Baker Mayfield: Obviously, playing Browns Week One has more history and personal meaning

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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Of the many intriguing aspects of Carolina acquiring Baker Mayfield from Cleveland is that the quarterback will have a chance to face his old team right away.

The Panthers will host the Browns in Week One, which is something Mayfield acknowledged is personally significant.

I’m not going to sit here and be a robot and tell you that’s not one I’ve marked on the calendar already,” Mayfield said, via Darin Gantt of the team’s website. “One, that’s not who I am. To me, it’s about winning games. Whoever we have marked on the schedule, I’m going to try to win. Obviously, this one has a little more history and personal meaning, but for me, it’s about winning and setting the tone for the rest of the year, and however I can help this team do that, I’m going to do.”

Mayfield noted that he was grateful for his four years in Cleveland, but he’s ready for a “fresh start” with “a coach and G.M. that truly wanted me.”

The No. 1 overall pick of the 2018 draft, Mayfield compiled a 29-30 record with the Browns in his 59 starts. He helped lead the team to the postseason in 2020 with an 11-5 finish, plus a playoff victory over the Steelers. Last year, Mayfield completed 60.5 percent of his passes for 3,010 yards with 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

24 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Obviously, playing Browns Week One has more history and personal meaning

  1. A head coach and GM that truly wanted him? Interesting he didn’t mention the offensive coordinator and his previous assessment.

  2. When the schedules came out Browns at Panthers was not on the top of my “must watch” list. It sure is now….I hope Mayfield and the Panthers run up the score of Cleveland. They deserve it after how they have treated Mayfield.

  3. Cleveland did him dirty and sold their soul for the idea by acquiring a player with serious baggage. Hope he takes them to the cleaners. Baker backers unite!

  4. Unless Nick Chubb goes crazy week 1, then the Browns are probably going to get stomped. I expect some very pointed (and deserved) celebrations from a fired up Mayfield. It probably will be the only game he plays that well all season, but at this point I’d be happy to see the Browns suffer.

  5. goodellisagoner says:
    July 12, 2022 at 11:48 am
    Clowney on the left,Garrett on the right, nothing more to say.
    Yeah, there’s more to say..
    Somehow, the Browns will choke it up and lose.. It’s inevitable for the Browns organization to just go Brownin’…, and I couldn’t care less about Carolina..

  6. Cleveland here. That 29 – 30 record doesn’t tell the whole story as he played on some teams that just sucked.

  7. Not a Carolina fan, not particularly a Mayfield fan, but I sure hope he plays the whole game and hangs half a hundred on the scummy Browns.

  8. They need to bring in Rosen then they can have a reunion of of 1st QB draft busts (which is fairly normal for all drafts) from the 2018 draft. The two that most thought would be failures, one has a huge new contract and the other is about to get paid.

  9. Everyone says Mayfield is a baby, but everything I’ve ever observed from him with the Browns or read in the paper seems pretty mature. Either the Browns are needlessly trashing him behind his back or this guy is the most skilled two-faced player in the NFL.

  10. This week 1 game means more to me, so let me be the starter even if Darnold has won the QB competition.

  11. Welp, Panther fans can chalk up a week nine victory at Cincinnati as Baker Mayfield owns the Bengals. 6-1 all time. Don’t tell Joe Burrow, Baker is coming for him. Big cat fight in the Natty

  12. Not a fan of either team, but used to pull for the Browns cause they were always the underdogs. Now I hope Baker hangs 40 on that classless organization.

  13. Funny, the same people pulling for mayfield are the same people who were talking trash about him last year saying how horrible he was. Typical.

  14. Browns being Browns. I’m no Baker fan, but the Browns went through 28 QBs since 1999 before Baker. He was the most successful QB since Bernie Kosar, who last played in …… 1993. Mayfield deserved better treatment from the team but what else would you expect from the worst owner in all of sports not named Dan Snyder

  15. The Browns treated him wrong and would like to see Mayfield put a whooping on them.

  16. “Clowney on the left,Garrett on the right, nothing more to say.”

    Mccaffrey up the middle. Nothing more to say.

  17. Funny, the same people pulling for mayfield are the same people who were talking trash about him last year saying how horrible he was. Typical.


    I will admit I’m one of those guys. I never thought Baker Mayfield was a good quarterback and thought it was crazy that he was getting all those commercials. My brain still knows he’s not that great. I’m in the camp that isn’t quite certain he’ll win a QB competition with Darnold. Maybe Mayfield has only looked better than Darnold so far in their careers because Mayfield has played with much better teams. Different story in Carolina, and the fact of the matter is that Darnold is bigger, has a stronger arm, and is a better scrambler. But we’ll see.

    That said, the way things went down with the Browns has me rooting for Mayfield to humiliate Cleveland. Mayfield was an overrated immature punk during his time in Cleveland, but now, I want to see the whole Watson fiasco blow up in Cleveland’s face and for Mayfield to grow up and truly become a solid starter in this league. That would be both beautiful and apt. Sorry if you that upsets you.

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