Jaguars’ lack of success has cost them season ticket holders, fan survey finds

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The Jaguars have struggled to fill their stadium for much of their 27-year history in Jacksonville, and fans are telling them loud and clear what they have to do to change that: win more.

A survey conducted by the Jaguars of fans who no longer have season tickets found that the No. 1 reason cited was the team’s performance, according to the Florida Times-Union. That reason was given by 64 percent of former season ticket holders.

Other concerns cited included the heat in Jacksonville and lack of shaded seating, as well as the cost of season tickets.

The Jaguars have had the worst record in the NFL two years in a row, and they’ve only made the playoffs once in the last 14 seasons. Although there’s been talk of renovating their stadium in a bid to attract more fans, the reality is that renovations can only do so much to attract fans. The fans will be back when the team on the field is worth paying to see.

15 responses to “Jaguars’ lack of success has cost them season ticket holders, fan survey finds

  1. The saddest thing is they had to actually conducy a survey to find that out, talk about out of touvh

  2. Jags end up in San Diego within a decade. Bonus prediction: it’s funded almost entirely by new ownership group and league.

  3. IMHO Shahid Khan is looking for a reason to move the team to London full time.

  4. I’m a Florida native and former season ticket holder. It’s too damn hot. But thanks for the tiny expensive stadium pool.

  5. Just sayin’- the Jaguars were 24th out of 32 in total attendance last year and only about 10,000 off the midpoint of the NFL. There are thousands of people moving to Florida right now and plans for September shade are being made. Now, just win and that stadium will be packed. The Jaguars filled 89.2% of the seats last year, Pittsburgh filled 88.4%. San Diego Steelers has a nice ring to it.

  6. Just like another poster said we live in Florida its too damn hot almost all year to sit in a stadium and watch a terrible team. Watching at my house with beer and food sounds a lot better!

  7. The heat. I live in Jacksonville and will not buy tickets until they build a dome. I went to a pre-season game a few years ago and had to leave after first half.

  8. The NFL didn’t do rigorous market research before awarding the franchise to Jacksonville. The demographics are wrong and support for a pro football team was marginal, at best. The owners were focused on getting their share of the franchise fee.

  9. I remember when it came down to Jacksonville and Baltimore to get the expansion franchise.

    Paul Tagliabue and Jack Kent Cooke were so adamant against giving Baltimore a NFL franchise again. Saying that Baltimore was within the DC television market and did not deserve a team. Jacksonville has better weather and will draw more fans than Baltimore ever will.

    Well, 27 years, 6 Division Titles, 5 AFC Championship games played,and 2 Super-Bowl wins later, overall Jacksonville still has better weather……

  10. The people who keep trying to put teams in San Diego are forgetting that whoever owns the team would need to build their own stadium.

  11. So it’s hot sometimes here in Florida. FSU, UF, UCF, USF, UM, Dolphins and Buccaneers don’t seem to have trouble filling their stadiums, and most of those are in areas warmer than Jax. Wear loose clothing, floppy hats and drink lots of cold water.

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