Jessie Bates tweets “Stay down, stay grounded” ahead of July 15 deadline

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Bengals safety Jessie Bates has not signed his franchise tag and he has not spent any time with the team since they used it early this offseason because he wants to sign a long-term deal with the team before Friday’s deadline to do so.

Plenty of Bates’ teammates have expressed their desire to see him get a deal, but there’s been no sign that an agreement is imminent and a recent report indicated that there’s a lack of optimism about one coming together in the next few days. Bates hasn’t made any direct comment on his contract situation in some time, but he did send out his first tweet since March on Monday night.

“Stay down. Stay grounded,” Bates wrote.

Word this offseason has been that Bates has no intentions of playing out this year under the tag, which carries a $12.91 million salary for the 2022 season. If that remains the case and a deal doesn’t come together this week, the Bengals will likely be opening camp without Bates later this month.

18 responses to “Jessie Bates tweets “Stay down, stay grounded” ahead of July 15 deadline

  1. He will 100% collect his full $12.9M salary, make no mistake about it.

    He just might not have his best season if he shows up week 1.

  2. He needs to look back at the Carson Palmer deal. if Mike Brown says you have his
    final offer, that’s it. you can sit home and lose 12.9 million, that you will
    NEVER make up. i would think that would hurt his chances of a huge deal from another
    team in 2023. just trade him and prevent all the negativity going forward.

  3. I really hope the team and Bates can come to an agreement on a deal. If not, I hope he has a great year and gets the contract he desires next year.

  4. Bates is a heck of a player and seems like a good guy. However, his play declined during the first 2/3 of last season and he actually admitted to not playing as well because he was butt-hurt over not receiving an extension. He was asked to prove it before the Bengals invested big money in him, and instead he proved himself to be immature and short sited to the point that the team was hurt. Once he got his head straight, he was a monster down the stretch and in the playoffs. I have to think that if he had not turned it on at the end of the year, the Bengals wouldn’t even have tagged him.

  5. Bates will get a new deal but it won’t be the deal he and his agents think it will be.

  6. geobh says:
    July 12, 2022 at 8:55 am
    He needs to look back at the Carson Palmer deal. if Mike Brown says you have his
    final offer, that’s it. you can sit home and lose 12.9 million, that you will
    NEVER make up.

    Carson Palmer didn’t want money, he wanted a trade. He was already one of the top paid QBs in the league, even though he hadn’t played like it since the knee injury. Bates wants top safety money. He’s not a top safety. He may have played like it in the playoffs, but he wasn’t even average during the regular season, which is when you’d think he’d really be balling out in a prove-it year. I hate to say it, but if he becomes a malcontent I’d trade him.

  7. The problem is he thinks he’s worth 20 million year and he’s not. He’s a good safety even a great safety but he’s not worth that much money especially when you consider the next few years they’re going to have to pay Chase and Joey B not to mention all the other great young guys they have right now

  8. riduculous, he is in the high end of middle tier safety’s when he is fully invested in the team and not himself, seems to be more of a me type guy then team guy. the diva attitude is spreading into more and more positions and thats not good. pretty sure you can find a safety his caliber and not have to over pay, especially when he gives up when he feels slighted. take the season off and see how your lifestyle is impacted with 12 million less in your pocket or bet on yourself and play ypour best ball ever then sign a huge extension, but thats not how this world is anymore, now its more complain on social media till you get your way instead of putting your head down and working hard to make the, give you your way!

  9. The National media keeps trying to make this a big controversy but it`s not. He`s a good safety but not great. The Bengals have more valuable players like Burrow , Higgins and Wilson eligible for big contracts next season so they are not giving Bates 18m a season and they shouldn`t. They drafted 2 safety`s and will move on. He`s a 2nd round pick that hasn`t made big money so he is not walking away from 13m this season no matter what he tries to say. In fact he`s asking for so much they can franchise him again next season for less than he`s asking so he has zero leverage. If he doesn`t show up until week 1 he could very well lose playing time to Daxton Hill and hurt his value next season so if he`s smart he`ll show up play well and get his money somewhere else if he doesn`t he`s going to hurt himself more than he is the Bengals so this is a Jesse Bates controversy not a Bengals controversy.

  10. From all accounts, he’s an amazing locker room presence, definitely one of the team leaders. If he holds out or keeps things in the media, I suspect that’s not the kind of team leader you want when trying to defend your AFC title.

  11. How dare they, only 12.9 million guaranteed. Can’t live on that for one year in this economy.

  12. I hope there’s a deal that Cincy and Bates can swallow. If not, good luck Jesse, thanks for the above average safety play. He’ll be quickly replaced.

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