Dawson Knox: There’s nothing Josh Allen can’t do

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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During a recent appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, tight end Dawson Knox said that the Bills are not getting ahead of themselves when it comes to listening to predictions that they will make a run to the Super Bowl this season.

In the same interview, Knox also discussed one of the biggest reasons why so many people are so bullish about their chances this season. Quarterback Josh Allen’s play over the last two seasons has raised the Bills to contender level and Knox gushed about what his teammate is able to do on the field.

“I mean, it’s every receiver, tight end, running back, it’s everyone’s dream to play with a guy like that,” Knox said. “I mean, he can put the ball 70 yards down the field, or throw off his back foot back across himself, or make plays with his legs and extend plays. There’s nothing that guy can’t do. We’ve seen him stiff arm defensive ends to the ground. He’s jumping over linebackers, and just trucking guys. It’s insane.”

Knox said the Bills are “trying to tell him to slide more often” because of the injury risk that comes with running as a quarterback, but acknowledged it is hard to do that when Allen can make so much happen when he takes off running. If things keep playing out for Allen as they have the last couple of years, he may be running all the way to Arizona in February.

21 responses to “Dawson Knox: There’s nothing Josh Allen can’t do

  1. Knox has benefited by also having Stefon Diggs on the field with him at the same time. He gets great matchups everytime Diggs gets doubled.

  2. No team depends on one player more than the Bills depend on Josh. He is the whole thing for upper state New York.

  3. He forgot about his newest attribute which is breaking NE DB’s ankles and giving his punter two games off a year.

  4. Once again, nobody cares about Mac Jones’ rookie season as compared to Josh Allen’s.

  5. It is amazing how everything is so optimistic about the 2022 season, and it is just BS. Let’s flag down a cab and tell the driver to head to reality. “There is nothing he can’t do” clearly then everything includes all the negatives too. Eg Throw an interception or get injured. And presumably Stuff that is impossible because of the laws of physics. Throw a ball at the speed of light and hover at six foot above the ground waiting for the WR to catch up.

  6. Sounds like some football fans out there are jealous of the success of Josh Allen
    and the Bills.

  7. the Bills have a good team, and Josh Allen is a good QB.
    No predictions but it would not surprise me to see them make a deep playoff run.

  8. To those saying he can do everything but beat mahomes… he beat him in the regular season and led to a win in wiry 13 seconds left. It’s not his fault the defense let him down.

  9. RompinRonnie says:
    July 17, 2022 at 10:14 am
    No team depends on one player more than the Bills depend on Josh. He is the whole thing for upper state New York


    Diggs brought case keenum to the afc championship game but couldn’t get allen there…

  10. whycantiloginanymore says:
    July 17, 2022 at 12:21 pm
    Unfortunately for Bills fans he can’t play defense for 13 seconds…

    3613Rate This



    imagine never sniffing a sb in the cap era

    how is it even possible? the league is set up to have balance and spreading around the winning

  11. I know 13 seconds cracks are supposed to be an insult, but I’m just happy we have a guy like JA. If we don’t win in 10 years, maybe I’ll be upset. But, I think a SB trophy is likely.

  12. nhpats2011 says:
    July 17, 2022 at 2:42 pm
    Can he win a SB?

    103Rate This

    I think if he can get the Bills to the Super Bowl, he CAN win it. I think he WILL win it. I think this may be the start of the Bills’ “Bradshaw Steelers streak” and the Bills pull off consecutive championships or something like maybe 3 of 4 SB’s to make up for the 4 losses in the 1990’s, also known as the “Glory Days.”

    I don’t agree with all the offseason hype & odds–don’t let it go to their heads. Sean has them playing one game at a time, they aren’t looking beyond their next game.

  13. Cam Newton used to do the same things Josh Allen is doing now until the Broncos broke him. This league will humble you soon or later.

  14. I used to think this sort of defensiveness was a Patriot thing. But there seems to be a variant that’s infected the Bills fans as well.

  15. He has really turned into a good NFL QB, and seems like a good dude. Hard to root against that guy or the Bills.

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