Judge delays deadlines related to NFL’s motion to compel arbitration of Brian Flores case

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It will take even longer to get to the meat of the Brian Flores case. But that’s good news, potentially, for the former Dolphins coach and his co-plaintiffs.

Via Daniel Wallach, Judge Valerie Caproni issued an order on Monday delaying the upcoming July 22 deadline for Flores, Ray Horton, and Steve Wilks to respond to the NFL’s formal effort to force the case to arbitration in the NFL’s secret, rigged kangaroo court. The delay comes from the pending effort by Flores et al. to get information from the league regarding the arbitration process, including sworn testimony of Commissioner Roger Goodell and information regarding his compensation, since he serves as the decision-maker for claims brought against those who employ and pay him.

It’s the right outcome. There’s no reason for Flores, Horton, and Wilks to submit their paperwork in opposition to the motion to compel arbitration until they know whether they’ll be able to explore potential issues with the fairness of the league’s inherently unfair process.

And of course it’s unfair. How can Goodell be expected to dispense justice in cases involving teams and current or former employees of teams when he’s paid millions per year by the owners of those teams? On average, each team has paid him roughly $2 million per year for each of the past two years.

He can’t be expected to be fair. And the only fair outcome would be to allow a truly independent court to consider the claims against the league and its teams.

11 responses to “Judge delays deadlines related to NFL’s motion to compel arbitration of Brian Flores case

  1. I don’t have a horse in the race but if it goes to arbitration Flores will get buried under so much concrete he’ll be entombed like a gnat in the Hoover dam in the 1930s.

  2. As a Dolphins fan I wish Flores had put in as much effort to build an offensive line as he has these unjust accusations.

  3. I think I read something the last couple days where Flores son is playing in college, or maybe a rookie in the league. And I thought, wow not giving him the best chances of succeeding.

  4. Why is forced arbitration by the NFL considered a kangaroo court but not the player/employee discipline process?

  5. Why even sign a contract in the nfl anymore, it’s a joke, they all do what they want anyway, just make everyone a free agent every year

  6. The arbitration process doesn’t matter, the courts have always ruled in favor of the process even though it is quite obvious how unfair, biased, how much the arbitrator is paid and rigged it is. Along as it is part of the contract that Flores signed and the NFL followed the steps then that is Flores problem for agreeing to those terms. His only hope is the courts rule that his case is outside of arbitration and I don’t see the current court system (at the top) doing that.

  7. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    July 19, 2022 at 12:58 pm
    has anybody fined flores for being a distraction?
    Imagine being fined for being a distraction when the team owner is the biggest distraction of all.

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