Four players will play 2022 under franchise tag after failing to get long-term deal

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Reports all week indicated that the four players who were franchise tagged without reaching agreement on a long-term deal were unlikely to get one before the Friday deadline. Indeed, the deadline has come and gone without any last-minute deals.

Bengals safety Jessie Bates, Chiefs offensive tackle Orlando Brown, Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki and Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz will have to play 2022 under the one-year tag. Or not play.

Bates and Brown have not signed their tags, so the lack of a deal would make it unlikely that either player reports for the start of training camp. A report this week indicated that Brown could stay away from the team into the regular season, and Bates reportedly has plans to sit out the season.

Brown would have a $16.66 million salary for 2022 under the tag while Bates would be in line to make $12.91 million. Gesicki and Schultz, who have signed their tags, would have salaries of $10.9 million.

24 responses to “Four players will play 2022 under franchise tag after failing to get long-term deal

  1. We’ll see how many of them have the guts/wherewithal to pull a LeVeon Bell move. I would suspect the Jets won’t hop in after any of them next year. Burn me once….

  2. Dallas needs a good TE. Schultz had a good year, but I don’t think he is elite.

  3. I dont understand how players think this is a nad deal. The only downside is there is no long term deal. Its still a great deal for the Player

  4. There are tons of guys who’d love to be franchise tagged. It pays top 5 at the position money to guys who frequently aren’t that level of player. I understand wanting a long-term deal but it’s not exactly like they released you and left you starving on the street.

  5. The downside of not being a long term contract is that if they suffer a major injury next year they will be left to dry. After your rookie contract you have one chance to sign a significant deal that will pay you according to the market. After that, only the super-elite will break the bank a second time. For most other players after 8-9 years in the league you are done and out.

  6. I think these agents promise these players the world and sometimes don’t deliver. The. The player is left disappointed and gets angry at the team and then the agent. Agents need to set expectations to prepare for the worst if they can’t strike a deal.

    From what I heard Brown had a deal in the table for 6 years 139 million that averaged about 19 a year for the first 5 years and then 45 the last year was backloaded. About 38 was guaranteed and he balked at that. Figure that the next two years of the franchise tag he would’ve gotten about 35 ish. Sounds like he turned down a pretty good deal. I guess he was insistent on upping Trent Williams average of 23 mill but brown isnt Trent Williams. A very good deal to stay with an elite franchise what isn’t to love about that?

  7. It’s always going to be the millionairs vs the Billonairs. I say take all the money you can and run. I deal with the same crap at work. I make allot more than the next person and all they do is complain instead of work.

  8. As Kirk Cousins once said, ” The tag can be your friend”. He should know. He made a lot of money when he was franchise tagged twice. Problem is, if you get injured.

  9. Failing to get is poor language … failing to agree to is more correct. The players are culpable in the negotiating process.

  10. Many players underestimate the talent and system they had around Bell..without a great offensive line his running style didnt work

  11. Just silly to me. Play the GAME and take the franchise tag you children. You’re getting too tier money at your position. Ball out and earn the contract you want. Show the team it was worth paying you top dollar on the franchise tag year

  12. A franchise tag is basically a 1-year contract. It’s funny how these guys don’t rant that but they also want to renegotiate their multi-year contracts early. Can’t have it both ways guys

  13. Bengals are going to blow this if they keep pinching pennies with quality players like Bates.

  14. Safetys and TEs are not critical positions.
    Let them posture, but don’t give in.
    They will be back.
    And if they don’t perform so well it will have a huge impact on their next contract.

  15. There is a salary cap, however, and only so much money to spend, so any guaranteed money is eventually going to come out of the pockets of the other players on the team.

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