Impasse quietly continues between Daniel Snyder, House Oversight Committee

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Four weeks ago today, the chairperson of the House Oversight Committee announced during the testimony of Commissioner Roger Goodell that a subpoena would issue to Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. And the Committee seems to be no closer to serving that subpoena than it was nearly a month ago.

One week ago today, the last communication occurred (at least the last one disclosed publicly) between the Committee and Snyder in the awkward dance regarding whether he’ll testify (he says he will), whether his lawyer will accept the subpoena (she says she won’t), whether he’ll even be subpoenaed at all (if he’s out of the country, he apparently can’t be). The parties tentatively agreed to a July 28 date for the deposition; that’s only eight days away.

Meanwhile, and as the @DanSnydersYacht account on Twitter continues to document, Snyder’s superyacht and jets remain in countries other than the United States. Planned or not, Snyder has remained away from the reach of Congressional process servers for, by all appearances, the entire four weeks since Congress said Snyder will be served.

He refused an invitation to testify when Goodell did because, put simply, it was better for Snyder to not speak at all. Currently, it remains better for Snyder to duck the subpoena than it does to put himself in position to accept it, because it will be better for him to never speak before the Committee.

How will this play out? Is he truly committed to remaining at sea and/or on foreign soil until the Committee decides to move on — or until those in power move out?

It possibly will become more conspicuous on August 13, when the Commanders open the preseason at FedEx Field against the Panthers. If Snyder (who attended preseason games last year even though he is under ill-defined double-secret probation from Goodell) doesn’t attend his team’s practice games, it will become a little more obvious that he’s willing to stay out of the country until the November election and/or the January arrival of a new House of Representatives. And if, on September 11, he’s not present for the Week One game against the Jaguars, it will become even more obvious that Snyder is running out the clock by living on his yacht.

Through it all, the league office doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Which serves only to reinforce the perception that the powers-that-be are afraid of Snyder. And the media can only write or say so much about it.

Has he been served yet? No.

Has he been served yet? No.

Has he been served yet? No.

It’s another way that Snyder benefits from the fact that so many fans and media already harbor a bad opinion of him. As his yacht remains in harbors other than its domestic one, those who have developed a strongly negative opinion about Snyder won’t be changing their feelings as he continues to accept the Committee’s terms voluntarily, and as he continues to evade being involuntarily compelled to do so.

21 responses to “Impasse quietly continues between Daniel Snyder, House Oversight Committee

  1. Smart strategy. Snyder is a scumbag, but he’s clearly getting good advice from his lawyers. No subpoena means no disclosure of NDAs. He obviously has everything to lose by testifying. Do you honestly think he cares what fans think?

  2. He should go and exercise his constitutional right to remain silent. Every single question gets answered the exact same way.

  3. Running from a congressional subpoena. Perfectly acceptable by Goodell. Kamara wears Christmas cleats. Goodell fines that! Such hypocrisy and is evident as to how weak the NFLPA truly is.

  4. The coach fines the DC for being a distraction, while his own boss continues to be a huge distraction. Makes sense.

  5. In todays technologically advanced society, this just seems really stupid to me. He cant be served unless some clown hands him the papers in person? Cmon man. You are in communication with his lawyer. His lawyer knows he is being served. These things are just crazy to me.

  6. SparkyGump says:
    July 20, 2022 at 9:05 am
    So when was the last time a billionaire was held to account for anything?
    Donald Sterling comes to mind.

  7. If only everyone could hang out on their super yacht overseas to avoid testifying before Congress. While their federally protected from anti-trust business rakes in billions along with another 30 billionaires who are also all above the law.

    Just another stinging indictment that America is fundamentally broken.

  8. “Is he truly committed to remaining at sea and/or on foreign soil until the Committee decides to move on — or until those in power move out?”

    I think the answer is obvious.

  9. minime says:
    July 20, 2022 at 9:38 am
    Move on,Congress.

    It is absolutely amazing that some people support a billionaire who is using his mega-yacht and private jets to avoid legitimate service of process. Do you really think that Snyder is deserving of your love and admiration? Do really believe that he gives a care about you?

  10. I’ll start caring about Snyder when he shares his wealth with you and me…….Guess I’ll never start caring….

  11. It doesn’t hurt Snyder any to duck the subpoena. He has nothing to gain and perhaps a lot to lose by testifying. Congress is the institution held in lowest esteem by the public among those regularly polled. So it isn’t going to spark a popular uprising against the Commanders if the owner doesn’t cooperate with Congress. There’s also a partisan dimension to this. Snyder is a big GOP donor being investigated by Democrats on a committee which doesn’t really have jurisdiction over him or the NFL. That would normally be the House Energy and
    Commerce committee. So it looks a bit like some political posturing by Maloney.

  12. I’ll admit it. I never fully realized how corrupt both the government and the people truly were. Also, how little anyone can do about any of it.

  13. With Congress favorable ratings below 15% and the media trustworthiness not far behind. I would do exactly the same thing.

    And this isn’t some love affair for the guy. Its knowing when you can tell GOVT over reach to kick rocks.

  14. He’ll be back stateside in January…after the new Congress takes office.

  15. I’m actually glad this Congress is spending so much time and energy on this. It means less opportunity for them to screw up this country even more than they already have.

  16. I will be every bit as much surprised to see Scumbag Snyder forced to testify under subpoena as I will be to see Traitor Trump actually charged with treason. This is, after all, still America – the land where money talks, BS walks, and the good ‘ole boy network is still as much a part of the Billionaire Bridge Club as it ever has been. But even if Scumbag IS forced to testify under subpoena, does anybody really think he is going to do anything other than hide behind the 5th amendment? Get real people.

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