Jets RB Breece Hall officially becomes a holdout today

New York Jets Mandatory Minicamp
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When Jets rookies report for training camp on Tuesday, one of them won’t be there.

As noted by Rich Cimini of, second-round running back Breece Hall is the team’s only unsigned draft pick.

The situation will be confusing to many, since most of the 2022 draft picks are signed. That’s because the 2011 labor deal made these deals so much easier to negotiate.

But here’s the problem. Although the dollars are set by a formula, the guarantees are not. Over the past 11 years, agents have managed to get more guaranteed money for players taken later in the draft. Currently, all first rounders get four-year, fully-guaranteed contracts. (When the new CBA was finalized, only the first 20 or so players taken in the first round did.)

Now, players at the top of the second round are getting three of four years fully guaranteed. The problem for the Jets is that the player taken immediately after Hall, safety Jalen Pitre, got three years fully guaranteed from the Texans.

As a result, Hall (taken fourth in round two) isn’t signed. Neither are the first three players taken in round two: Buccaneers defensive end Logan Hall, Packers receiver Christian Watson, and Titans cornerback Roger McCreary.

Given the Pitre deal, nothing short of three years fully guaranteed will get these deals at the top of round two done. And that could cause these players to miss out on opportunities to hit the ground sprinting as they prepare for their rookie seasons.

9 responses to “Jets RB Breece Hall officially becomes a holdout today

  1. Sounds like the Texans have created yet another “Desean Watson” situation for the rest of the league to deal with; the Browns are a pariah for guaranteeing his entire contract, while the Texans have now guaranteed another unprecedented contract… when billionaires tighten up over paying their players millions and stall out the league’s processes, those are the teams players should avoid

  2. The odds of being successful in the NFL are less than 50%.
    A rookie should be careful about putting themselves in a position to fail,
    And missing out on a chance to earn millions in the future.

    It’s one thing to hold out if the team is screwing you over, it’s another to hold out where you hurt yourself to try to get something that is not mandated in the CBA.

    For his sake he better not hold out too long otherwise he will miss playing time because running backs that cannot pass protect our a liability. And learning pass protection comes with practice and learning the blocking schemes.

    The other thing from any teams point of view is that if you give in one time then in the future everyone is going to hold out.

    You’re better off biting the bullet and holding firm and getting in

  3. Guaranteed contracts in the NFL are now becoming more common. It appears the days of the voidable contracts are numbered.

  4. Give him the three years guaranty. If he is as good as everyone says he is the Jets will give him a 2nd contract.

  5. All RBs should hold out for more money in their rookie contracts cause in all likelihood you ain’t getting it in the second contract.

  6. Now the Jets have to pay for a bone headed move by the Texans. Couldn’t happen to a better team

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