The Heinz Field ketchup bottles are coming down

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When Heinz Field became Acrisure Stadium last week, the door remained open on the possibility of the iconic ketchup bottles to remain in place above the end-zone scoreboard. Now, the door is closed.

Andrew Fillippoini of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, who broke the stunning news of the name change, has posted video of a crane removing one of the two giant bottles that had been stationed over the scoreboard since it opened in 2001.

Maybe the Steelers realized that it would be impossible to fully pivot to “Acrisure” if the most conspicuous element of the Heinz Field relationship (other than the name) remained in place. At a time when plenty of fans intend to keep calling the place “Heinz Field,” it didn’t help the new sponsor to have the Heinz ketchup bottles in place.

So what happens with the ketchup bottles? Will they auction them off on eBay? How much will someone spend for them?

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  1. The ketchup bottles will shortly be replaced with a 30′ foot copy of an insurance declarations page in a easily legible and pleasing font.

    Acrisure PR dept released a statement reading that it is an image fans will surely quickly embrace as in keeping with legendary tough as nails Steelers players of the past like Mean Joe Greene and Jack Lambert.

  2. If it has a corporate name the name of a stadium doesn’t matter. Get over it.

  3. I’m not a Steelers fan, but it’s kind of nice that the fans have such a strong connection with the field’s name, stadium and longtime sponsor.

    I don’t think fans at a lot of stadiums care nearly as much about this kind of thing.

  4. If this new company thinks Steeler fans will embrace the new name, they are as delusional as bengals and browns fans

  5. If you hit those bottles right on the “57” they’ll fall right off the scoreboard…

  6. If the Steelers PLAYERS weren’t so GREEDY, the Steelers would not have to seek additional revenue streams to fund these massive player contracts. IMHO the blame lies squarely on the PLAYERS.

  7. Kinda funny ya got use cranes to move catchup bottles. The Pittsburgh community should create a public picnic area and permanently move them there.

  8. Acrisure is funding Pittsburgh’s NFL team more than anyone else would. Why not enbrace them for that?

  9. I find it interesting that Acrisure doesn’t even have a presense in Pittsburgh (or PA for that matter). They appear to be a predominately Michagan based company.

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