Report: Jimmy Garoppolo will be fully cleared in the middle of August


The clock keeps ticking on the 49ers and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. And the 49ers may not have much time, when it’s all said and done, to swing a trade.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the current expectation is that Garoppolo will be fully cleared after offseason shoulder surgery in mid-August. That will give the team roughly a month to find a trade partner for Garoppolo, unless someone is willing to trade for him before he receives final clearance to practice and play.

It also will limit Garoppolo’s opportunity to compete for a starting job by Week One. Although the problem will be solved for both the team and Garoppolo if a starter elsewhere suffers a season-ending injury during training camp or the preseason, starting quarterbacks rarely become lost of the year before the regular season begins. Between not being exposed to contact in practice and barely playing in the new three-game preseason, the wort-case scenario for one of the other teams (and, in turn, the best-case scenario for the 49ers) isn’t likely to occur.

So what will happen? Once Garoppolo is cleared, his $7.5 million injury guarantee for 2022 evaporates. He will be guaranteed nothing unless he’s on the Week One roster. Would the 49ers pay him that money at a time when they’re trying to turn the team over to Trey Lance?

It’s all pointing to the 49ers eventually offering Garoppolo a dramatically reduced deal to remain as the backup (and cutting him if he declines) or just releasing him outright. Either way, he’ll be in a far worse position than Baker Mayfield, who will have a full opportunity from the opening of camp to position himself to have the kind of season that sets him up for a starting job in 2023.

That doesn’t mean it’s over for Garoppolo, but 2022 could end up being a lost season if he doesn’t land in a place where he can work his way onto the field. Which means that he’ll potentially sign a modest deal with a quarterback-needy team in March, and then sweat out the very real possibility that his team will use a first-round pick on a new quarterback.

And that would put him in the same position he was in last year in San Francisco, forced to fend off a young player to whom the team has pinned its future hopes for some or all of the season.

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  1. So basically, he will only end up being and remaining a starting QB in the NFL if his talent wins him that position? If Garoppolo was able to stay healthy during a full season, he would still be the starter. The fact that he might lose the first 1/4 of this season getting ready with a new team actually might be good for him. He might be on the field at the end of the season & get another long term contract next off season.

    My guess: he ends up with the Seahawks.

  2. Personally I don’t think he was going to be in a position to be a starter anyhow. He has limitations and an injury history. Add that to the fact that whoever trades for him or signs him won’t have George Kittle or Deebo Samuel on their roster. Those guys are notorious for turning small gains into respectable ones. Only roster that fits that mold theoretically is Miami and they seem to be happy with Tua at this point. I think Jimmy G’s market has dried up due to the questionable nature of his injury. He can get you to the hump but not over it. He was a few plays away from becoming immortalized (ala Trent Dilfer) in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs. At this point he’s Joe Flacco without the arm and the ring on the finger.

  3. hard to imagine someone trading for him and his salary slot when he literally won’t be cleared till the end of camp

    then he has to learn a new offense etc, not much 2022 value there

  4. The Texans have no need for Jimmy Glass.

    The Texans are going with Davis Mills this season in a prove it year for Mills. Mills will either prove he is the future QB of the Texans past the 2022 season, or he will prove he is not the future QB of the Texans past 2022. If the Texans need to address the QB position after the 2022 season, they have the draft capitol to get a top pick in the 2023 draft or the 2024 draft.

    Trading for Jimmy Glass would cost the Texans draft capitol, which they need, and Jimmy Glass is not the long-term answer at QB for the Texans. Playing Jimmy Glass in the 2022 season would take snaps away from Davis Mills, and every snap Jimmy Glass takes from Davis Mills, is one less snap the Texans have to evaluate Davis Mills.

    The Texans #1 goal this season should be finding out if Davis Mills is the long-term answer at QB beyond the 2022 season. The Texans must use the 2022 season to find out if Mills is the QB of his 1st 6 starts or is Mills the QB of his last 5 starts.

  5. Unlike baker, Garoppolo had made a huge amount of money.
    He can decide where to go that will give him the best chance of starting.

    He can play for a low salary for a year on a prove it deal.

  6. He will be cut and will be signed by the Browns. BTW, Trey Lance will not get the 49ers to the playoffs

  7. Back in March I indicated in this and other blogs that Jimmy’s ONLY chance to have any type of success THIS season is to sit with the Niners, work out a sensible top tier backup contract, and shop himself next season.

    Everybody and his brother has been beating the “trade drum scenarios” all along and that was never a real possibility for all the real reasons we all know.

  8. So they’re going to cut Jimmy and put the season on the back of a guy who couldn’t stay healthy through a couple of games he was forced to play last year? Shanny ain’t stupid, but the 9ers have painted themselves into a corner on this one.

  9. This guy had surgery without consulting the team. They should just cut their losses and drop him outright. Send the message that he is bad goods.

  10. i’m rooting for Jimmy G this year just so he can stick it to the 49ers. i never thought i’d be rooting for baker mayfield as well, but i’d like to see him win that first game against the Browns at least

  11. Wasn’t he in the SB a few years ago? What was he doing during the Chiefs historic comeback? I mean, seriously, they got the ball back every time the Chiefs scored.

  12. This all falls on Shanahan. He has the final word on personnel. The Niners could have saved the $25M before April 1 but chose to hang to Jimmy G instead. They dumped future prospects by trading up to get Trey Lance. Shanahan is in the hot seat for the choices he made.

  13. I believe Pete wants the best young 1st Round starting QB he can draft. He’ll be hitting the “Wilson Reset Button” on the best QB he can get.

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