Giants announce 1980s-1990s uniforms will return for two games this season

Super Bowl XXI
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The Giants haven’t given their fans much to celebrate in recent seasons, but this season they’re celebrating some great years of the past.

Today the Giants announced that they’ll play two “legacy games” this season, in which they’ll play in the uniforms from their great teams of the 1980s and 1990s, when they won two Super Bowls with Bill Parcells and Lawrence Taylor.

That will include replacing the script “NY” logo on their helmets with the underlined “GIANTS” logo on the navy blue helmets with white facemasks and scarlet stripes.

The Giants will also paint the end zones at MetLife Stadium to look like the end zones from Super Bowl XXI.

The two legacy games will be October 2 against the Bears and December 4 against the Commanders.

13 responses to “Giants announce 1980s-1990s uniforms will return for two games this season

  1. I remember the outcry to go back to the original “ny” logo since most fans did not like the change similar to Jets fans when they changed their helmet logo in 1978.

    Nothing beats traditional helmet logos, right Dolphin fans?

  2. They should go back a few years farther and use the uniforms they wore during the Miracle Of The Meadowlands and honor the Joe Pisarcik fumble.
    That’s one of the greatest moments in Giants history.

  3. I really like what the NFL is doing about retro helmets and uniforms this year and next. So far we have the black saints helmet…the red throwback falcons helmet..the new red Texans helmet….the new black panthers helmet…the patriots throwback helmet and now the giants. Next year we get the Bucs throwback and Eagles and Seahawks. ALL very cool!

  4. That’s cool and all, but unless Phil Simms, Joe Morris and Mark Bavaro are in the offensive lineup, the Giant’s play will remain offensive.

  5. Current Giant uniforms are absolutely horrible. Go back to the 80/90s permanently.

  6. Yes im sure this will help the terrible product on the field. Phill Simms isn’t going to play those 2 days is he??

  7. Never liked those uniforms, but two games this year is ok. What is egregious is that for the past several seasons, Big Blue has ditched their classic epic gray pants with their classic epic blue jerseys – and worn white pants. Why mess with perfection?

  8. For a team that will probably not win 5 games, they sure picked winnable games to wear the throwback uni’s for.

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