Report: Acrisure to pay more than $10 million per year for Steelers naming rights

Heinz Quarterly Profits Decline As Sales Climb
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The Steelers will be getting a whole lot of money for nothing.

After averaging $2.85 million per year for 20 years to call their home stadium “Heinz Field,” the Steelers will apparently quadruple (and maybe quintuple) their annual rate by selling the rights to Acrisure.

Andrew Fillipponi of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, who broke the news on Sunday night that Heinz is out and on Monday morning that Acrisure is in, reports that Acrisure will pay more than $10 million per year for the privilege of having its name mentioned in connection with games played in Pittsburgh’s premiere football stadium.

SoFi pays $20 million per year in L.A. for a two-team stadium that hosts plenty of other events and occupies a spot in the Super Bowl rotation.

So it’s very good news for the Steelers, who will unleash a much better revenue stream in exchange for a merely cosmetic adjustment. And it’s a reminder to fans who get upset when players opt to go to the highest bidder that, sometimes, teams do as well.

And to those of you who hate the new name, rest assured that, for more than $10 million per year, the Steelers will gladly ignore your complaints.

4 responses to “Report: Acrisure to pay more than $10 million per year for Steelers naming rights

  1. As someone who grew up an avid Broncos fan, attended games at Mile High Stadium from ’89 up until it was torn down in 2001 and Invesco Field was built, I can assure you that the name change is not that big of a deal. The new stadium went from Invesco Field, to Sports Authority Field, to Empower Field, and only a few people actually care. The delicate fans of Pittsburgh will be just fine.

  2. Acrisure is wasting >$10M per year then. Anyone connected with, or that cares about the Pittsburgh Steelers will always refer to it as Heinz Field, or worse, 3 Rivers Stadium for old habits. I do not think Acrisure Stadium will ever stick. It’s like forcing a nickname on yourself….just doesn’t work well. But free money is free money.

  3. I look forward to whatever shorthand name emerges from all this. Hopefully it will be fun.
    Hard to believe Steeler fans will embrace a word that a computer spit out.

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