Jets cave on three-year guarantee issue with Breece Hall

New York Jets Mandatory Minicamp
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Running back Breece Hall didn’t blink. The Jets did.

Via Rich Cimini of, the Jets fully guaranteed the first three years of rookie second-round running back Breece Hall’s contract. That got Hall to sign his contract, avoiding a holdout.

The Jets were boxed in by the fact that the player taken one spot after Hall, Texans safety Jalen Pitre, received a deal that guaranteed the first three years. Hall’s agents couldn’t take less than a 100-percent guarantee for year three.

And now the agents who represent the second-round picks taken before Hall will have to push for the same thing.

That will put extra pressure on the Packers, who need receiver Christian Watson in the fold from Day One. If they don’t fully guarantee the first three years, Watson may not be there. And that will make it even harder for Watson to make an immediate impact in his rookie season.

(And, yes, the attached video was recorded before the Jets caved and Hall agreed to terms. The concepts still apply.)

16 responses to “Jets cave on three-year guarantee issue with Breece Hall

  1. The Texans continue to set crazy market trends. Weren’t they the ones that essentially sold a 1st rd pick to Cleveland for a salary dump? Actually, CLE and HOU are screwing up other NFL owners.

  2. Jesus, the Browns and Texans are just destroying the NFL with their incompetence.

  3. Angel Valle says:
    July 19, 2022 at 2:48 pm
    Lawyers and agents ruin the game.

    No lawyers or agents forced the Texans to fully guarantee a second round pick’s contract when they didn’t have to. The Texans did that all on their own.

  4. minime says:
    July 19, 2022 at 2:50 pm
    Guaranteed contracts don’t belong in sports.
    Especially for rookies.

    You want guys to put their bodies on the line for your entertainment with no guarantee of getting paid.

  5. HALL needs to pay the agent that started the 3 year guarantee deal that was in front of him in the draft.

  6. Wasn”t the reason rookie salary scales came into existence.. Because rookies coming in (especially QBs) were making more money than the vets already playing the position. Seems like they are going back in that direction.

  7. Good for him. Let’s not pretend that a 2nd round being guaranteed his slotted salary is gonna break anyone’s cap management. ALL contracts should be guaranteed with a way to buy out the remaining years in full cash-wise, with a depreciating cap hit over the remaining life of the contract if the player is cut or retires. It’s win win for everyone.

  8. No rookie should be guaranteed jack. Earn your money and your roster slot and honor your rookie contract before you dare open your trap about getting more money.

  9. The Jets boxed themselves in by trading up for him.
    They would look dumb after that not having him practice.

    Realistically it doesn’t cost much, it’s not a big first round salary, it’s tiny by comparison, and if cut, another team paying the minimum would offset it.

  10. Jesus, the Browns and Texans are just destroying the NFL with their incompetence.

    Jesus as well?

  11. Good for Hall and other players who might benefit from the precedent.

    All contracts across the board should be guaranteed. If owners can force you to play for the terms you agreed to at signing, unless you sit out the remaining length pf the contract, owners should be obligated to payt what they said they would.

    I always laugh when I read a player has signed for 25 million (or whatever amount) over x number of years when they can dump him anytime and not pay up and all they have to do is eat the prorated portion of the cash they gave upfront. The $25 million ends up being 15 if the player is lucky and then if it is injury they toss him on the junk pile and go back to their billions.

    Don’t sign the guy for 25 or whatever if that is not what you are going to pay. Worse yet if the agents and lawyers who let this happen to players.

    My other favorite is blackmailing the player to take a pay cut or get dumped because the GM is a horrible salary cap manager.

    All major pro sports except the NFL have take or pay. MBL, NBA ,NHL. Pro soccer – the guy gets his money and if the team made a bad deal with a player, it’s their problem not the players.

    Every single labor issue in pro sports is a direct result of the ownership’s greed and their own decisions to try and rig the labor market.

  12. lasersepi says:
    July 19, 2022 at 4:15 pm
    No rookie should be guaranteed jack. Earn your money and your roster slot and honor your rookie contract before you dare open your trap about getting more money.

    How about the same for the owners? Pay what you agreed to pay and how dare you open your trap asking the player to take less than what you signed him for. Pay up. This is business, not rah, rah college sports. All Hall is doing is saying to Woody Johnson is honor the contract you agreed to. Pay me what it says on that piece of paper. To bad for you if you made a mistake. Pro sports ceased to be about Apple pie and old fashioned morals a long time ago.

    “It’s not personal Sonny. It’s just business.”

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