Scott Fitterer: A lot of people went to bat for Baker Mayfield

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Long before the Browns agreed to trade quarterback Baker Mayfield to the Panthers, there was a report that they were ready to move on from the 2018 first overall pick because they wanted an “adult” to run their offense.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam denied saying that in March, but there was similar chatter that the Browns viewed Mayfield as “childish and immature” after the trade finally went down last week. The prospect of Mayfield’s personality rubbing some people the wrong way came up during a press conference with both men on Tuesday.

Mayfield said that he cared about the opinions inside the Panthers building and Fitterer said he consulted a lot of people about Mayfield before agreeing to the trade. He said the team heard enough to make them feel good about moving forward.

“A lot of people really went to bat for Baker,” Fitterer said, via the team’s website. “I think there are a lot of circumstances with why things happen … But we’re very comfortable with Baker. We’re excited to add him to the room and look forward to working with him.”

Mayfield said that he’s always been “able to bring guys and elevate them” in previous stops. He was able to elevate the Browns to a playoff win in 2020 and the Panthers will be banking on something similar this year.

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  1. Let’s be real – Baker didn’t ‘elevate’ anyone in Cleveland. OBJ and other targets had some of their worst years playing with him. They built a talented roster for once and mostly ran the ball very well.

  2. Baker Mayfield should NEVER have been the first pick.
    Still, good luck with everything in Carolina.

  3. OBJ is a terrible WR and a worse teammate. He’s one of the most ‘me-first’ players that i can think of.
    I support Baker 100%

  4. In a choice between personal characteristics, I’d take childish and immature over predatory behaviour.

  5. The Browns wanted an “adult” to run their offense and they picked Watson. Watson might be an “adult” based on age but he isn’t someone that I would want as the face of my franchise. Mayfield might not be perfect but he played even though he was injured. I have never heard any mention of anything that would make me think twice about how Mayfield treats woman. In my opinion Mayfield is an adult that I can respect. I can’t say the same about Watson.

  6. The only playoff win the browns had in forever and they trade away the QB that led them there because he was “immature”. Isn’t the job of the coaching staff to mentor these guys? Make them grow and learn to become professionals? This is a failure on the front office of the browns. Get rid of the coaching staff if they cant do their job, not the QB.

  7. I use to feel bad for Cleveland Browns fans seeing the team management and coaches just couldn’t make any head way. But now,… knowing Browns fans basically ran Mayfield out of town and post derogatory stuff about him,… after he took them to the playoffs and actually won a playoff game for them,…. 1st playoff win is about 20 years,… I’m not sure what Browns fans are all about. Maybe they like having DAWGS for team results.

  8. So Scott says “A lot of people went to bat for Baker.”

    Unfortunately, Baker plays football.

  9. Baker had one of the best offenses I. The league around him and couldn’t sniff a Super Bowl. Carolina will be a disaster for him.

  10. “I’d take childish and immature over predatory behaviour”
    Yes! This ^^

  11. Baker needs a top 3 ground game to play over .500 . It did happen once in 2020 and will never happen again.

  12. All I want is to see the commercial with an aged Baker driving by his old “house” that is now a run down massage parlor and reminisce, “I remember when this was a good place to live.”

  13. These media honks here in Cleveland rant about the lack of players standing up for Baker Mayfield as he must have been a bad teammate. IT’S A PLAYER VS AN OWNER ! THE CURRENT PLAYERS ARE STILL ON THE FARM. WHAT DOES ANYBODY EXPECT THEM TO SAY? Negative things against the owner Dee Haslam (the team is in her name)? That will never happen. These local yappers and writers don’t want to say anything negative about ownership because they know they will lose access to the team. Their are many Cleveland Browns fans that LOVED Baker but have no voice because either they are shouted down by the local honks or their letters never get printed. THANK YOU PFT. Watch what others find out what many of us already knew. He is a winner.

