49ers give Jimmy Garoppolo permission to seek a trade

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The 49ers are ready to move on to Trey Lance as their starting quarterback, and they’re hoping to facilitate a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Toward that end, they’ve given Garoppolo’s agent permission to seek a trade, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Garoppolo has a base salary of $24.2 million this season, but a trade would almost certainly include an agreement between Garoppolo and his new team to reduce that number. That’s why getting Garoppolo’s representatives involved is important.

With Garoppolo not expected to be cleared to return from shoulder surgery until mid-August, there won’t be much time for Garoppolo to win a starting job no matter where he ends up.

9 responses to “49ers give Jimmy Garoppolo permission to seek a trade

  1. What a joke. The 9ers are on the shortlist for worst franchises in football. This is insulting.

  2. Yeah, like management hasn’t been trying to do the same thing for the last 6 months. . . . .

  3. Currently, 8 teams in the NFL have a QB who took a team to the Super Bowl.

    SF is one of those teams. For now.

  4. They only win with this guy but blowing 10 point leads in the SB and last years NFC Championship has to make any team or fan wondering if he can win it all …

  5. It’s just so weird…it’s not like Trey Lance has shown he’s better than Jimmy-g. What if he’s not good? Every game Lance has played he looks shaky at best.

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