Will the Texans end up with Jimmy Garoppolo?

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It’s slow right now, as evidenced by clunky efforts in some circles to tie Jimmy Garoppolo to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So allow me to add to the slow-time chatter and make a wild-ass guess as to where Garoppolo will land.

I’m putting my chip on the Houston Texans.

It’s a hunch. A loose reading of tea leaves that may not even be tea leaves. A connecting of fairly obvious dots. An application of Occam’s razor to Lovie Smith’s beard.

For starters, Garoppolo clearly is available. We know that. Unless the 49ers have completely lost their marbles as to the quarterback position (and it’s definitely possible that they have), they’re not going to pay Garoppolo $25 million to serve as the understudy to Trey Lance.

Second, the Texans have shown that they know how to slow play a situation, in order to get the best outcome. They did it with Deshaun Watson. And it worked. Which makes them even more likely to keep their heads low and their mouths shut as to the possibility of getting Garoppolo, moving at the right time to get Garoppolo at the rights terms and the right price.

Third, the G.M. of the Texans drafted Garoppolo. Sure, Nick Caserio was setting the table for Bill Belichick at the time. Regardless, there’s a relationship there. There’s ownership there. There’s familiarity there.

Will Garoppolo ever win a Super Bowl without a defense like the ones built by the ’85 Bears or the ’00 Ravens? Probably, no. Will he turn a four-win team into a nine-win team, probably so.

The real question is whether the Texans really want to win this year. Some think they’re trying to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing, pretending that they have a decent team while gladly fading to the back of the pack — and rising to the front of the line for the draft in April.

If they’re truly trying to win, Garoppolo makes plenty of sense. And the way they’re playing it, by acting like they don’t want him and are all-in with Davis Mills, makes sense, too.

We’ll see how it plays out soon enough. Unless the Browns lose Watson for the full season, making Cleveland a no-brainer destination for Garoppolo, the Texans are the team that, to me, stands out as the most logical landing spot.

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  1. This is under the radar, but I’m not sure it should be. Caserio was part of the selection process when he was drafted in NE. If they feel more strongly about JG than Davis Mills, why wouldnt you make that move?

  2. Give up draft picks and take on salary to delay the development/evaluation of Mills and potentially have a worse position in the 2023 draft? Not a wise move…but it is the Texans.

  3. I was wondering why Houston was not being brought up more as a potential landing spot for a QB.

    I suppose if they wanted Baker they could’ve gotten him in the Watson trade… although I’m not certain whether there was something in his contract that prevented this.

    Wherever Jimmy ends up, his whole situation has become a real mess for the Niners

  4. Like Seattle, they are waiting for next years draft why give up any draft capital for a “injured” QB that has a large contract to maybe be 500 and ruin a good draft position. It will/would be a different story when the Niners give up and cut him. No one is giving up any draft capital for that contract unless the Niners are willing to pay a good part of it and at that point Shanahan might as will keep him in case Lance is a failure, Jimmy G might win enough games to keep Shanahan (and Lynch) from getting canned.

  5. Remember when the Texans were the laughing stock of the NFL not so long ago? The organization was so bad, according media outlets, that their star quarterback Deshaun Watson refused to play for the team. Who could have imagined they are now the stealth front office that are currently on the winning side of the biggest trade of the year? If they manage to unload Watson for all those draft picks and get Garoppolo – a winning championship caliber quarterback – for nothing… then hats off to the Texans.

  6. Texans going all in and working out something sensible that lands Jimmy G makes more sense to me than him going to the Browns as a stop gap.

    One can imply or infer all kinds of things in a given situation, Jimmy won a lot of games, but what I have not seen or has even been hinted at is why did the Niners give up all that capitol and now seem so bent on trading Jimmy away. Did I miss something somewhere?

  7. I think this is the time of the year for conversations/reporting like this. Each day we get a new theory on where Jimmy G will play. I get the feeling that the Niners and Jimmy and some other team already know what is going to happen and that they are all just waiting to make sure Jimmy healed properly.

    I think the Niners should keep him, try their best to adjust his salary, and have him backup Trey. This would only work if he would be okay with that. But the team has the pieces to make a run at a SB and have someone who knows Shanahans system. You don’t give a QB like away, you make someone pay for it.

  8. The Texans should go with Mills
    If he’s not the answer then draft a QB.
    Big mistake to go with JG in their situation.

  9. The Texans can afford to win this year since they’ll have a top 5 pick from the Browns.

  10. J.G. to Seattle. Don’t complicate things. Seahawks need someone now. No start of a losing culture here.

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