Could California sue to keep UCLA out of the Big 10?

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UCLA is heading to the Big 10. Unless it isn’t.

Via Front Office Sports, the University of California System Board of Regents could sue to block UCLA’s intended move. Governor Gavin Newsom, chair of the Board of Regents, said that legal action is indeed being considered. Newsom seemed to be miffed that the Board of Regents didn’t receive advance notice of the intended conference jump from the school itself.

UCLA is part of the broader California university system, which includes operations in L.A. (UCLA), Berkeley (Cal), Davis, Irvine, San Diego, and more.

It’s unclear what the legal theory would be to keep UCLA out of a new conference. Obviously, UCLA bolting the Pac-12 indirectly hurts Cal, which is part of the same university system.

12 responses to “Could California sue to keep UCLA out of the Big 10?

  1. Just merge the Big 10, Pac 12, SEC, ACC, and Big 12 into one super conference and call it Division 1A football!

  2. He sounds like he’s just upset that he wasn’t involved in the process that resulted in this outcome.
    I hope he would have a valid reason why he would deny UCLA the opportunity to fill their coffers with more money than the state or the PAC-12 could provide.

  3. In my youth, when I would watch Rose Bowl matchups like Wisconsin v USC or Michigan v Washington, I often fantasized about a dream Rose Bowl such as UCLA v Utah.

  4. It comes down to money (no secret huh…) depending on your location the West coast times always conflict with the majority of America…more TV revenue are in the Midwest and South and it helps with recruiting too but it will seem kinda awkward that UCLA or Southern Cal could potentially play Stanford or Oregon in the Rose Bowl

  5. Uh oh, somebody made Newsom mad lol.
    I’m sure that is a frightening prospect for someone.
    UCLA will join the B10 as planned.

  6. Remember, all of the UC schools (including Cal and UCLA) are required by the state constitution to have blue and gold as their colors. That’s how controlled the UCs are. No such limitation for the Cal State University system (Fresno State, San Diego State, San Jose State…). Plus those Big Ten teams are in fly over states. California will not stand for that.

  7. Excellent news.

    No migration for UCLA to the Big Ten.


    I’m on the side of athletes, so less wasted travel to far away time zones means more time to study.

    Forget the substantial TV contract $…..Let’s remember the student athletes.

  8. The Pac 12 business model is horrible. It is very difficult to find UCLA football on TV, thus, frustrating their fanbase and limiting their exposure. As a Bruin fan, I don’t like the idea of them leaving the Pac 12 but how could you blame them if it means doubling the amount of money the school can make? Typical of Newsom/Dems to try and halt capitalism.

  9. Wow, I certainly didn’t have Gavin Newsom on my Save The Rose Bowl bingo card.

  10. Regional rivalries really drive college sports. The two west coast schools closest regional rival will be Nebraska, in Lincoln, half-way across the country!

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