  14. The “Mayfield is immature” storyline never seems to involve any specifics. I’m not sure whether to chalk it up to Andrew Berry (The current GM disparaging his predecessor’s draft pick) or OBJ’s clique (The primadonna WR blaming someone else irrationally–I’ve seen Terrell Owens in SF, TO in Philly, TO in Dallas, OBJ with the NYG, Antonio Brown with Pittsburgh, Vegas, and Tampa–I’m sure others will have their favorite examples). With a 53-man roster and dozens of guys on the coaching staff, it’s not possible for everybody to be good friends with everybody else. Good teams get past the personality conflicts, smile in the team photo, and win anyway.

  15. Never really cared for Baker going all the way back to his brash behavior at Oklahoma.

    That said he got hosed by the Browns. The man played with really tough injuries and even managed to put the team in a position to beat the Chiefs in their own stadium in January.

    I think he really did grow up a lot the last couple years. Not sure why the Browns organization keeps screwing up, though.

  16. Translation:

    Its not my fault when Baker sucks. Everyone will get blamed when he fails.

  17. Not a single player supported him publicly, including Jarvis Landry and Austin Hooper who are no longer on the payroll of Browns ownership.

    Bet they didn’t attend his birthday party either.

  18. Reading these comments always gives me lpts of laughs at how ignorant about talent an Actual GM is, how many people are about talent, rules, character.

    So I am going to break it down comment by comment:

    For an NFL GM, to cluelessly assess that Baker Mayfield elevated the players around him is 1. laughable and 2. Blatantly factually incorrect

    To read from some clueless poster that OBJ is a bad WR and a worse teammate is hilarious. Every teammate in Cleveland loved OBJ, except the little scrub that couldnt get him the ball.

    To multiple clueless posters who say the Browns did Mayfield wrong is hilarious. Baker sucks. He led the Browns to 1 winning season the 4 years that he was here, lucked out with an easy schedule, and won a blatantly fixed Playoff game.

    There fixed all of you

  19. When the Browns came back in 1999 I thought & said they’ll win a Super Bowl before Art Modell or Bill Belichick.Well I’m now saying the Browns will win it before Mayfield.I think that one’s safe.

  20. without much invested in him ..if the Panthers are going no where in the middle of the season..i could see Tepper cutting the cord.

  21. Panthers could make a run in the NFC, Would love to see Baker reach the superbowl with them before the browns.

  22. I’m not saying QBR is an infallible stat, but here is where Baker ranked for the 2018-2021 seasons: 23rd, 19th, 10th, 27th. Injuries or not, that simply doesn’t cut it for a #1 overall pick.

  23. I laugh at how everyone had field days bashing Baker prior to the Watson deal! Bashed him for his attitude and his play constantly. Now you’d think the Browns got rid of Brady in his prime. Hilarious.

  24. Mayfield is a middle of the pack QB -we saw it for 5 yrs. Any objective fan could see that. And 1 playoff win vs dinosaur Roethlisberger doesn’t count as an achievement. If so, Browns fans are delusional. McCaffery better be healthy for Mayfield to even win 6 gms this yr, in Caro.

  25. The last time we saw Mayfield healthy was in 2020 when he led the Browns to an 11-5 record and playoff berth. He went on the road to Pittsburgh and won a playoff game, then was a fluke fumble on the goal line away from completing a comeback victory late in the divisional round game at KC. I don’t know what the future holds for Baker Mayfield, but im not going to bury the guy because of how he played when he was injured last season. He definitely needs to grow up, and he has an uphill battle ahead of him with a poor roster in Carolina. Lets not forget, though, we are only one injury plagued season removed from Baker and the Browns being a popular pick to win the superbowl.

  26. Although nobody on his own team publicly came out for him over the whole OBJ debacle.

  27. dryzzt23 says:
    July 12, 2022 at 5:02 pm
    OBJ is a terrible WR and a worse teammate. He’s one of the most ‘me-first’ players that i can think of.

    A terrible wide receiver? That is such a terrible opinion that it does not merit a detailed reply.

    All professional players are “me first” as they should be. You have no clue as to whether Baker is one of most.

  28. whoever said above OBJ is a terrible teammate doesn’t have their eyes open. He’s been one of the most beloved teammates on every team he’s been on. He takes time to become friends with every position group, takes young WRs under his wing to mentor. Everywhere he’s been teammates have nothing but massive praise. Look it up.

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