New Bills stadium will be “intimate and intimidating” (for those who can get in)

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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When the Bills Mafia gather at their next social club, the goal will be to make the experience more anti-social for the opposition.

Michael Petro the Buffalo News takes a closer look at how the new Buffalo venue will look and feel.

Scott Radecic, a former Bills linebacker who works for the stadium’s architect, told Petri that the new stadium will be “intimate and intimidating.”

It will be bigger, by 450,000 square feet (including the concourse areas). But it possibly will hold 10,000 fewer fans, at a total capacity of roughly 60,000. The footprint will be smaller, but the stands will be more stacked, making the seats steeper and higher (by 50 feet).

“I know our owner has said that he wants every team that comes to play in this stadium to say, ‘I hate going to Buffalo to play’ and that’s what we’re trying to do from a design standpoint,” Radecic said.

If the place holds 10,000 fewer fans, there will be 10,000 people who surely aren’t thrilled about that. But don’t be surprised if that trend continues. Smaller capacity means lower overall operating costs. And, for the 10,000 to 20,000 worst seats in the house, the reduced revenue hit is more easily absorbed.

Ultimately, all that matters is profit. And stadiums could end up being just as profitable if the cheap seats get chopped out of the building.

14 responses to “New Bills stadium will be “intimate and intimidating” (for those who can get in)

  1. I really wish wish these newer venues would stop trying to make steeper seats a thing. They’re the worst.

  2. Had to build a (tiny) sized stadium this impoverished region can sellout. tsk tsk

  3. I think other teams already hate going to Buffalo simply because it’s Buffalo

  4. Thats part of the problem with sports. The stadium shouldnt be intimidating for fans of opposing teams. It should be welcoming. The rivaly should stay on the field, not in the stands. Fans who take the hatred of all things the other team are the problem and should be cast out.

  5. So the billionaires got the free money for the new stadium huh?? Nice work if you can get it.

  6. I think they missed an opportunity to give Buffalo an economic shot in the arm by building in Orchard Park instead of downtown Buffalo. So be it, it’s not the first or last economic mistake the leaders of this region will make.

  7. Buffalo resident, Bills fan and multi-decade STH here.

    This is a major miscalculation. This is Buffalo. We love cheap seats.

    Screw ownership who is getting this whole thing paid for by us taxpayers, and screw the NYS gov that gave them a sweetheart deal since her husband is VP of their concessions company.

  8. Steep could be dangerous – I see steps slick with the cascade of tears in the fall and absolutely treacherous when they freeze over in winter.

  9. Buffalo Wild Wings needs to jump on the sponsorship here and get the stadium named “Buffalo Wild Wing Bowl,” or “The Wing” for short.

  10. Fewer people live in Western NY now than when the current stadium, and many of us plan our trips to visit family around Bills games. Don’t complain about the Pegulas and the Bills getting money from the state of NY after the amount they have spent revitizing the waterfront and the obscene amount that year after year gets funneled to NYC making upstate the hole its become.

  11. I don’t like states or municipalities paying for stadiums either, but how do you put the bunny back in the box? I want the Bills in buffalo and that’s the cost of doing business. As far as reduced seating, the new yankee stadium has reduced seating. More people are watching games from home; nothing unusual.

  12. I’m glad Buffalo is keeping their team. As much as I dislike the Bills, they needed to stay put. The team is a huge part of the region.

    I still think it would have great if they tore down the skyway and built it closer to the city , but that would have just been a lot of extra cash to do that.

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