought it sounded like some kind of fertilizer or pesticide company serving farmers.

  25. Yet another reason to despise the greedy Looney family! They’re intent on ruining this once great franchise…sad

  26. Heinz doesn’t really have much of a corporate presence in Pittsburgh anymore. It was a lot different 20 years ago when they initially got the naming rights. They don’t even make ketchup there anymore. In the world of M&A and leveraged buyouts, their name would be Kraft Heinz field owned by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital. You don’t give a hometown discount to those people for purely sentimental reasons. Those people also realize that investing money in the naming rights does very little to move the Heinz brand. As of yesterday morning, I had never heard of Acrisure before.

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