NFL, Texans mum on possible league investigation over allegations related to Deshaun Watson

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The NFL has thoroughly investigated former Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. It’s unknown whether the NFL has, or ever will, investigate the Texans for their alleged role in the situation.

The Texans have settled one lawsuit and 29 potential claims arising from the claims against Watson. The settlements flow directly from the argument that the Texans knew or should have known what Watson was doing and failed to put an end to it. The lawsuit filed against the Texans also accused the team of actively facilitating his alleged habit of arranging massages that he’d try to make into sexual encounters.

Watson has testified that, once the team’s director of security became aware of the situation, he gave Watson a nondisclosure agreement to use. What did the director of security specifically know that Watson was doing? Did he fail to alert the league to the possibility that the Personal Conduct Policy had been violated? Did his own acts or omissions constitute a separate violation?

Neither the league nor the team responded to specific questions regarding whether the league is investigating the situation. It’s much easier, obviously, to brush the situation under the rug if it’s never investigated. It’s much easier to move on. To ignore it. To hope that others will ignore it.

The mere fact that the Texans agreed to pay 30 people suggests that there’s a reason to wonder whether the Texans did something they shouldn’t have done. or fail to act when they should have. And it’s critical that the settlement agreements allow the 30 women to cooperate with the NFL in any investigation.

Of course, that doesn’t matter if the NFL won’t be investigating. For now, the NFL simply won’t say whether it is.

11 responses to “NFL, Texans mum on possible league investigation over allegations related to Deshaun Watson

  1. Like most cases the reason they chose to settle is because it’s cheaper then litigation.

  2. This is why nobody likes lawyers. You pass out checks so the team can turn the corner and focus on football so the attorney points out that you must be guilty of something or you wouldn’t have cut the checks. This is a “no win” situation.

  3. If Deshaun receives any punishment, the Texans should receive punishment as well.

    loss of draft picks and a large sum of money (equal to/more than what Deshaun loses)

  4. Texans chose the right thing and this will go away for them once the games start.

  5. Was there some sort of expectation that the NFL was going to be open and transparent?

  6. Texans new exactly what was going on. Once Watson decided he would no longer play for the Texans, the Texans it was no longer needed to protect their sexual predator and everybody else should know the type of person that is Watson.

  7. Watson and the NFLPA got no shot. It’s right there in the cba that the commissioner has full say on all disciplinary matters as it was bargained. What a waste of time an resources it would be.

  8. If any of this information was withheld from the Browns prior to the trade, they should sue the Texans. That would pretty quickly force some transparency.

  9. Rewind to Watson demanding a trade a few months after signing a 200 million dollar contract. That’s where the story of Watson forcing sex on massage therapists begins.

    Good work by the Houston owner. The message is clear that if you’re ungrateful we can be ungrateful too.

  10. After the NFL reads these comments being “meh” the Texans will surely be off the hook.

    I’ll still watch the NFL but it does damage the shield.

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