Rob Gronkowski says he’ll stay retired even if Tom Brady asks him to return

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Shortly after Rob Gronkowski retired from the NFL, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, predicted that Gronk would play again, likely because Tom Brady will call him during the season and tell him the two of them can win another Super Bowl together. Gronk says that’s not happening.

Gronkowski said today that even if Brady asks him to return, he won’t play again.

I wouldn’t go back to football, no,” he told Mike Reiss of ESPN.

Gronkowski, who has retired and un-retired once before, insisted that now is the right time for him to walk away for good.

“I’m done with football. I love the game, love the game, and definitely blessed with all the opportunities that the game of football has given me,” Gronkowski said. “No. Done with football.”

Gronkowski and Brady have been the best quarterback-tight end pairing in the history of pro football, but Gronkowski sounds adamant that the pairing has played its last game together.

24 responses to “Rob Gronkowski says he’ll stay retired even if Tom Brady asks him to return

  1. I don’t think there is a player who has taken more brutal shots than Gronk during the time he played.

    It seemed like he was such a freak that the refs wouldn’t call half of the dirty shots he had to take just because he was so big and could walk through them.

    It adds up when you wake up in the morning feeling this pain there and that pain here.

  2. Gronk was such a big target for catches as well as hits and tackles. 11 seasons plus 22 playoff games is enough for a player that went full throttle every down.

  3. Makes you wonder if this somehow deflates Brady’s enthusiasm for his return.

  4. Gronk has nothing to prove, he’s a 4x SuperBowl Champion and a sure fire hall of Famer. The hits he took and the injuries he racked up he always play his best. I miss both he and brady on the pats admittingly but at some point we’ve got to move on. Thanks for the memories Gronk

  5. Gronk may not come back, but that doesn’t mean Brady isn’t blowing up Edelman’s phone (and likely even Antonio Brown).

  6. I’d like to believe him but I don’t…. I don’t hold that against him as football is such an emotional sport & time has a way of messing with people’s emotions especially when it comes to ones passions & love for something or someone….. he’ll play again but only when he’s ready to & knows he can make a positive impact on a Super Bowl contending team without casing him to much additional pain (most likely) or so he’ll convince himself of….It all boils down to how the Bucks are doing in the W-L columns

  7. He’s tired of catching those puny little passes from Two Yard Tommy. Can you blame him? 🙂

  8. Translation: Show me da $$$. Guessing they would have to give him a large raise and pay him 20 million this year to get him back for the full year.

  9. hang on let me check if there odds on some of the sport betting sites. Would have won a bundled on the is donald going to retire. I could have rolled those winnings in to Gronk coming back odds surely just went up.

  10. Hope it’s not because he thinks he’s so good in the media. Thankfully, he still probably has a good chunk of the over 70 mil he made. He once said he never cashed a game check. Only spent his endorsement money.

  11. 2009-missed the whole season with Arizona because of a back injury.
    2010-rookie phenom
    2011-AFCCG Injury, which healrhy would’ve hoisted a Lombardi, as he would’ve been an added blocker for the giants pass rush
    2012-broken arm on extra point against the colts, broke it again against Houston in the playoffs
    2013- blown ACL against the brownies
    2015-hurt back down the stretch
    2016-earl Thomas crushed him..IR
    2017-breaking down but still a monster in the postseason
    2018-definitely broken down and still had a good season.

    Those are his seasons/injuries with us..ALONE. Dudes been crushed throughout his career.

  12. It all boils down to how the Bucks are doing in the W-L columns

    Why would he care about basketball in Milwaukee?

  13. Gronk has taken a lot of beating in his NFL carreer. Catching passes from Brady is hazardous to your health.

  14. Tom will call him end of year and he’ll be back for the playoffs. He’ll convince Tampa to open up their checkbook.

  15. It’s one thing to avoid training camp and come back, which is an old strategy for veterans, but it’s completely another thing to retire and not be in game shape and try to come back. if he only works out recreationally for the next 6 months there’s no way he’s coming back for the playoffs. Gronk’s game is physical. He needs to be committed to training to have a chance to play at the elite level he’s accustomed to. Even when he returned in 2020 it took him more than half the season to get to his expected level. Now he’s even older. We’ll be able to see based on what he’s doing with his time, but I think he’s really done.

  16. andyreidsmustache says:
    July 12, 2022 at 2:23 pm
    Gronk may not come back, but that doesn’t mean Brady isn’t blowing up Edelman’s phone (and likely even Antonio Brown)


    Jules is about half as jacked as he was after his time off. He’s never coming back.

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