Freddie Kitchens: Baker Mayfied’s passion is an attribute, not a detriment

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Last year, when the Eagles sent quarterback Carson Wentz to the Colts, Wentz was able to tell himself that he was right and the Eagles were wrong. After one year in Indy, it became obvious that he was wrong about who was right and who was wrong.

This year, the Browns have sent quarterback Baker Mayfield to the Panthers. Is Mayfield telling himself that it’s the team’s fault that things didn’t work? Does he take any responsibility for how things went in Cleveland?

It’s an important point to keep in mind moving forward, Eventually, and inevitably, Mayfield will encounter adversity in Carolina. Whether he doesn’t win the starting job (it’s possible Sam Darnold gets the gig) or struggles in the early part of the season or gets injured or has a bad showing in a win and snubs the media or whatever, at some point his maturity will be tested.

Enter his passion. The passion is the root of the periodic displays of immaturity. He wants to win. When he doesn’t win (or when things don’t go his way), he gets salty. He gets snippy.

Former Browns coach Freddie Kitchens, whose one-year tenure saw Mayfield regress from his success as a rookie, said in a recent appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Mayfield’s passion is “an attribute .  . . not necesarily a detriment.”

It can be both. For the best quarterbacks, the challenge becomes using the passion to push the right buttons, but to not let the passion cause problems. That’s the strangest thing about the obsession with winning that so many pro athletes exhibit. In a kid, the compulsion to win at anything and everything is viewed as a negative. In an adult, it’s regarded as admirable.

“The difference between good, great, and elite is sometime the passion you bring to the game,” Kitchens said.

He’s right. Still, that passion causes the adult to behave at times like a child, it’s not good. It poisoned the well for Mayfield in Cleveland. It may have contributed to Kitchens, now a senior football analyst at the University of South Carolina, getting fired after only one year as the head coach.

18 responses to “Freddie Kitchens: Baker Mayfied’s passion is an attribute, not a detriment

  1. So when he grabs his crotch, we should all be in awe of how passionate he is?
    Isn’t there some other way to convey how passionate you are?

  2. To Progressive insurance: Some of us would like to see Baker in his new home. Maybe his new neighbor could be Ricky Bobby of Nascar. Shake and Bake baby!

  3. I was never 100% sold on Mayfield but I sure got reeled in by Kitchens.He captured magic in a bottle as interim OC but then completely blew it as HC.What a shame.

  4. Better to be passionate about football as opposed to exposing oneself to unsuspecting masseuses

  5. What is a “senior football analyst” at a university? I can understand the title at a sports publication or network, but having a hard time getting what it is Freddie actually does at South Carolina.

  6. Literally everyone knew Carson Wentz was & still is a bozo. He openly rooted against his team when he got hurt when literally nobody (fan, teammate or coach) acted like the eagles would’ve been in position to win the super bowl without him. Baker Mayfield was SCREWED by the browns. Has nothing to do with their decision to move on & everything to do with how they went about it. Not to mention moving on for arguably the biggest creep in the league. Nevertheless, the comparison here is shoddy at best.

  7. Kitchens not managing that “Passion” is why he only lasted 1 season as a head coach. Inmates don’t run the asylum.

  8. Now that Baker has become the guy least likely to be mistaken for Deshaun Watson, I guess he’ll. win more football games, huh?

  9. Attribute: Definition: An inherited part of someone. Not necessarily a positive, or a negative. I think the word Kitchens was attempting to share with the microphone here was Asset”. That would convey a ” positive” part of someone. Some people should never have a microphone stuffed in front of their dribbling mouth. Who in Gods name would have ever chosen Kitchens to be a HC of anything?

  10. Was Baker Mayfield too immature when he led the team to an 11-5 record in 2020, and the team’s first play0ff win in the last 20 years? Before he took over that team, they had won 1 game in the previous 37 games played, and then they went 6-7 after that that first season. So, they run him out of town because the team didn’t take the next step claiming that he is “too immature”, then they bring in a guy who has 24 sexual assault accusations against him, and will be suspended for at least 6 games, maybe the entire season.

    It seems like everyone is siding with OBJ in their controversy, but didn’t the NY Giants run OBJ out of town because he was “too immature”? Remember the boat booze cruise he orchestrated with his Giant teammates the week of the playoffs, before they fell flat on their faces in the playoff, and now he’s the mature guy?

  11. I for one wish him well on his new team. He got the shaft by the Browns and I hope they go 0-17 next year. The factory will never close.

  12. When a young QB starts his pro football career with head coaches Hue Jackson followed by Freddie Kitchens…that’s enough to kill any QBs career.

  13. @tigershark0052, it’s not Kitchens’ fault he was placed as HC. The Haslam’s can’t honestly run a franchise of truck stops. He had no business running an NFL team. They should have hired a head coach that would retain Kitchens as OC.

  14. I want to comment on this but I want to be sure I’m talking about the right guy. Is this the guy that was on TV during a University of Oklahoma football game where he was thrusting his hips forward and grabbing his balls while yelling obscenities at the opposing sideline? Is that who we’re talking about here? He was a #1 overall pick? Is that right? And who made that decision?

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