James White still has “uncomfortable gait” after hip injury

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
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Patriots running back James White, who will be entering his ninth NFL season in 2022, may still be dealing with the aftermath of a hip injury that limited him to three games in 2021.

Mike Reiss of ESPN.com reports that, at a community appearance on Wednesday, White was “walking with what appeared to be an uncomfortable gait.”

White will report for training camp this week, with other players who continue to rehab injuries.

“Just working so I can be the best player I can be whenever I step out on that field,” White said, per Reiss.

White hasn’t played since a Week Three 2021 loss to the Saints. He signed a two-year, $5 million contract to remain with the Patriots in March.

He has spent his entire career in New England, winning three Super Bowl championships in 2014, 2016, and 2018.  His most memorable performance came in Super Bowl LI, during which he caught 14 passes for 110 yards, gained 29 rushing yards on six carries, and scored three touchdowns, including the game-winning overtime score after New England erased a 28-3 third-quarter deficit.

16 responses to “James White still has “uncomfortable gait” after hip injury

  1. The hip is what got Bo Jackson, it’s a tough injury to come back from. Wish him the best.

  2. A tear in the labrum in the hip can take 5 years or more to recover from. I think we’ll be hearing about a retirement soon which is unfortunate. JDub (?) is a highly successful, highly decorated, and highly respected player in New England. He’s the kind of player other players grow from, just knowing him and being around him, kind of like Slater.

    I do worry about who the leaders are on this team. In the past you had guys like Troy Brown, Teddy Bruschi, Ty Law, and enforcers like Rodney Harrison, Richard Seymour, and Vince Wilfork. Of course Brady had a major effect. I’m just not sure who those guys will be when McCourty, Slater, and White are gone. Hightower and KVN are gone now too. There is potential for leadership void. It seems like they are a very fun and sociable group, but this is a violent game with a real grind to it. Who are the players that will mold the team into what it needs to be under pressure? They used to produce diamonds under pressure. I’m not so sure that element is still there now. At the very least, I hope that the leaders are there, and are in growth mode, waiting for those high pressure situations where their situational awareness and sheer force of will produces critical results with regularity.

    More will be revealed….

  3. James White will always be a legend in New England. If this is the end of his football career, I wish him all the best in his next career and his personal life.

  4. Bo Diddly gait comes to mind more than Bo Jackson if anyone can recall Bo Diddly.

  5. Most people have been projecting white as starting the season on the pup list. Him still recovering is what’s expected. It doesn’t mean his career is over. For people worried about leadership voids, you have to realize who you’re talking about. You’re lamenting that NE wont be able to get the likes of Slater as a 5th rd pick, Rodney Harrison as an aging unwanted FA, KVN as a draft bust for the Lions, Edelman was a leader as a 7th round pick. BB will get his leaders on the team, and it starts from the top with BB and Mac.

  6. Late in his Patriots tenure Brady had 3 reliable go to receivers to move the chains, extend drives and put up points: Gronk, Edelman and White. Three very different receivers but all keys to super bowl wins.

    With Gronk gone, Edelman hurting, and a myriad of flawed attempts to bring in weapons (draft Harry, trade for Sanu and sign Brown) it was a frustrating post super bowl year for Brady in 2019.

    The team tried to reload in 2019 to fit Brady’s needs (he picked both Brown and Sanu while Harry was the big body catching radius to try to replace Gronk. Belichick had nothing to offer Brady in 2020 so it was time to part ways. Brady understood the reality. He still had White but not much else.

  7. talk about a clutch player. you hate to see it end especially with a guy like this but he’ll always have the honor of being a big piece of The Greatest Sports Dynasty. Hats Off!

  8. IR to start season or a soon to be announced retirement….
    The guy was a great player & teammate as well as a perfect representative off the field for the Pats organization…..
    Wish him all the best in any & all future endeavors
    Go Pats!!!

  9. It’s time 🙁 Best wishes to a Patriots legend.

    Clutch as it gets and was the real MVP of Super Bowl 51.

  10. MVP SB 51.
    Sucks, but Bo knows hip injuries. Hard thing to come back from.

  11. Alarm bells must have rung when he limped into the office to sign a new contract in March.

  12. His signing was out of pure respect for his contributions to the organization. I dont think he plays another down in NFL which is unfortunate as he exemplifies the Patriot way with leadership, toughness and performance on the field. They will keep him as long as possible and he will help mentor the younger backs we now have. Will be missed but will end up in Pats HOF. Hopefully he goes into coaching and for us (rb coach?) Would be awesome to have him and Troy out there…

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