Dick Vermeil will speak last at this year’s Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony

Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Announcement
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On Saturday, August 6, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will welcome eight new members. Finishing up the array of speeches will be former Eagles, Rams, and Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil.

Via NFL.com, the Hall of Fame announced the order for the eight speeches on Tuesday.

Here’s the roster: (1) LeRoy Butler; (2) Sam Mills (remarks will be made by his widow, Melanie); (3) Richard Seymour; (4) Art McNally (by prerecorded video); (5) Tony Boselli; (6) Bryant Young; (7) Cliff Branch (remarks will be made by his sister, Elaine Anderson); and (8) Vermeil.

The ceremony moves back to the afternoon. It begins at noon ET on Saturday, August 6. And NFL.com says that enshrinees have been asked to limit their speeches to six minutes, with music to play them out if they last longer than eight minutes.

We’ll believe it when we see it.

Some would say that the Hall of Famers deserve to take as long as they want. And that’s fine, if it’s not being broadcast on live television. If it’s a live TV show, the audience has to be respected. Letting the speeches go on and on and on and on fails to do that.

15 responses to “Dick Vermeil will speak last at this year’s Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony

  1. Though I felt Vermeil could have waited a while for election, his speech will be emotional and refreshing, a true good guy in the profession …

  2. What’s the point of a live TV broadcast?
    Stream it if you need a live speech so badly.
    Then edit the speeches for time to broadcast the next day for those who don’t want speeches.

    I mean why bother listening to a speech if you don’t want to listen to a speech???

  3. Meh, the “time limit” thing is kind of silly for big stars.

    Who would have really complained if Manning had gone on for 12 minutes? He’s a witty public speaker and I have faith the extra time would have been entertaining. Favres speech was funny as hell and he disregarded the time thing.

    I can understand it for some players, but when you have a guy who was the face of the league for a long time finally go in, you let them do their thing

  4. Post individual utube speeches rather than broadcasting the full event. Very few want to watch it all. From time to time there is someone induced that I want to see the full speech. Curtis Martin was good. Jerry Jones, good for him but did not hold my attention.

  5. It’s all good time wise ….unless Ed Marinaro shows up on the podium to say a few words.

  6. “ If it’s a live TV show, the audience has to be respected. ”

    I sort of feel the same way about DeShaun Watson’s suspension. Letting him off with light punishment is disrespecting a large part of the audience.

  7. If by speak.. you mean.. inaudible blubbering between tears…

  8. career record 120-109
    how that is hall worthy eludes me. I get there are other contributions that can get you in but as a head coach, record would seem to be an enormous factor. Hall of just better than .500

  9. The man who gave the world the Lambeau Leap is finally getting his due. Congrats LeRoy!

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