Mississippi welfare fraud defendant claims former governor Phil Bryant ordered $1.1 million payment to Brett Favre

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Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre continues to find himself in the middle of a massive Mississippi fraud case.

According to the Associated Press, one of the persons who pleaded guilty to criminal charges arising from a multi-million-dollar scam claimed in a court filing that she paid $1.1 million to Favre for alleged no-show speaking engagements at the direction of former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant. Bryant denies the allegation. The money came from welfare funds.

The contention, made by Nancy New, appears in a document filed in connection with a civil case related to the controversy.

In all, $77 million in welfare funds was distributed. The Mississippi state auditor has demanded repayment of the money. Favre eventually repaid the money. He was sued earlier this year for not paying interest on the money.

Favre has denied being paid for work he didn’t perform. He nevertheless paid the money back.

An earlier article from Mississippi Today explored connections between Favre, Bryant, and a biomedical startup company that claimed to have found a treatment for concussions. Bryant reportedly accepted stock in the company two days after he left office.

Favre has been accused of no wrongdoing.

8 responses to “Mississippi welfare fraud defendant claims former governor Phil Bryant ordered $1.1 million payment to Brett Favre

  1. “The money came from welfare funds…

    …In all, $77 million in welfare funds..”

    What a bunch of scumbags.

  2. I’m confused (yeah, yeah, I know. Imagine that).

    “Favre has been accused of no wrongdoing.”

    Was Favre accused of accepting money for speaking engagements and then failing to meet the obligations or was he not?

    Or is this more of that rich-people-law, where he WAS accused but since he gave the money back (and he’s rich anyways), it never happened and we can all just forget about it. Because I’m pretty sure if I rip off a state for a million-plus, I’m going to jail, even if I give the money back.

  3. This stinks to high heaven. Ol Brett’s reputation will smell right along with it.

  4. Why pay back money if you allegedly never received it? This whole thing with Favre doesn’t pass the smell test.

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