NFL games are 20 of the 22 most-watched sporting events so far in 2022

The Rams play the 49ers in the NFC Championships.
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Most of the NFL games that will be played in 2022 have not been played yet, but the NFL has already dominated the American sports television landscape this year.

With Major League Baseball at its All-Star break and the sports year at approximately its halfway point, has put together a list of the most-watched sporting events of 2022, and NFL games dominate the list.

The NFL’s 20 most-watched games so far this year are all in the Top 22 most-watched sporting events overall. The Super Bowl, as always, is the most-watched sporting event, followed by the NFC and AFC championship games, 10 other postseason games and several regular-season games from January (Cardinals-Cowboys in Week 17 was the most-watched regular-season game so far in 2022).

The most-watched non-NFL sporting events so far this year are the College Football National Championship Game and the night of the Olympics that NBC aired immediately following the Super Bowl.

Among the Top 50 most-watched sporting events so far this year, 25 are NFL games, eight are the Olympics, seven are college basketball NCAA Tournament games, six are NBA Finals games, two are college football games, one is the Kentucky Derby and one is The Masters.

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  1. I think the league that should be worried here is NCAAF. They only have 2 events that crack the top 50 and you are selling the most popular sport in the country. What are you doing wrong? Parity is your problem. I only watch to handicap it The lack of parity has made you lose the casual fan.

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