Robert Griffin III will replace Randy Moss on Monday night pregame

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His first year in the NFL coincided with the final season played by Randy Moss. With Moss voluntarily giving up his duties as part of ESPN’s Monday night pregame show, Robert Griffin III will be taking the Hall of Famer’s place.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that Griffin will fill the Moss spot on the weekly Monday night production, which usually originates from the site of the game.

Griffin joined ESPN last year, after his NFL career ended. However, Griffin has said he’s ready for his NFL career to resume, at any moment.

He needs to rethink that one as his broadcasting career flourishes. Once a former player gives up one of those prime spots, it could take a while for one of those prime spots to open up again.

Griffin, earlier this year, rethought his decision to publish a book about his time in Washington. In confirming the decision to pull the plug on the project, Griffin said (in part), “In time and through a more meaningful method, I hope to address my first-hand experience.”

It’s hard to think of many more meaningful methods than downloading the information into a long-form written narrative. Although his agent, Mark Lepselter, told PFT at the time that the Commanders, owner Daniel Snyder, the NFL, and/or by ESPN did not pressure Griffin to drop the book project, someone apparently explained to Griffin that something so inflammatory may not be in the best interests of a promising broadcasting career.

Regardless, something caused Griffin to back away from what he called “an explosive tell-all” about “the shocking mismanagement and toxic culture within the most dysfunctional professional football team in America.” He suggested that he was a witness to sexual harassment within the team. When questions emerged as to why he’d defer such relevant and timely information that could assist the current efforts of others to a book to be released months later, he created the vague impression that he was a victim — and never opted to clarify the situation.

“I’m gonna open your eyes to the sexual harassment that permeated the walls of that building,” Griffin said in the since-deleted Twitter video announcing the book. His co-author, Gary Myers, said Griffin “heard things, didn’t witness” sexual harassment.

When the Commanders face the Eagles on Monday, November 14, that could be a very meaningful method for Griffin to open our eyes to the sexual harassment that permeated the walls of that building. As meaningful methods go, they don’t get much more meaningful than the two-hour pregame show preceding a Washington game on Monday Night Football.

37 responses to “Robert Griffin III will replace Randy Moss on Monday night pregame

  1. I don’t have anything against RG3, but I hate taking Randy Moss out of Monday Night Countdown. I actually watched that show all last season regardless of what the Monday night game was, just because they finally found a group of people on the show with great chemistry and knowledge of the game. It was fun and at the same time informative. Now it’ll be back to square one and with all due respect, I don’t think RG3 will bring the same energy to the show as Randy Moss did.

  2. Bad move. Moss as one of the best players to ever suit up always had great insights and analysis. RGME still having delusions of grandeur (he will never play another snap) will end up making it about himself one way or another.

  3. Randy Moss is commentative gold. Im not a fan of RG3 with a mic, he doesn’t move the needle (even when he says he could move it, and will move it at a later date, to be named sometime in the future, it just doesnt move for me). Hopefully he can improve without a football better than he could with one

  4. Moss was annoying, but RGIII is the best replacement they can find? Surely some other ex-players they can pull off the scrap heap are available.

  5. Looking forward to his “You Got Grifted” segment where he nearly explains all the terrible stuff he witnessed but buries it under the rug for a job and a little money.

  6. At least Randy knew the game. The Great Gimmick will always be the one-trick pony who was uncoachable, could not read defenses, was a spider legged running back who was only able to complete passes to wide open receivers. And he had a 4 second ball release. He will never be worth spit.

  7. So you got Mossed is leaving Monday night countdown? Ok only thing left is C’mon man.

  8. Replace one the greatest players of all time with a guy who was a complete draft bust? Taken 2nd overall and did nothing in the league. I hope there is a legit reason for this behind the scenes. Not that I ever watch any pregame for any game, any channel. They are a complete waste of time and energy.

  9. Yeah idk how to feel about that. I’ll watch it if it’s on but definitely won’t go out of my way to tune in either. In my opinion his reporting is pretty cringe

  10. What does this guy know about football? Complete failure. Why would we want to listen to him?

  11. Randy Moss is a smart articulate guy. He’s up there with Tony Romo on how well he can quickly analyze a play and describe it with a little charisma and fun. Hopefully he will be doing other things that keep him in the public eye.

  12. I’ve never watched the show so I have no opinion about Randy. I do like RG on the NFL Live show, well spoken and insightful.

  13. No worries here I don’t watch that garbage network regardless of the event.

  14. Moss was turrible but I can never get past millionaire RG3 asking his fans to buy him wedding gifts from a registry. Lost all respect for him right then and there.

  15. Remember when Brady and Moss connects for 23 TDs in a single season? Imagine if BB has given Brady top notch WRs for his entire career?

  16. Huge downgrade going from Moss to RGIII. It should be Booger who gets the axe.

  17. I think somehow he got told not just hinted that if he wants any shot at broadcasting to the NFL he will not toss any further fuel on that already raging fire. My guess is that the ‘later’ book might not come out at all.

  18. The Networks and Cable Channels for the most part have terrible analyst and game commentators. Too much talk and hipe!

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