NFL “has been reviewing” workplace policies and practices with Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Sandra Douglass Morgan As Team President
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Last week, Raiders owner Mark Davis said that the team has investigated allegations of workplace misconduct, and that it would be making changes. His comment raised an obvious question — would the league be investigating, too?

After all, Commissioner Roger Goodell said in February regarding the latest allegations against Commanders owner Daniel Snyder that a team should not investigate itself. So we asked the league office for comment. Here’s what we were told.

“The league has been reviewing with the club its workplace policies and practices,” a spokesman told PFT via email. “The team is committed to fostering a professional and respectful environment for all of its employees and recently announced a new team President, Sandra Douglass Morgan, and new senior H.R. leadership who will provide strong leadership across all facets of the organization. We look forward to working closely with the Raiders and all clubs to ensure that our workplaces are professional, respectful, and inclusive, and give all employees an opportunity to grow and contribute.”

It sounds, based on the quote, as if there won’t be an “investigation” in the broader sense, and that there won’t be any discipline imposed by the league. Whether or not there should be is a different issue.

Given the language of the Personal Conduct, there arguably should be. In this specific case, apparently there won’t be.

4 responses to “NFL “has been reviewing” workplace policies and practices with Raiders

  1. Nicole Adams, the woman suing the Raiders who did not sign a NDA, has been a believable source so far, and nothing she has said suggests there will be serious penalties forthcoming for the Raiders if the league holds them anywhere near the standards they do for other franchises. In fact she’s vindicated Mark Davis to a degree, saying Dan Ventrelle was a bigger part of the problem there than the solution before he was fired.

  2. One by one these owners are being exposed as total dirtbags. From Snyder to Kraft to Jones to Haslam to Davis. If they’re not demanding public funds to build their dream palaces, they are threatening to move. They didn’t get to where they are by being nice guys.

  3. Regardless of the language in the CBA, Goodell’s job for the owners, is to make their bad behavior disappear. They are not held to a higher standard.

    With the owners is all about looking forward and ignoring the past. With the players he always wants to give them max. punishment so it looks like they care.

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