Report: Leonard Fournette weighs almost 260 pounds, Bucs coaches aren’t happy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Minicamp
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Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette has reportedly drawn the ire of the team’s coaching staff by letting himself get out of shape this offseason.

Longtime Buccaneers beat writer Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times said on his podcast that Fournette, who is listed at 228 pounds, actually weighs about 30 pounds more than that.

“The last time we saw Leonard Fournette he was about a donut shy of 260,” Stroud said. “He certainly didn’t look like a guy who could play every down.”

Fournette decided not to participate in voluntary Organized Team Activities, and when he showed up at mandatory minicamp, the coaches felt he has a long way to go to get into playing shape.

“Coaches were not happy, and that’s an understatement, when he didn’t participate in the OTAs, but then he shows up at the mandatory minicamp weighing damn near 260,” Stroud said. “And that’s not a good sign for a guy that you just spent a three-year contract on.”

The Buccaneers spent a third-round draft pick on running back Rachaad White, and they have running backs Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Giovani Bernard and Kenjon Barner on the depth chart as well. All of those backups may need to get themselves ready for the possibility that Fournette is going to need more breathers than usual.

64 responses to “Report: Leonard Fournette weighs almost 260 pounds, Bucs coaches aren’t happy

  1. As a big man I get the struggle but I’m not getting paid millions of dollars to be in shape like Fournette.

  2. That’s what happens when some of these guys get paid. They can’t put down the fork, the wine, or usually both!

  3. This is going to happen a lot more now with guaranteed money contracts. Where’s the incentive?

  4. Maybe Brady can each him how to make a kale, pine nut and bok choy smoothie. Y-u-u-u-m-m-y!

  5. A bit disappointing. Especially him being now the featured back, which he wanted to be. He showed also great improvement in the passing game. Important piece in this offense. Let’s hope he gets back on track, ain’t too late I guess.

  6. There was a video on B/R a few weeks ago with Lenny, and a few other players on treadmills. That dude looked like Christian Barmore on a treadmill. I am not surprised at all that he is 260lbs.

  7. It’s not only a question of “needing breathers,” it’s also a question of “pulling hamstrings.”

  8. “Voluntary” OTAs and the players are now going to abuse it more than ever. There’s no incentive to show up in shape after you’ve signed your deal. You can now spend all of training camp in the gym instead of the field melting in the summer heat and be ready for week one.

  9. Leonard Fournette is a throwback to the days when football players sold insurance, worked in sales and did nothing during physical during the off-season except for a round of golf or handball. That’s why training camps were 2-day practices, with 6 exhibition games, with starters playing a lot, to get them in shape for the upcoming 14-game season

  10. I’m by no means a LF fan, but Rick Stroud talked about this on June 7th at the start of minicamp; why is everyone reporting it now? He’s had a month and change to get healthier, does he still look bad or is nothing newsworthy happening?

  11. I knew the “eating” td celebration would catch up with players. Just a lot of empty calories.

  12. So in the off season he gained 30 pounds …3 months of eating….10 pounds a month…2.5 pounds a week. He must have been eating and eating and SITTING On THE COUCH watching TV and sleeping all day. I could get in NFL shape with that regiment.

  13. Hopefully he’s okay. Usually when things like this happen, its not just laziness. Maybe he’s going through a severe depression or some seriously life-changing event. It happened to JaMarcus Russell. Unfortunately it cost him his career. Wishing the best for Fournette

  14. Guy got paid and went straight to the steak house. Sad day. It says a lot about the RB market that the Bucs would give Leonard Fournette a 3 year deal based on his limited production for the team since he’s been on the roster. Mediocre RB like him can get pretty solid deals. For comparison, last year Chicago’s David Montgomery had an almost identical stat line. And Lamar Jackson almost had as many rushing yards as Fournette. He’s a good short term RB but he’s clearly not a “feature back”.

  15. So all Brady has left as reliable weapons are Evans and Godwin? This season won’t end well for Tampa…

  16. Practice? We talking about practice, man?! Not a game. No, not a game. Practice??!! PRACTICE?

    As a long time Giants fan I can honestly say the Ron Dayne reference to Leonard is disrespectful. Lenny will be scoring TDs on a deep playoff run, mark it.

  17. Yikes!!! Y’all need to put the plate down, Lenny!!!! And cutting that weight won’t be good for him either…

  18. Does anyone wonder why no one but the Bucs again were
    willing to offer him a contract?

  19. nhpats2011 says:
    July 18, 2022 at 11:38 am
    DBs across the league don’t want any part of that I’m the open field

    At 360+ Fournette will collapse before he ever gets to the DBs.

  20. The fast food place near Tampa’s stadium just announced the McLenny sandwich- 8 juicy burgers with cheese and an industrial size bun.

  21. “That’s why Jacksonville cut him!!” Yeah that sure showed him.
    Chunky or not, Leonard Fournette has won a ring while the Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to.

  22. Lombardi Lenny must’ve checked out after Brady’s “retirement”.

  23. hpats2011 says:
    July 18, 2022 at 11:38 am
    DBs across the league don’t want any part of that I’m the open field

    Problem is, at that weight, he will never get to the open field.

  24. Brand new 3 year contract. The team is getting screwed. There should be a clause in the contracts for things like that, contract null and void.

  25. The Patriots are offering Trent Brown $1.5 mil in incentives to keep his weight in check. It’s sad that teams have to pay professional athletes to not show up to camp fat and out of shape.

  26. 3yr $21 mil/$12 mil guarantee
    Sports overall and baseball for sure has a history of players never reaching the numbers they put up before they got the big bucks. This guy will not be the same , it’s an attitude., and very difficult for some to continue to play at a high level . Nfl backs(see Zeke) fit right into the mold.

  27. dvdman123 says:
    July 18, 2022 at 3:16 pm
    Does anyone wonder why no one but the Bucs again were
    willing to offer him a contract?
    The Patriots were willing, and he chose to go back to Tampa.

  28. It’s not hard to figure. Lenny is from New Orleans………., and so was Eddie Lacy.

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